Thursday, December 16, 2010

House not sure about tax bill

It looks like the liberals in the House have problems with the bill that Obama and Senate Republicans came up with and they are delaying the vote.  One gem from the CNN story on this:


House liberals remain strongly opposed to what they argue is a deficit-exploding giveaway to the rich in the form of a lower estate tax.


Um, excuse me?  A lower estate tax is a give away?  FUCK YOU!

Folks, a lower estate tax means that when you inherit from your hard working family that has passed on (or give to them when you pass on) the government can't take as much from you. . . . HOW IS THAT A GIVE AWAY?


Only the damn liberals would see not taking as much of your money that you want to pass on to your kids as a give away. . . .


This tells you all you need to know – they think it is all their money to spend, how dare you want to give your earnings to your kids!


I am so PISSED OFF by this idea I don't even know where to start.  Look Mr. Government Liberal you stupid ass – I worked hard for that money, I already paid my taxes (and too much of them) to you once.  Now I want my kids to have it so keep your f'ing sticky fingers off it!


And they wonder why they lose elections???  Sounds like they need to lose even more of them to me. . .  

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Hecate said...

Inheritance tax DESTROYS family farms and ranches and family-owned small businesses. Of course the liberals want to do that, because they want to punish the successful and independent.