Monday, January 9, 2012

Romney the RINO

Folks lets get one thing straight folks - Romney is not Conservative OK?

As someone who has been stuck in MASS his whole life and dealt with Romney let me pass on a few things. .  .
1 - He did not raise taxes, he raised fees.  On anything and everything he could.  So expect more big government from him and more cost in fees.
2 - He does not support gun rights.  He raised our licence fees from $25 to $100 and passed an assault weapons ban that suck even after the Feds is long gone.
3 - He can't say a damn thing about Obamacare, he INVENTED IT!  He stuck MA with the prototype and we are going broke paying for it.
4 - He could not beat John McCain last time, you really think he can beat Obama????

Romney is Obama's dream candidate.  He gets no one excited, he can't use Obamacare against him and he is a RINO with no Tea Party support.  He can't win folks, why do you think the media loves him so. . . .

I pray we will have someone else jump in and save us from these fools!

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