Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obama Care Ruling

Borepatch has it well in hand here if you care to read it.

I think he is right. . . it boils down to no matter what happens today we are screwed.  Obama will probably get to keep some if not all of it and it will bankrupt us.  Have no fear of that.  Even with the "penalty fine" for not having healthcare we lose.

Here in MA we are already seeing this.  Healthy young folks find it cheaper to pay the fine than have healthcare, then they sign up for it if they get sick. . . end result we don't have near the money going into the insurance that is going out. . . and we are going broke over it.

It is a nice idea that the liberals push, but like everything else in their world, it does not work in reality.  I wish we all had healthcare, jobs, free food and housing . . . but sorry, in the real world you have to work and earn all of this.  And the more free stuff you give away the fewer folks that will work to pay the bills.

Europe is having this problem now. . . look at Greece - they are so dependent on handouts that the country is failing and they can't let go.  A drowning man who can swim but won't drop the fake gold brick that is pulling him under. . . .

And we are going right after them. . . . . .


Borepatch said...

Well, I'm more optimistic, but I'm looking long term destruction of the Progressive vision.

Short term, we'll see.

But the court made everyone cut out the BS, and turned it back into what it should have been - a political issue during an election year.

JD said...

I hope you are right. The more I hear the better I feel about it. SCOTUS may have actually handed the election to Romney, and Congress to the GOP along with an easy way to kill this law so I just hope they have the brains to use what they were given.