Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another storm goes bust

And so after all the hype about Irene and the end of the world nothing happened.  We go lots of wind, some rain, and the power actually flickered a bit and went out for a minute or so.  Long enough that we noticed then came back on.

This is the way it seems to always goes here.  The news folks hype it, use it to keep the real news off the air, and show us lots of film of reporters out getting rained on and blown around but nothing happens.

Now I know down south got more damage, but still not what they said they would. 

More BS and more proof that we don't have news any more, we have entertainment.  If we had news then we would be hearing about gun walker and the other problems with the Obama administration's, and about how they have failed to fix our economy, or get us back to work. . . . no, we get storm footage that shows nothing. . . .

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