Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back to Work


Well, first day back to work and not doing too bad. Jack kept us up a bit last night but did pretty well all things considered.

We took him down to the Memorial Day parade and to see Papa John's grave yesterday and he did well, sleeping most of the day as you would expect. Now if we can keep him sleeping most of the night things will be great!

Hope to post more photos soon.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day 13

Well, Jack is now 13 days old and keeping us busy. Took me all day to get a door fitted to his room. . . all I have left to finish it off is to re-hang the closet doors and replace one small window and his room is done.

And being a good dad, I have introduced him to Home Depot. . . . never too soon for a man to learn about the hardware store. . .

On the good news front we have got Godparents lined up for him. Teri's sister Carrie is going to be Godmother and my buddy Greg who was my best man will be his Godfather. Won't be doing the ceremony until the fall when she can get back here from California. Looks like it will be around Halloween at this point.

Haven't taken too many new photos, I need to get some new ones to post on the web page. We are trying to order a few from the hospital now that they took. One is great, seems Jack was not impressed with the new digs and flipped off the camera. . . That's m'boy

More later. . .


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jack Update

Well Jack had his first doctor visit today at 1 week and got a clean bill of health. Now if we can only convince him to sleep at night and play during the day instead of the other way around. . . . . Overall he is doing well and starting to sleep more at night. as they say, each night gets a bit better.

He got his swing now and loves it so mom and dad now get to watch the news without having to hold him all the time. He is going to be quite the cuddle bug for a while I think. . . .

  1. Tomorrow we get to see how he likes warm weather. I am guessing he will like it based on how he likes to be wrapped up all the time. . . .

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jack's First Day Home

well, we made it through the first night. Jack was not too happy about the whole thing. Seems it is a bit quiet (and dark) here compared to the hospital an not so many people up all night to play with = ) so he did his best to keep us up. Thank God he gets along with his sisters. Aisling was nice enough to rock him for a while this morning so Mom and I could get an hour or so sleep . . . . They are going to be great big sisters I can tell.

The poor little guy can't eat too much at one time so he is up every hour or two looking for food. Now if we can just him changed over to a normal day/nigh cycle we will be doing well. . . hopefully we will be there in a week or so. It's amazing how you forget how much sleep you loose with a baby. . . .

The cats don't seem to be too interested in him but our dog Dixie is thrilled with the new addition. she keeps coming over to make sure he is OK and the tail going a mile a minute . . . She stayed in our room last night with us and the baby or just outside our door in the hall.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jack's Home

Well Jack and mom came home today. . . . Jack is still getting use to the move, his second this week as far as he is concerned. . . All of that went well. We have his room all ready and everything in place I hope. I am sure we will find we forgot something but all is well for now. I got the next week off from work to help mom settle back in and heal up after the baby so we should be good by the time I have to go back to work.

Ciara had a doctor look at her arm and that is healing well also so I guess we can't complain.

Now for the fun part - seeing how Jack does overnight in his own home. . . let the fun begin. .

Friday, May 18, 2007

More Pics


Quick note, added a few more pictures to the web page. Finally got a pic of Jack with his eyes open!!


Jack Day 3

Well Jack is doing well and so is mom. The little guy can eat let me tell you. I think he is part cat, he eats and sleeps and that is about it. . . . = ) He has been great so far, a real quiet kid. I hope it stays that way. For those that waned to know I forgot to list his data. . . He was 6 lbs 7 oz and 19 inches. Been a real change to have a baby around again, I can't wait till he comes home tomorrow. I actually got to see him awake for a bit last night, but as soon as he realized I was holding him again he kinda coo'd a bit and went to sleep on me. . . I hope my magic powers of making him fall asleep keep working at night at least, it would make things much easier in the next few weeks = )

Thanks for all the emails and such, I am glad we have so many friends and family to share the happy news with!!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day 2


Mom and the baby are doing well. Jack is looking good and doing great, he got a clean bill of health. Mom is also doing well now and enjoying her sugar and chocolate again. Now if I can just get him to stay awake long enough for me to get a good picture of him while I am there. . . I keep hearing about how much of a wiggle worm he is, but as soon as I pick him up he looks at me and goes to sleep. . .. oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

John C Dalco III

Hi all

Well, it has been an exciting day here! The new baby has arrived and Mom and baby are doing GREAT! His sisters are happy to see him too - we will see how long that lasts = )

All and all a busy day, but the c-section went well and mom came through great. Some of you know how sick T has been through all this and I can tell you she is much better and feeling great now!!!!

Jack as he will be known to avoid confusion is also doing well and has a clean bill of health. For those of you in the area that want to stop in and see Teri give me a call and I will give you her room number. . . for the rest of you drop me an email and I will pass on your comments or I can get you her room phone if you want to call her. . .

All I can say at this point is I wish my Dad was here to see him, but I know he was with us today. Without his help from the other side I am not sure things would have gone as well as they did for Jack after we lost the baby last year. He always wanted a grandson, he use to say what is the point of a Jr. if you don't get a third. . . . those of you that know my Dad's sense of humor know what he meant. . . . miss you Dad, but you now have a great healthy grandson!

More later


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Up in arms. . . .

Well, we spent most of last night in the ER, and not for the baby. . . . Daughter number two had a small accident at gymnastics and broke her left arm. . .

All has worked out and she now has a neat dark blue cast for all her friends to sign. I think the best part of the night was when Mom went out to get a nurse and the nurse's first words in the ER were "Don't tell me you water broke. . ." That would have been quite a night, wife and daughter in side by side beds in the ER. . . .

Anyway, all is well and she will have a blue arm for her photos with the new baby and her first communion. . . . Never a dull moment around here (but I could use one. . ..)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Delay of Baby

OK folks, looks like the little guy's lungs ain't quite ready yet so he needs to hang out another week before they let him out. That nice bit of news was delivered by phone to Teri yesterday afternoon. All I can say is she is a bit PO'd over it even if she does understand. It was smart to do it by phone, I think she would have killed them at the hospital if they told her in person. . . Is pregnant a legal excuse for murder??

She is doing well now with it - or at least as well as can be expected with all the pain. We have a test on Monday and if that goes well we will be getting our new addition delivered on Tuesday morning. I think I will make sure she is un-armed before the test just in case. . . . The little guy is bouncing all over mom's insides, so he is ready to come out and play I think, it is all up to the doc now. . . . Ciara is bummed, but Aisling is all for the delay since she is at camp this week and wanted to be around for the new arrival. . . .

Can't wait, it's been me vs three women in the house, 'bout time I get someone on my side = )

More news as it develops. . . . .