Friday, July 26, 2013

Stand Your Ground Laws

Folks the Stand Your Ground laws that are getting so much news today are NOTHING like what the media wants you to think they are. . .

Lets look at the dis-information shall we?

1 - Zimmerman proves stand your ground laws are bad. . . Folks the FLA stand your ground law was NEVER part of this case. . . or his defense from DAY ONE!  it was a self defense case.

2 - Stand Your Ground laws are a licence to kill. .. . . no.  Every shooting is investigated by the cops/state and can go to trial if it is not justified.  Stand Your Ground is no different.  If the investigation shows there was no threat at a level justifying deadly force response you still go to jail, even under SYG. . .

Now look at what Stand Your Ground does.

It is simple.  It says if you have the right to be there you do not have to run away from an attack.  Without these laws you must retreat, even if unsafe to do so. . . the burden is put on you the defender to show you could not retreat.  In other words the Thugs get to rule the streets because you have to give in to them and leave if they threaten or attack you.

With Stand Your Ground you have the right to say NO to the Thugs, and defend yourself appropriately based on their actions.  The streets belong to the law abiding citizen under SYG, not the thugs.

Some even prevent the Thugs family from suing you for defending yourself.

Imagine  that for a moment will you?  You are attacked, you are forced to defend yourself or family and then the attacker or his family sue you for all you are worth because you defended yourself.  You were doing nothing wrong, minding your own business when the Thug attacks, yet you have to pay him/her or the family because of the attack. . . . yes, it can go that way.  Watch what they try to do to Zimmerman even though the jury found him not guilty. . . . it is disgusting.  We need these laws to protect the law abiding folks from criminals both on the street and in the court room.

Something to think about

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