Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Shooting in CA

So it looks like the parents called the cops weeks ago over the videos their little darling had posted threatening people and suicide.  But when the cops show up they don't show them or tell them about the videos so the kid plays nice and the cops let it go. . . .  Shouldn't that make the parents responsible for this mess in some way shape or form?  Had they not withheld evidence from the cops six people might be alive today. . . . yet they have the balls to call for MORE gun control even though they could have stopped this and didn't?
Story on this HERE

This makes me sick folks.  I would love to see them get sued by one of the families their kid ripped apart for letting this happen.

So here we go again.  The left will dance in the blood and call for more gun control even though this very shooting shows it does not work. . . .

Facts so far:
The shooter is another liberal who came from money and a gun free home
He legally purchased the guns in very gun unfriendly CA
He was known to have mental issues
He had been reported as having issues recently to the copy by HIS PARENTS and was investigated and let go
He posted crap on YouTube that should have been a tip off and his parents saw it
He STABBED three people to death to start this off
Then drove around hitting folks with his car as he shot at people
He killed three more shooting then killed himself

And what is the first thing I hear on the news. . . some parent blaming the NRA. . .


This kid did this in GUN FREE CALIFORNIA folks.  They have every gun law the liberals want on the books and it did nothing.  Heck he didn't even use a gun to kill the first three people.

This is a mental health issue and a parenting issue.  He should have been locked up a while ago.

This is the problem with this generation of kids.  They are taught they should always win, no one should lose and you should never have to feel bad.  So when he couldn't get a date his first thought is not how do I fix me it is how do I get payback for them not giving me what I want.


We are bringing up an entire generation that thinks they should always get what they want. . . and if they don't they have the right to strike out any way they want and make you pay for them not getting their way.

Gun laws or knife laws or any other laws will not stop this crap.  What will stop this crap is if we wake up and teach our kids you don't always get what you want.  Your team may lose, you may not make the team, you may not get the date. . .DEAL WITH IT!

We are raising a generation of entitled shits and now we are paying the bill.

Time to wake up America!  Time to go back to teaching our kids basic values, the value of human life, and how to not be a self centered piece of crap.

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