Thursday, July 16, 2009

How them Gun Laws Working

From CNN

Further proof that the gun laws don't stop criminals from getting guns. . . . NJ has some of the toughest around, including the one gun a month BS. . . I think

My prayers to the families and the cops involved - I hope they have a quick recovery. And they did get the bad guys!

More info here with less sensationalism from the reporter. I love the ready for war quote at CNN. . . then you find out they had two shot guns. . . like many folks in this country. . . not exactly what I had in mind when I read ready for war. . .

Some day they will give you facts in the news again instead of opinion and BS. . . .


Anonymous said...

Actually, according to the second report, they only had one shotgun:

The suspects, one armed with a pump shotgun, retreated into a building, police said. Police evacuated the building and then went after the suspects.

One pump shotgun between two men is "armed for war?"

Sounds to me like they were armed for duck hunting...and inadequately armed even for that.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that CNN and many other media outlets refer to police officers disrespectfully as "cops".

We would not think to refer to a fallen soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan as a "grunt".

It would seem that a public servant, especially one who has given his or her life in the line of duty could be spoken of with more respect.