Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cut the Armed Pilot Program

Looks like Obama has cut funding for the armed pilot program.  Makes sense if you thing about it.  Armed pilots might actually do something like stop a terrorist and that would look bad in the news.  Self help is bad you know. 

We would much rather you depend on the vastly more expensive TSA to protect you.  Never mind that they fail to detect arms when tested and have yet to stop a damn thing.  We have been lucky so far.  But Obama needs his union vote so the gropers at the TSA stay and our protection on the plane goes.

What a joke this is.  All theater to show the sheep so they can feel safe.  Can't wait for the cancer rates to take off with the frequent flyer crowd. . .  Wonder how they will spin that. . .  .

I think I need to start driving more. . .  .

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