Monday, February 8, 2016

Bernie is Inventing rights for us

I am sorry folk but as I sit and watch the Bernie Sanders ads I have to call Bull Shit on his claim we have a right to health care.

You have a right to access to healthcare, you do not have a right to healthcare itself.  If you can afford it you can have it, it is NOT a right.

Rights are very special things that are recognized by our Constitution, but you have them no matter what just by being alive. . .

You have a great example of these in our Bill of Rights.

The most important thing to remember about rights is you have them, they cannot be taken from you legally, and they are personal, they do not require anyone else to have them.

For example you can vote by yourself, you don't require anyone else to do anything for you to cast a vote
You have the right to free speech, you can speak your mind without anyone else doing anything. . .

You do NOT have the right to take the labors of someone else as a right.  That makes them no more than your slave.

Since you cannot take someones labor from them and call it your right to take it then you cannot have a right to health care.  If you did that would mean you have the right to take the labors of all the medical personnel - Doctors, Nurses, orderlies etc and they have to give it to you for free.

Medical folks are not slaves, so you cannot take their labor without paying them for it.  You may not like the cost, and you are free to seek others to help you if you don't, but it is NOT A RIGHT.

It is time we stop calling everything a right.  Not everything you want is a right and folks need to deal with that fact.  You don't have to like it but you do have to live with it.

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