Thursday, March 3, 2011

DOMA – or how Obama got Re-Elected

Someone please tell my what the heck is wrong with the Republicans. . . They were doing well up until Obama said no more Defense of Marriage Act support.  Now it is like they have ADD or something – Oh look, a squirrel!

Sorry. . .

Obama tossed them a distraction and they are falling for it.  Instead of staying on him about the budget, Obamacare and all the excess spending in DC he has them chasing this DOMA BS.  It plays right into his hands.  I doubt many voters  care enough about this for it to be a key issue, yet the Stupid parts is all over it like it is the end of the world.

Someone needs to give them a wake up call – FOOLS!  CUT  THIS SHIT OUT AND GET BACK TO WORK!!!

We want our country back, we want jobs, and the economy fixed, we don't care about Marry and Jill or Fred and Joe getting together.  GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON!

You would think they don't want to win in 2012 the way they keep this up. . .

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