Tuesday, May 23, 2017


When will we admit terrorism is here to stay and no law or reduction in freedom will fix that?

To fix this and end these attacks every religion out there would have to admit they are no better than all the rest and none of them have the true one path to God. . . .

Can you ever see any of them doing that?  Ya me either.

Folks religion is about control, at least the organized ones.  They are about power and ruling just like any government is.  They are not about God, least not in a primary sense.  God is secondary to getting control over you and getting you to give them money.

So I don't see an end to this, not today, not tomorrow, not after we wipe large chunks of the middle east off the map to eliminate ISIS.  You may fix the problem for a while, but it will come back again and again until that day that religions can admit that one fact. . .  .

No, I am not holding my breath. . . .


Anonymous said...

We could maybe look to eliminate, reduce, or forcibly reform religions that are incompatible with and immediately hostile to non-believers and Western cultures and values. Some, maybe all, religions are cults, but some are benign while others are particularly dangerous.

JD said...
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JD said...

And who gets to make that choice? You? Me? the .Gov?

No thanks, What you or I call a religion others could/would call a cult and would use it to attack religions they don't support.

All organized religions must admit they are not the only path, and that won't happen they would lose too much power and money.