Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Jersey Gunman

You can see the story HERE

Folks this should be listed as more proof gun control does not work.

NJ has some of the harshest gun laws around, you need a permit for a BB gun last I checked there.

Yet we still have a madman getting a gun and taking kids hostage.  He has been holding them for over 12 hours now. . . .

This is a fail folks.

Time to end gun control and start to look for a real way to identify people at risk for this kind of breakdown and how to treat them before they snap.  None of the new laws proposed in DC would do a damn thing to stop this and they all know it and admit it.

For the average citizen gun control is about safety, for the government it is all about control of us, and not our safety.  The citizens and the government are not on the same page.

For civilians safety starts with education about guns, and expansion of gun rights.  Citizen gun control means having one and known when and how to use it. . .  .

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