Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Operation Enemies Foreign And Domestic

Folks this could be very interesting. . .

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School Shootings

Well now that a few days have passed and some info is getting out I think I am ready to comment on this.

First this is a tragedy.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved in this, victim and their family's along with the family of the shooter.  I am sure they are all asking what could have been done different at this point and that had got to add to the burden they already carry over the losses.

Once again we have been shown that gun free zones don't work, and may actually be bad for you and your loved ones health.

Facts -
Kid pick a group to shoot, he seemed to have targets, this was not a random act
Kid had some friends but was also called a loner by some
Kid seems to have used a .22 target type pistol that most gun owners probably own, nothing fancy.
Kid may or may not have been bullied
Once again it was over before the Police could respond.  These things go down FAST
Kid ran when confronted by teacher who had guts to chase him - That teacher is a hero.

Now what do the following tell us about the anti-gun folks -
They are all over it
They don't mention the gun is not high capacity
They don't mention that he is too young to legally carry the gun
They don't mention that it is illegal to have the gun in school
They don't mention it is already illegal to shoot or kill people
They don't mention it was over before help got there - the teachers and kids were on their own

The one up side I have seen is in the reaction of folks I work with here in Mass of all places.  I don't hear cries for gun control.

What I do hear is that the gun free zone does not work.
What I do hear is that the gun is not the issue, it is the kid
What I do hear is how did "we" fail to see this coming with this kid?
What I do hear is what can we do to help the next kid before he/she gets to this point.

In short what I am hearing is folks asking the right questions and not going for the quick sound bite new law will fix it all now BS from the Anti Rights folks.  People are waking up and actually asking what is wrong that causes a kid to do this and how do we get them the help they need first.

If we can figure that out we may actually stop the next one before anyone is hurt, and that should be all our goal.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Country is all Fixed, moving on. . . .

I mean it has to be all right now right?  How else can you explain this?

Or the fact that if they are not arguing about paying for or banning vasectomies then they are arguing about the pill or abortion then they spin off to gay marriage . . . .

Meanwhile they ignore Iran, the Middle East, Greece, Gun running to Mexico by the Fed (look up Fast and Furious) not to mention American Jobs, economy, housing issues, prices going up up up . . .

Nope it is all better folks.  Take note. . .

If this is what the pols have in mind we are done here.  Obama will get another 4 years to do nothing, and our government will blindly go on ignoring the real issues . . . . .  This is what you get with an uneducated voter population.  The liberal have taught the voters to sit down and shut up. . . we have to fix that. . .

Please think before you vote in November folks.  We need new folks at all levels of Government that actually are tied in to what is going on. . . not just looking for a good sound bite for the entertainment news media.

We are so screwed. . . . .

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Qualification to be POTUS

Can someone tell me what the hell is going on?

As I went through the caf at work the TV was going off (CNN) on religion and Romney or Santorum or such and their qualification to be President. . . .

Folks this is easy.  The candidates religion has nothing to do with being POTUS or getting elected.  Our founders were nice enough to spell out in the Constitution what the rules are if you want to run for POTUS.  Religion is not listed. . . .being a natural born citizen is. . . . See the difference here?

Now that being said I wish folks would shut up about Obama's citizenship.  Unless you can show me he or his parents filled out papers for another countries citizenship for him then he is ours.  His mom was a citizen so he is.  I don't care about his dad unless you can show the previously mentioned papers.

Now can we get this damn race to elect our next overlord back on track and focused on the real problems we are facing - war, gas price, Iran, Europe and it's impending crash, jobs, illegal immigration. . .  . When all that is fixed then we can deal with the BS crap.

OK?  Thanks!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Folks, I am so sick of watching the news on Whitney Houston.  My sympathy to her family for their loss.  Anyone who looses a family member feels it.

But this is not news, she does not deserve to have flags flying at half staff or anything else folks.  She was a troubled woman with a drug problem that could sing.  She is not a national hero, she does not deserve this kind of news time.

Folks, get over it.  She is gone.

And all the coverage is the way the news avoids covering the real news.  There is a ton of things going on.  Between Europe, the fed running guns to Mexico, gas going up, the Fed devaluing the dollar. . . . But no, they avoid making Obama look bad by talking about Whitney. . .

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Obama in the Cartoons. . .

Day by Day does it again.

For Obama and his claim of Open Administration he fails yet again. This guy went in saying he would change things, open up how things were done, no more back room deals. . . . people would see a bill for a few days before a vote to comment on it. . . .

Instead he takes all the bad deals from the Bush years and cranks it up to 11. Health care laws that have to pass before we tell you what is in them, Gun Running into Mexico to the drug lords that end up getting Americans killed, back room deals. . . and now "Truth Squads" to try to silence any who disagree with him.

I thought the Black Panthers and ACORN at the polls was bad last time, can't wait to see what he does to intimidate people who vote this time.

And the worst part of it is the Media is going along with it. Had a Republican tried to crank it up like this they would be screaming from the roof tops about the attack on our rights. . . . where are they?

We truly live in dangerous times folks. . . keep your eyes open. . . .

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cut the Armed Pilot Program

Looks like Obama has cut funding for the armed pilot program.  Makes sense if you thing about it.  Armed pilots might actually do something like stop a terrorist and that would look bad in the news.  Self help is bad you know. 

We would much rather you depend on the vastly more expensive TSA to protect you.  Never mind that they fail to detect arms when tested and have yet to stop a damn thing.  We have been lucky so far.  But Obama needs his union vote so the gropers at the TSA stay and our protection on the plane goes.

What a joke this is.  All theater to show the sheep so they can feel safe.  Can't wait for the cancer rates to take off with the frequent flyer crowd. . .  Wonder how they will spin that. . .  .

I think I need to start driving more. . .  .

Gun running by Obama

Read it here.

More proof Obama and his administration knew the Fed was running guns to the Mexican drug lords.  And that they were going to use the lie to further attack our gun rights.  For an administration that was supposed to be open they sure do hide a lot. . . .  .

U.S. Must Address Critical Questions on U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

U.S. Must Address Critical Questions on U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

This is just another UN attack on our rights. What the US should do is tell them up front we don't support it, we won't support it, and we won't sign on to it in any way shape or form.

Time we tell the UN to shove it and stand by our Constitution folks. We can't let the UN tell us what to do or take our rights from us!

We should cut our funding to this mess, see how well the UN does without us backing them and paying for everything.

Time to use our veto and kill this stupid idea.

Karate Teachers

Had a guest teacher last night at karate.  It is interesting to see the different approach other teachers take.  My teacher is more toward the traditional side, and she does not get too into the defensive part of Karate.  We do mostly kata and drills. 

The guest did more comments about using Karate to defend yourself, and his drills were aimed at that aspect of things. . .

My original school was Shotokan, and that teacher was almost totally centered on how to use what you learn to defend yourself.  The school had stared off as a woman's defense class so you could see where that came from.

Anyway. . . . found it interesting to think over

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Once again I had a great interaction with the licence folks at the police station.  My town actually respects us and the law so as long as you have a clean record you get your permit. . . should have my new one in two weeks or so which is fine since I have to the end of March on my current permit.

This is how things should be all over MA, it is too bad so many don't respect our laws.  Especially in and around Boston.  Funny how they won't issue permits for guns, and they are the ones with the gang, drug and crime problems. . .

Just another reason I love living in my town.

Occupy VS Tea

Go and give this a look

You see quickly that Occupy Wall Street is nothing more than a bunch of unemployed, spoiled kids and thugs pushing for more government control where the Tea Party is a bunch of employed folks pushing for less government intrusion in their lives.

It is easy to see which one are the law abiding folks working in the system to fix it.

That Time Again

OK folks, wish me luck. . . .

It is that time again.  That time when those of us who live in MA and own guns have to go beg to be allowed to keep our 2ed Amendment rights.

I am one of the lucky ones.  My town has a great Police Chief who respects our rights and I fully expect my license to be renewed after they do the background check. . . others are not so lucky.

Those that say MA is the way to do things are fools.  They don't get it.  If I move towns or get a new Chief of Police they can pull my permit for no reason at all.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Your ability to OWN a gun, never mind carry one is totally dependent on the Chief of Police deciding that you are qualified.  He/She can refuse you for any reason including feeling that you are not a good candidate for a permit.  Even if you have a clean record and never had a run in with the law.

And what happens if you loose your permit?  you get to sell all your guns.  You can appeal it and may win, but you will have to pay for your guns to be stored while you appeal.

So today I go for my renewal.  After paying $100 to exercise my "right" I should get it, as I said we have a good Chief and Police force here in town.  They respect us and we respect them.  And in six years I get to do it all over again. . . .

This is why permits need to be shall issue.  It is not a right if someone can strip it from you based on a gut feeling folks.  Rights should only be stripped by a court of law.

Oh and by the way, Thanks Mitt for that nice $100 fee.  Use to only be $25 for my permit but instead of raising taxes Mitt Romney raised fees all over and that was one of them.  If he figured your interest group was small enough he added to your fees, since you couldn't do anything about it. . . .He also signed off on the Assault Weapons Ban we are still dealing with here in MA. . ..  He is no friend to our rights or our paychecks folks.  He may not raise taxes but expect fees for anything you do to go up big time if he wins. . . .

Someday I hope we can fix this state. . . . or that I can at least move to a free state. . . .

Friday, February 10, 2012

Back to Karate

OK, I have been going back to karate now for a month so I guess I can say I am back.  It has been two years or so since I went on any kind of a regular basis so I am trying to get back everything I forgot. . . . It is slow going.

But on the bright side I am going with my younger daughter so it is something we are doing together.  Good dad time with her, and fun for both of us.  Lord knows I need the exercise....

With a bit of luck I will be back up to brown belt level in a few months and going for my black belt in a year or so....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Big Game

OK here we go, take two against the Giants. . . . .  GO PATS!