Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obama Care take 2

The more I hear from people smarter than I on this mess the more I think Robert's may have done us a great favor in ruling for Obama the way he did. . . Obama won the battle, but Robert's has set up the GOP to win the war.

By killing the mandate and saying it is Constitutional if it is a TAX he took the Commerce Clause off the table.  This means the government has not really gained any more power on us like they could have.  They could already tax us over anything, so this is just another tax.

By making this a tax he has made Obama responsible for one of the greatest if not the greatest tax increase on the middle and lower class in our history - while taking the fact it has anything to do with Healthcare off the table. . . not good in an election year.  Now lets hope Romney will use this against them.

This new tax also hits older folks who have Medicade, and they vote. . . .

But probably best is this spells out how we can rid ourselves of this mess:

1 - As a tax Romney can exempt all states from it on his own if elected POTUS. . . game over.  Just like Obama is ignoring immigration Romney can end this.
2 - as a tax Congress can attache it to a budget and only needs 50% +1 vote to end all funding for the law, again ending it.

It would still be on the books but who will want to fund it since they will be seen as raising taxes again on folks and that never goes over well. . . .

And to end it this has got the TEA Party all riled up.  They are now hot to end this and to do it they have to get out the vote.  50%  of folks don't want the law and only about 20% do, so 30% don't care and now that it is a tax may be able to be pulled into the Anti Obamacare camp. . . either way this is a great way to get TEA and Romney supporters excited and out to vote or talk others into voting with them.  The Dems are excited now but probably won't be in a week or two once the see how this is going to be used against them. . . They may have been much better off if they lost on this one. . . .

So I am starting to recover. . . I thought this was a bad ruling but now I think it may actually help us take back our country.  Bring on November and lets toss out the Liberals!

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