Friday, December 9, 2011

Occupy Boston is above the law. . . so says the Mayor

Well folks raise your hand if you are surprised that the Occupy Boston group is still occupying Boston despite the court order. . . .

If anyone from MA put up a hand you should be ashamed (or you live under a rock. . .)

You see Mayor Menino likes these hippie lefty commies and so they are above the law the rest of us serfs have to obey in the Peoples Republic.

The corruption here goes from the top down. You see we are against folks and any kind of “self help” which is the MA code for you standing up for your rights. We arrested the dad that stopped the illegal from molesting his kid in a supermarket bathroom a year or so ago. We arrested that guy a few weeks back who punched the drug dealer stealing tools out of his work truck. . .but no, we won’t touch the Occupy Boston folks and the disease ridden camp they put up in the middle of Boston.

You see it is against the law to camp there overnight. You also need a permit to protest there. . . ask all the other folks that had to get the permits (such as the TEA party folks). The Occupods have no permit and have been camping there for months. It has cost the city around $2 mil so far in damage and cop overtime. . . but they pay nothing. . . . and we let them.

Thank you Mayor for showing in no uncertain terms that there really are some folks who are more equal than others. . . . too bad the average American is the second class citizen here. . . .

We need to have our state cleaned out from top to bottom to end this corruption. . .

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