Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gunny Christmas

We had a great Christmas.  Did dinner Christmas eve with my mom and in laws and another dinner Christmas day at my brother in laws. . .

The kids got spoiled as usual and we all did very well.

I had a gunny Christmas myself:

That is my first 1911. . . an Auto Ordnance Gov. model. . . now if I can get this damn snow to stop long enough for me to get to the range and try it out I can do a good report


Dragon said...


I just got my first 1911 about 2 weeks ago (early Christmas for me :-) )

Yer gonna love it...damn nice design, comfortable to shoot, and the weight gives them loads of mass to absorb recoil, so they are a joy to shoot!

JD said...

I hope so Dragon, I tried one of JayG's at the shoot this summer and loved it. Like the gun was made for me or something. . . .

Put an order in for one of your fugly holsters a week or two back too so I can carry it once I get comfortable with it.

can't wait for some range time!

SpeakerTweaker said...

Nice! I'm so desperately waiting for my next boomstick, which will without a doubt be a 1911 (once I get The Wifey a .22 bolt gun). I want to go the same route you did. Get a no-frills 1911. I'll work my way to a hopped-up model once I know the basic version inside and out. Did the same thing with my AR. Straight-up A4 configuration. Forend bits, flashy sights, etc. to come much later.

Nice pistol!