Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stop Gun Violence

Well as you can see here it looks like the candle thing has gotten the stop gun ownership folks attention.

Day after day they tell me that I need to give up my rights and my guns to make the world a safer place.  They tell me that I am ignoring the facts and just don't get it . . . .

Which facts am I ignoring?  Please let me know so I can fix that:

Gun sales have gone up every year since Obama became POTUS yet crime is going down.
This year black Friday posted record gun sales yet crime is going down
Only one state is left with no concealed carry laws yet crime is going down
more states are getting rid of the need for permits to own or carry a gun and crime is going down
The economy sucks and unemployment is worse than even the bad numbers they tell you yet crime is down
They tell me crime is not down I have bad facts. . . but it is the FBI and FED GOV that tell me crime is down

They tell me as a gun owner I am just a dumb redneck who doesn't get it.  I hold a Bachelors in Psych, and one in Electrical Engineering, I also hold a Master in Engineering Management. ..  Yet they call me stupid for looking at the facts and seeing the truth, I am really missing it because of my lack of education. . ..

And to finish it off they tell me it is better that my own wife or daughter is better off at the mercy of some thug who wants to mug, possible rape, beat and kill her than for her to have the know how and tools to defend herself from the bad guy.

Sorry I don't get it.  How can any rational person give up their right to protect themselves and their family when our founders knew it was so important.

At the time our Constitution was passed most states had said they would not approve it as it stood.  They had to be give the chance to add to it.  Over 180 or so amendments were sent in by the states, and when all the voting was done only the 10 in the Bill of Rights passed.   Our founders in every state required recognition of our basic rights before they would pass the new Constitution.  The most important right they wanted protected was free speech, and the right to self defense from the criminals or the government came in at number two . . . .

Think about that next time someone tells you that you have to give up your rights to be safe. . . .  then walk away, for you are talking to a fool.


Anonymous said...

Once the gun came into existence, there's is no going back to a world without guns. I think guns are fun & provide self defense but the bad side is they have made killing easier for evil intentions and owners who are careless with them. I guess the same thing could be said of the bow, spear, sling in their time. People have a right to defend themselves, look at NH for a model of gun ownership and low crime. Instead of hampering gun
ownership & sales just make a gun crime's punishment
extreme, it's sure to drop. You might have to get rid of the sleazy lawyers first though.

North said...

If I knew jack about the direction that current flows in a circuit and wanted to denigrate your engineering opinion, I would probably resort to name calling. HAVE to resort to name calling, because I don't have the brainpower to hold up my end in the argument.

Conventional current flow? Nyah naya! *sticks out tongue*

Kerry said...

Not to quibble, but the most important right, (it comes first in the First), is Freedom of Religion.

JD said...

Well, the freedom to follow your own religion or lack there of I think. After all that is a big reasion why folks left England in the first place. . . I think the founders ment to keep government out of the religion business and did not want government backing any one religion over any other. It is too bad it is slowly getting into the religion business, nothing good will come of that. . .

TheMinuteman said...

Well said my brother.