Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Qualification to be POTUS

Can someone tell me what the hell is going on?

As I went through the caf at work the TV was going off (CNN) on religion and Romney or Santorum or such and their qualification to be President. . . .

Folks this is easy.  The candidates religion has nothing to do with being POTUS or getting elected.  Our founders were nice enough to spell out in the Constitution what the rules are if you want to run for POTUS.  Religion is not listed. . . .being a natural born citizen is. . . . See the difference here?

Now that being said I wish folks would shut up about Obama's citizenship.  Unless you can show me he or his parents filled out papers for another countries citizenship for him then he is ours.  His mom was a citizen so he is.  I don't care about his dad unless you can show the previously mentioned papers.

Now can we get this damn race to elect our next overlord back on track and focused on the real problems we are facing - war, gas price, Iran, Europe and it's impending crash, jobs, illegal immigration. . .  . When all that is fixed then we can deal with the BS crap.

OK?  Thanks!

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