Saturday, May 17, 2014

Who is Buying DC?

Started to dig into this today after reading that the Dems will be pushing the evil of the Koch brothers again and how they are buying our government .  .  . . . so I commented that the Dems are worse and got the eventual PROVE IT response to my post. . . so I did.

And I figured I would share it here too.

I got this from Open so you can go there to look at the data yourself and see how they can spin things.

First how does it look when you take the Top 100 spenders?

Lets start with saying that the Koch folks are number 51. . .

If you look at how things break up just by what % each entry spends on each party and take an average you get the following:

Dems get 53%
GOP gets 47%

Not looking too bad but the Dems still get more if you look just at percentage donated. . .

Where this jumps out is if you look at how that adds up in real hard cash:

Dems get $49.7 million
GOP gets $47.9 million. . .

So now tell me who is being bought in DC???  I don't think it is the GOP - it may be close but either way you look at it the Dems take in more donations.  Even if you call it even that still says the Dems should not be throwing stones, they are bought and paid for just as bad as the GOP at BEST.

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