Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another Attack

Istanbul airport explosions: 28 dead, 60 injured, Turkish official says

And our news media?  Ya they are playing the game again and not telling you what is going on or distracting you.

I just watched the news do an in depth report on how tight our security is and how all these foreign airports that fly to the US need to have security that is just as good. . . . Sounds great right?

Ya, too bad the attack happened outside of security before anyone checked them. . .

Folks this security theater is part of the problem and does not make us safer. . .

All they do is get you to pile up in mass in front of the check point.  sure you are safe if you get through security.  You and you friends in the security pile awaiting screening make a great target you know. . .  and they hit them today.

Personally I think it is only time until they hit us like this in the USA.  Either at an airport or tourist attraction.  As hundreds sit and wait to get screened the attackers will join them and BOOM.

But no, don't start profiling, don't fix it, don't look at the real issue folks . . . . Be a good little sheep, turn in your guns and do what your betters in DC tell you to do.  And when they hit you please die quietly and in a way that will look good on their news report.

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Gun Control Lie

So lets get this straight. . .

The Gun Grabbers want our guns and a new assault weapons ban even though Congresses own investigation shows that the previous AWB did NOTHING to make us safer or prevent any crime.

They want more background checks even though every gun sale through a gun dealer already goes through a background check - so they are showing they don't even know what laws are on the books now.  They are also ignoring the fact that the last shooter (and many others) all passed background checks and all other legal hoops to get their guns.

They want to end due process - you will now be guilty until you can prove to them that you are not.  Not exactly American last I checked.  What about Innocent until proven guilty??

And to top it off they are censoring the release of the attackers calls to eliminate the parts they don't like and don't fit their story - you know like his pledging to ISIS. . . see they don't want to admit he was a Radical Muslim. . ..

The part I find the most terrifying is we now have Democrats in Congress saying that we need to end Due Process and ignore our Civil Rights because they get in the way of the laws they want to pass. . .

All I see out of this is a tragedy for those killed in the club, and a bunch of tyrant want to be dancing in their blood and using their deaths to help end our civil rights.  The totally ignore how gun control has failed and is in fact responsible for this event.  Yet again a gun free zone has attracted an attacker who didn't care about the law and brought in guns where he knew no one could fight back with predicable results.

If our dear leaders really wanted to make us safer we would be hearing them call for an end to gun control, gun free zones, and a complete review of immigration processes.  Not that even that would have stopped Orlando as he was born here and still radicalized.

We as a country need to wake up to what is going on.  Once we admit to the failure of gun control we need to address the failure of immigration as it stand now.  A hundred years ago immigrants learned to be American and they adapted to our culture.  Now they expect us to learn their language and adapt to theirs.  Time to end this madness.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Gun Control is the cause, not the fix

Folks I continue to be amazed at how folks will buy the lie of gun control hook, line and sinker that the news is selling. . .

Thanks God more and more folks seem to be waking up from the Bullshit and calling folks on it.

Gun control is the problem, not the fix.  Almost all (as in over 95%) of these shootings are in gun free zones. . .

Orlando - gun free
Batman Movie shooting - gun free ( he drove past other theaters to get to a gun free one)
All school shootings - gun free
Fort Hoot - gun free
and I can go on and on. . .

Just look at history.  Gun control took off starting at the end of the 1960's with the 68 gun laws. . .

Someone please tell me how many mass shootings in the schools or nightclubs we had before then?  that were not mob related?  How about terror attacks???

So with all the insanity of the civil right movement and everything else going on in the 60's we really did not see these kinds of shootings - at least not on the scale we see now. . . we also pretty much did not have any gun control.  The bad guys KNEW other folks would have guns and a way to fight back.
The more laws we have passed, the more folks we have disarmed the more shootings we have had.

Look at Chicago. . .  every week folks are shot and killed there in the land of gun control.  They have every law on the books that the gun grabbers could want yet they are one of the most violent cities in the country.

Look at Mexico.  Guns are all but outlawed yet the drug lords have no problem not only getting guns but military grade fully auto stuff and still kill hundreds per year and run parts of the country.  And for the record the civilian AR-15 is not a machine gun/full auto like the military has, it is a single shot per trigger pull semi automatic.  It is very hard for a civilian to legally get a machine gun and it takes special permits and additional background checks.  If anyone can prove a lawfully owned machine gun was used in a recent attack please sent me the link. . . . I doubt you will find one.

Folks history has shown the failure of giving up your ability to defend yourself.  I just thank God that more folks are seeing this.  And now we can welcome with open arms the LGBT folks who are realizing they need to defend themselves and are starting to see the legal road blocks that have been put in place to keep them down.

We all need to fight gun control and we all need to swamp DC with our calls, letter and emails telling them that we have had enough.  The experiment of gun control is over and has failed.  We want our rights back and we want our safety back.

Friday, June 17, 2016

An Open Letter to Congress on Gun Controle.....

Dear Congress. . .

I am writing you to say we must not pass laws in the heat of the moment because of Orlando.   High emotions do not make for good reasonable laws.

Gun control has failed.  More gun control will not fix this and will limit the Constitutional rights of lawful gun owners – including battered women, and members of the LGBT community who need them for self defense, something that is not supposed to happen.  The founders spell out “shall not be infringed”
To make this worse, the two ideas floated so far will do nothing:

Background Checks – Every gun purchased from a FFL (Federally Firearms License) gun dealer has to be run through a NICS or Background check now. . . so folks are calling for a law that is already on the books

Fly List – The FBI does not want the No Fly list used as it will tip their hand to the bad guys.  The ACLU is against it as we all should be due to the lack of due process .  Let us remember that there are kids, babies and even a sitting US Senator (Our Sen. Kennedy) was on the list.  And as it stand now you don’t know you are on it, and can’t get off.  If we do want to use this list then we must add due process and a way for people put on in error to get off the list quickly as to prevent abuse of their rights. 

Personally I think if you have the evidence to say the person should not be allowed to buy a gun then you have the evidence to go before a judge to get a ruling and follow the laws to strip them of their rights.  America is supposed to  respect our rights, not act like a two bit dictatorship stripping citizens of their rights without due process.  Hopefully if passed this will be thrown out in court.

No one wants another tragedy like Orlando but we need to step back and make our decision based on facts not emotions.  Gun laws will not stop anyone who is willing to die to kill others.  They will use a gun, or a bomb like Timothy McVeigh.  The Orlando shooter passed multiple background checks and even a psych check to get his permits.  He worked for a government contractor for security.  He has passed every roadblock I have heard suggested by the anti-gun rights crowd and he still got the guns and killed folks.

We also need to look at Gun Free Zones which are one of the things that tie all these shootings together.  We need to get rid of gun free zones.  They are nothing more than advertising where to attack for the terrorists.  95% or more of the recent attacks have been in gun free zones – The Batman Movie shooting, the church shooting, Ft. Hood shooting and now Orlando.  These zones just don’t work and we need to admit it and move on.

Until we are ready to admit it is not the gun but the attacker that is the problem we will get nowhere in fixing this issue.  Please stop playing politics with people’s lives and lets really try to fix this problem.  It is time to end the mistake of gun control and start to work on the real issues of terrorism in this country.

Thank You

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Time for some FACTS

Lets look at the facts before we let the gun grabbers BS us into giving up more of our rights. . .

They want background checks:
The shooter passed his - along with an FBI investigation.  Everyone who buys a gun from a dealer (FFL) has to get a background check no matter where you buy it - at the store or the gun show.  You do not need a federal check for person to person but some states do require it (like MA).

They want more restrictions:
We have gun free zones - too bad 95% or more of the mass shootings are in GUN FREE ZONES

They want an assault weapon ban again:
Congress had it's own investigation of the effectiveness of the last one.  And showed it DID NOTHING

They keep saying he had an assault rifle:
No he didn't.  Assault rifles are highly restricted as they can fire in full auto.  He did not have one and the civilian AR is NOT AN ASSAULT RIFLE

They want a filibuster for more gun control:
Gun control has created the places these folks have been killed.  It is literally killing us.  This filibuster should be called The Terrorist Protection Filibuster.

They want two things -
to ban people on the government's terrorist watch list from obtaining gun licenses and whether to expand background checks to gun shows and internet sales.

Folks as mentioned every purchase from an FFL already goes through a background check by federal law.  They want a law that already exists showing how little they know about gun laws.

They want to use the watch list to strip folks of a Constitutional right with no due process, no way to find out if you are on the list, and no way to get off the list - This should never be passed as it stand.  Everyone from sitting Senators to babys have been put on that list . . .  it is a joke.

We need to fight this BS and make sure nothing is passed in the heat of the moment.  We have more than enough laws on the books, too many when you realize that these laws are used by terrorists to insure they can attack when no one else can fight back. . . and have done so over and over and over. . . see above. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando Shooting

So yet again a RADICAL Muslim has shot up folks he disagrees with. . . .

And like clockwork the "news" media is calling for gun control and ignoring the real issue of Radical Islam because that does not fit their PC narrative to disarm us.

Folks the shooter had a permit, he purchased the guns legally and passed multiple background checks for his job. . . so all the crap they are calling for could have been in place and he still would have passed it and attacked.  The club was a gun free zone so legally he was not permitted to have guns there even with his permits. . . .

And I see folks calling for more security. . .  I am at Disney and folks here want more . . . x-ray and bag  checks. . . all sounds good until you live it.  The morning of the shooting right after the news broke I went to the Magic Kingdom.  You should have seen the crowd waiting to get into security. . . sure the park may have been safer. . . but all they needed to do was have one bomber willing to get to the center of the crowd waiting to get in and they would have killed and wounded probably another 100 or so possible more.

Folks we need to cut out the PC crap and admit we are at war with an IDEA! You can't pass a law to fix this you need to be ready to fight it both with our own ideas and physically.  We need more armed trained folks out there, not less.  We need to push our own propaganda to counter their BS. . . We need to have the liberals and gun grabbers shut the fuck up and let the grown ups deal with this in a very non PC way.

Do I have the answer?  No.

Do I know more gun control and BS is not the answer?  Yes.

We need to start with getting rid of gun free zones.  Law abiding citizens are our best defense against the Radicals and we need them armed.  We need to take a good hard look at our gun laws and repeal most of them.  With the exception of felons and those found by a doctor to be mentally unfit anyone else that wants to protect themselves should be allowed to.  It is their RIGHT as a human.

Then we need to look at halting immigration from countries with terrorism ties until we can come up with a good way to screen folks that works.  And maybe they have limited gun rights and green cards for a few years so we can vet them before letting them stay and become citizens with all the rights that come with it.

There is no easy fix for this issue.  There is no one fix for this issue.

The more I listen to the talking heads and their simple fixes the more I know they are clueless and pushing an agenda not a fix.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

You do not have the RIGHT to Healthcare

What is it with folks thinking they have a right to everything?  That is a major part of what is wrong with our country today.

Folks a right exists by itself without anyone else.  Look at the Bill of Rights. . .. You have the right to speak, defend yourself, not incriminate yourself, etc. . . not one of these says you have the right to make someone else do something for you.

Here is a quick way to think of it.  If it requires someone else to do something it is not your right.

A right to healthcare would mean you have the right to force someone to care for you - doctors, nurses, a hospital. . .. nope sorry.  That is slavery and we outlawed that a long time ago. . . .

You have the right to SEEK healthcare, and to ask them to care for you.  If you can agree on a trade or otherwise talk them into it you get care for some form of payment for their work.  You do not have the right to take their labor without pay so it is NOT A RIGHT!

Why is this so hard for folks to understand????

And no, the world is not fair, GET OVER IT!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Hillarys Brown Shirts.

Anyone with a brain should be scared to death of the way the left has adopted the intimidation model to win this election. . .

Anyone who knows history is beyond scared to death over this bull.

The attacks on free speech by the left on Trump should be all anyone needs to know that we cannot let Hillary or Sanders win this. We have see them use race and PC to shut down any dissent for the last 8 years and now they are stepping up their game.

Folks the damage they will do to our country will go far past their term when you think about what will happen to SCOTUS.

So please, think.  Look at History and make sure we don't kill America putting a Dem in the white house.