Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ebola and Obama

So now what?

We have a POTUS that has time and again shown he can't do anything but fundraise.  He has no idea how to deal with a crisis and we have a bunch of them.

ISIS is taking over a good chunk of the middle east and still growing while he can't get anyone together to stop them in the time he has to be effective to do it

Obama is seen as weak by the world and ignored

We have illegals spilling over our southern border bringing with them disease and ISIS infiltrators (4 caught so far). . . . our kids are now getting sick with the new bugs that the Illegals have brought in and Obama has spread around the country as he lets the Illegals stay instead of immediately sending them home.  Now we have kids with Polio like symptoms and unknown how to cure . . .  thanks to the Illegals.

And now EBOLA.  We have the first case that was caught HERE because we have not shut down travel from the hot spots and now someone came here with it. . .  and died but not before infecting others.

This is insane!  Only doctors should be going there and no one should be coming back without sitting in quarantine long enough to show clear. . . But no, Obama is all about image and nothing about facts.   So now we have to deal with Ebola here in the USA.  And they STILL refuse to shut down the travel. . .  . Every case of Ebola was preventable in the US. . . . remember that.

Remember all of this in November when you vote folks.  We need new folks in DC that know what they are doing.  The gang of Dems in there now have screwed us pretty good but we can still fix this if we put in the right people for the job.

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