Monday, February 8, 2016

More BS from Bernie

So Bernie has a few more issues he needs to rethink. . .  Facts just don't seem to matter to this doddering old fool.

Equal pay for Women - just like wanting more gun laws this is a BS call for more laws while ignoring the fact that there are already laws on the books to do this. . . it is called the Equal Pay Act of 1963

Second he wants to have everyone go to college . . . Who will pay for this?  All of us with more taxes that is who.  And this totally ignores the fact that if everyone has a college degree then you will need a Masters to make any real money or a trade.  Just like everyone has a high school diploma now and you need a trade or college degree to make real money. . . folks if it is that common then it will not demand high pay.  That is just basic supply and demand.

How can we really support folks like Bernie and Hillary when they obviously have no clue on how the real world works?  What is it with the Democratic party?  They use to have intelligent folks running for office, now it is just more of the same old DC BS running.  Same crap different face selling it to you.

And once again you can see the failure of our education system in full display as the young and the uneducated fall for this crap thinking they will get stuff for free. . .. NOTHING IS FREE folks, someone will have to pay the bill.  And it will be the middle class and tax payers of the country.

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