Saturday, December 18, 2010

DREAM act looks Dead!

Lets hope it is. . . now the next move should be to ID these illegals and deport them ASAP.

It is about time Congress listened to the people for once and started to move against the illegals.

Now I am all for LEGAL immigration, that is what made this country, but illegals have to go and go now.   Before you start with the BS of we can't afford to hunt them down I say we don't have to.  What we need to do is make it impossible for them to stay and they will leave on their own. 

This is easy to do -
If they visit a hospital, treat them and ID them then deport them
If they get a job fine the employer thousands of $$ so that it hurts, and hurts bad.  The jobs will dry up
If they have a home, fine the person who rents to them, again, housing will dry up
If they have a kid, don't give the kid citizenship unless both parents are hear legally

This is what we have to do, if they can't live here, or work here or get health care here they will leave.  This has been done at the state level and worked, now we need to do it at the national level. . . .

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