Monday, April 16, 2018

Rest in Peace Gunny. . . .

Damn it we lost a good one over the weekend. . .

I know a few folks that met R. Lee and every one of them said he was one of the nicest folks you could meet.  I never had the chance myself. . .  but I loved his shows and movies.  He did a lot to promote our rights and was an all-around good guy. . .  we need more like him.

Thanks for all you did Gunny!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

You Tube Shooting

Since all this attack does is prove the failure of gun control you can expect it will be out of the news very quickly. . . it does not support the right agenda for it to be "news".

What it does though shows that even in Calf with all the insane gun laws they have it did NOTHING to stop a shooter.

Time to wake up, tell the kids to shut up adults are talking, and end gun control and the BS that does nothing but make it more dangerous for law-abiding folks.