Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Open Letter to MA State House

Dear State House

 I wanted to drop a note as I have not heard any more out of the State House on the current batch of gun control bills that were started this year.

As the events in Boston have shown we have evil in our state that wants to do us harm.  I was embarrassed and scared for the people I saw on TV being pulled from their homes by the Police as they searched for the bomber.  The thought that our state has disarmed them and left them and their children at the mercy of a terrorist was to be blunt sickening to me.  And they are still questioning people, we don’t know if they acted alone or not. ..  sure looks like they had help. . .
Events have shown that this is not the time to be disarming the people of this state in order to fix imagined weaknesses in our gun laws.  How anyone can vote for gun control after this is beyond me.   The Boston terrorists showed our laws don’t stop criminals, only law abiding citizens.  They got guns, ammo, and bombs all without any kind of license. . . yet you want to punish me for following all laws and restrict my rights?  That makes no one any safer. . . and puts my family at risk.
Instead we need to straighten up our gun laws, make them easier to understand, and stop attacking the rights of law abiding gun owners.  The idea that I need to store my rifle at a gun club (only one in the state is licensed by the way) or should have to pay insurance to exercise my right is outrageous.  We need to get rid of the magazine limits, not lower them.  All those cops had standard magazines in their guns, what would one lone civilian be able do to with a low capacity magazine if the terrorist broke into his home and attacked his or her family?

 I now a number of people that are now working towards or have applied for their gun permits.  The wait for them is now around 120 days after you pass inspection by your local police (state law says you should have your permit in 40 days) but you don’t hear about this on the news. . . why is the state delaying permits against our own laws?  You can't find guns or ammo on store shelves to purchase. . . people obviously don't want more gun control forced on them.
A good test of any gun law would be to compare it to voting. . . would you accept a law that makes you buy insurance to vote?  Or have everyone in the state go to one polling place? 
Or you could look at it against our right to Free Speech. . . would you find a law that limited you to one email a month to be legal?  How about limiting the number of words you can use in the email?
Please, in the name of public safety, for the safety of my wife and kids please vote NO on any new gun control bills that may come up to a vote.

Thank you 

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