Sunday, October 26, 2014

Another School Shooting

Well here we go again.

It is all about the school shooter and nothing about the facts.

Folks this was not a standard wacko who wanted to shoot people in a nice safe gun free zone.

He only shot specific people then himself.  He had a plan and he knew exactly what he wanted to do.  He waited until they were all together at lunch then shot his targets.  All of them were known to him, some family.

When will we stop focusing on inanimate objects and start looking into WHY?  He was supposedly bullied by these kids.  He had posts (Twitter I think, maybe Facebook) about his troubles but no one did anything.

Folks no matter what the media tells you this was not a normal shooting.  Sure, we have a kid with a gun he can't legally have in a gun free zone shooting kids.  He could have kept going.  He could have sprayed the room. . . no.  He only shot at one table of folks he knew that he had issues with.

So I will wait and see what facts will come out.  I bet this story will be burred rather quickly as it does not fit in their plan to disarm innocent folks.  Just like they ignore the hatchet attack in NYC and don't really say much about the car attack and shooting in Canada because they are all tied to Radical Islam attacks.

When will we wake up folks?  The world has changed, it is much more dangerous than it was, and that danger is much more random.  These Radicals are going to hit everywhere, not just the bad parts of town you can avoid. . . They want to cause fear and the fools who will use random shootings to disarm us are playing right into their plan.

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