Sunday, October 26, 2014

Morning Talking Heads - what color is the sky there?

I don't normally watch the political talk shows but I left it on this morning and had a good laugh at how badly they are pushing for the Democrats.

First they are all over diverting us from looking at the handling of Ebola or the Terror Attacks in Canada and NYC.  They know that if folks start looking at self defense and defense of the county the GOP will win votes on them.  They know if folks start thinking about taking care of their family in dangerous times the GOP will win votes. . .. they need to convince folks that there is no danger.  Ignore what is going on in the world because BIG GOVERNMENT can protect you and is protecting you. . . . . . Except it isn't.

They won't make the hard calls to go after radical Islam in our country.  And more importantly right now they won't stop flights from Ebola areas and they won't quarantine folks coming from those areas.  The most laughable excuse I have heard so far is it would "hurt the African economy".  The more realistic answer I have heard was a nurse who went there whining about how it was an inconvenience to her to be held for 3 weeks to make sure she was not infected.  Sorry you went there now you pay the bill to protect those of us who stayed home.

The other great line I kept hearing is it was all about gridlock and we hate everyone in DC.  Totally ignoring how Obama himself has called this election all about support for his policy's.  They are also totally ignoring our failing and floundering economy and so many people out of work and no end in sight.  Add to them all the Illegals Obama wants to bring in to compete for jobs that our kids and the lower class are trying to fill and it should make you sick.

Sure I want to see folks voted out in DC, but not all of them. . . I want to see Harry Reid replaced for holding up all those bills in the Senate that he won't bring to a vote because the GOP thought them up.  I am sick of Obama making illegal law with his pen and not facing Impeachment when Nixon was small time compared to today and was booted out (rightly).

I am sick of them blaming the bid money on the GOP side and ignoring the fact they get just as much and some say a bit more big money on their side too.  I am sick of the Dems voting to stop jobs, support illegals, and destroy our standing in the world with their bumbling foreign policy that has done noting to fix things and made them much worse.

They keep spending and spending and ignoring we don't have the money.  Time to put real conservatives in power that respect our Constitution.  Time to shrink the .gov and stop turning our police into another branch of the military.  Time to get the .gov out of the marriage business and the GOP better learn this one.  Gay Marriage is not the end of our world, and please show me where our Constitution gives the .gov any say in marriage. . . . thanks.

Yes it is time for a change folks, we need to put more TEA folks into power and we need to move our country away from the failure of Socialism and the Democrats failed big government power grab.  Time to bring jobs back to the USA folks.   Time to get Religion out of our government too folks and admit that our Constitution needs to be brought back front and center of our government.

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