Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Health Care No One Wants

Obama is at it again

He is pushing the same old health care plan that got Scott Brown in the Senate. 

The UP DOWN vote he wants means we get all the things he said they took out. . .  Death panels, No Mammograms for women 40-50, Illegal immigrants get care. . . . etc.

Tell me, how do they justify this crap?  Take the Mammograms, these are a death panel right there.  They will deny the high risk group screening, then after 50 (if you live) they will tell you that you are too old to spend money on so here are pills for the pain. go home and die quietly.

Don't think so?  they are doing it at the VA now.  Our vets are being denied surgery to fix things when the pain is considered "manageable" with drugs.

This thing stinks from the top down. . .

Remember this in November folks.  They will ram rod this through even though they work for us and most folks don't want this.  They don't trust the Fed and this is why.  Write your Congressmen, let them know they will be out of work if this passes. . .

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