Monday, June 26, 2017

From the range.

Two take away’s from this weekend’s day at the range:

1 – the most dangerous person on the range is the new shooter.  We did a Women on Target day and it was a great success.  Everyone had a good time and was safe.  That is because we make sure to have one instructor per shooter when we do the pistol.  Now, this is not a safety class, just the basics on safety then we move on to a closely supervised chance for women to try their hand at Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and Archery.  There were lots of happy faces at the end of the day so that was a big win.

As I said it went well and was a success but we did have a couple of times we had instructors pushing guns back down range before anyone got swept with a loaded gun.

Getting new folks into the shooting sports is critical, but safety is too.  When you have that new person at the range stay extra vigilant on safety folks.  I find I spend most of my time watching the gun until I know they have the safety part down, then I will move on to helping them with the group and getting on the paper.

2 – I need more range time.  During a break the head instruction let us take a few round with the range guns.  Now I could blame the dirty gun with a stock trigger but truth be told I was not happy with my shooting.  Yes, it was all on paper and good enough for self-defense but not up to the standard I want.

Time for more dry fire practice with my laser trainer and more .22 range time is called for. . . . 

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