Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School Shootings

Well now that a few days have passed and some info is getting out I think I am ready to comment on this.

First this is a tragedy.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved in this, victim and their family's along with the family of the shooter.  I am sure they are all asking what could have been done different at this point and that had got to add to the burden they already carry over the losses.

Once again we have been shown that gun free zones don't work, and may actually be bad for you and your loved ones health.

Facts -
Kid pick a group to shoot, he seemed to have targets, this was not a random act
Kid had some friends but was also called a loner by some
Kid seems to have used a .22 target type pistol that most gun owners probably own, nothing fancy.
Kid may or may not have been bullied
Once again it was over before the Police could respond.  These things go down FAST
Kid ran when confronted by teacher who had guts to chase him - That teacher is a hero.

Now what do the following tell us about the anti-gun folks -
They are all over it
They don't mention the gun is not high capacity
They don't mention that he is too young to legally carry the gun
They don't mention that it is illegal to have the gun in school
They don't mention it is already illegal to shoot or kill people
They don't mention it was over before help got there - the teachers and kids were on their own

The one up side I have seen is in the reaction of folks I work with here in Mass of all places.  I don't hear cries for gun control.

What I do hear is that the gun free zone does not work.
What I do hear is that the gun is not the issue, it is the kid
What I do hear is how did "we" fail to see this coming with this kid?
What I do hear is what can we do to help the next kid before he/she gets to this point.

In short what I am hearing is folks asking the right questions and not going for the quick sound bite new law will fix it all now BS from the Anti Rights folks.  People are waking up and actually asking what is wrong that causes a kid to do this and how do we get them the help they need first.

If we can figure that out we may actually stop the next one before anyone is hurt, and that should be all our goal.

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