Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gunny Christmas

We had a great Christmas.  Did dinner Christmas eve with my mom and in laws and another dinner Christmas day at my brother in laws. . .

The kids got spoiled as usual and we all did very well.

I had a gunny Christmas myself:

That is my first 1911. . . an Auto Ordnance Gov. model. . . now if I can get this damn snow to stop long enough for me to get to the range and try it out I can do a good report

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice

Hope you all have a safe and happy Winter's Solstice!
Look at the bright side, the days get longer after this! 
We got about 6" of snow last night here so it is easy to get into the winter spirit around our house today. . . .

Saturday, December 18, 2010

DREAM act looks Dead!

Lets hope it is. . . now the next move should be to ID these illegals and deport them ASAP.

It is about time Congress listened to the people for once and started to move against the illegals.

Now I am all for LEGAL immigration, that is what made this country, but illegals have to go and go now.   Before you start with the BS of we can't afford to hunt them down I say we don't have to.  What we need to do is make it impossible for them to stay and they will leave on their own. 

This is easy to do -
If they visit a hospital, treat them and ID them then deport them
If they get a job fine the employer thousands of $$ so that it hurts, and hurts bad.  The jobs will dry up
If they have a home, fine the person who rents to them, again, housing will dry up
If they have a kid, don't give the kid citizenship unless both parents are hear legally

This is what we have to do, if they can't live here, or work here or get health care here they will leave.  This has been done at the state level and worked, now we need to do it at the national level. . . .

Friday, December 17, 2010

Holster Help

Ok, for you gunnies out there. . . ..

I am looking for an IWB holster for two guns. . . I need one that fits a full size M&P 9mm and another for a standard government 1911. . . .

What holsters do you suggest that won't break the bank? 

I have a basic nylon one that will fit both guns but would like something a bit better. . . . easier to re holster when I have it on ya know?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

House not sure about tax bill

It looks like the liberals in the House have problems with the bill that Obama and Senate Republicans came up with and they are delaying the vote.  One gem from the CNN story on this:


House liberals remain strongly opposed to what they argue is a deficit-exploding giveaway to the rich in the form of a lower estate tax.


Um, excuse me?  A lower estate tax is a give away?  FUCK YOU!

Folks, a lower estate tax means that when you inherit from your hard working family that has passed on (or give to them when you pass on) the government can't take as much from you. . . . HOW IS THAT A GIVE AWAY?


Only the damn liberals would see not taking as much of your money that you want to pass on to your kids as a give away. . . .


This tells you all you need to know – they think it is all their money to spend, how dare you want to give your earnings to your kids!


I am so PISSED OFF by this idea I don't even know where to start.  Look Mr. Government Liberal you stupid ass – I worked hard for that money, I already paid my taxes (and too much of them) to you once.  Now I want my kids to have it so keep your f'ing sticky fingers off it!


And they wonder why they lose elections???  Sounds like they need to lose even more of them to me. . .  

Monday, December 13, 2010

ObamaCare Loses!

Very interesting. . .

I wonder what Obama is thinking at this point.  For someone so stuck up on himself it must be hard to see the cornerstone of your Presidency tossed out as Un-Constitutional.  We all knew it was but the liberals don't seem to care much for the Constitution anyway so. . .

This is a good start.  It is not over by far but a good start.  Once this is tossed onto the trash heap we need to undo the rest of the hope and change he has visited upon our nation and start our move back to a Constitutional government that is limited and small.  Time to end the welfare state and avoid the ruin that is Europe.

This is just a start. . . but it is a good start. . . .


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Just saw this quote -
Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has involved replacing what worked with what sounded good. In area after area - crime, education, housing, race relations - the situation has gotten worse after the bright new theories were put into operation. The amazing thing is that this history of failure and disaster has neither discouraged the social engineers nor discredited them.
Thomas Sowell, Is Reality Optional?, 1993
(1930 - )
And the first thing that ran through my head was " wow, that explains the liberal mind set about right. . ."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What Inflation?

So the government still says that there is little to no inflation going on. . . .


And our News Media is nice enough to push the BS for them. . .


If there is no inflation Dear Leader Obama can you please tell me why my taxes are going up, my mortgage is going up, gas for my car is going up, and my food costs are going up. . . .


I thought prices for goods going up was inflation. . . silly me.  I guess it is only inflation when there is a Republican in the White House. . .  when it is a Democrat and the economy sucks, and more and more folks are out of work then prices going up is nothing to talk about. . . .


What a joke.


All I can say is when the new Congress is seated they had better start to do something to fix this shit or we will vote them all out in two years. . . . If we make it that long. . . .

Pearl Harbor Day. . .

December 7, 1941. . . ..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

1911 A1 questions

Looking for info on the NEW Auto Ordnance 1911 A1 guns.  Sounds like they are good for the money so I am thinking about getting one.  Does anyone have experence with these?  How did they work out?  How is the gun and the factory mags?


North Korea

Well according to CNN they are at it again. . . .

The North Koreans need a wall built around them that we can seal like any other nut house.  What is with those crazies?

I suspect that things have taken a turn for the worst in NK and now to distract the masses from the fool in charge they are going to try to start a war with the south. 

Where the HELL is China to reign in their nut case friend??? They should be all over this fool putting him back in line.

And remember we have a bunch of troops sitting over there that will be a speed bump should Dear Nutcase invade the south.  That and we will have a third war on our hands with Obama the Helpless in the White House.

Not a good way to start the Holiday Season.  Now we get to wait and see how this effects the world economy. . . . .

Happpy Thanksgiving

Folks I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving where ever you are at! 

And a special thank you to all the troops so far from home on this day.  Thank you for keeping us all safe!  Come home safe and soon!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Korea - War Take 2?

Is it just me or does it look like we are headed for Korean war part 2?

And we have Obama - that part scares the shit out of me.  This fool could not find his way out of a paper bag with a flashlight and a map. . .  and he may get a shooting war to deal with. . . .

We need to get our troops out of harms way.  What do we get out of this other than dead Americans?  Does anyone really thing Obama had the balls or the brains to get us through a Korean war??? ya, I don't either.

We need to get our troops and our equipment out of there so the North does not get our equipment. They are a backwards bunch of fools, we don't need to give them the head start our equipment would on the science and tech front.  Can you imagine what they would learn taking apart our equipment?

This is a fools game and we have a fool in charge. . . . not a good thing. . . .

On the bright side, if we are smart enough to stay out of this manpower wise we can let the South take care of the North and we are all better off.  Or someone could come to their senses and just take out the North Korean leader like we should have years ago. . . . .

Guess we will see what happens. . . Happy Holidays folks. . . .

Monday, November 22, 2010

We got the TSA's attention

Looks like we got their attention with the National Opt Out day. . . Obama's news media is now trying to tell us to opt in since all you will do it make it harder on yourself if you take part in National Opt Out Day. . . .

I say screw you!  We are done getting our rights walked all over and this politically correct BS.  Put real security in place and we can talk.  I don't want some TSA jerk who could not get a job flipping burgers to be feeling up my wife and daughters, or looking at them on the TV.  Enough is enough!

Until then I say don't fly or opt out.  Make it hurt the airlines and they will change things.

Time for DC to listen to the people . . . .

The Quest continues

Well I am still saving up for my next gun. .  . almost there I think. 

I am looking to get my hands on a 1911.  With a bit of luck it will be a basic government type gun.  I am not looking for anything special like stainless steal or anything.  I want it to look as government issue as I can get.

It will also mean I have the basic calibers that I have been looking for.  I already have a .380 and a 9mm, this would get me a .45.  That will leave me with just an auto loading .22 that I am missing.  May just get a conversion kit for the 1911 when I can get it.  They still don't make one for the M&P 9mm which I wish they would.  If I am going to practice with a gun it would be nice to be a carry piece and not a separate .22.

Well anyway, I hope to have a new piece in a few months with a bit of luck. . . . .

HTC Aria

Well I have had my new HTC Aria for a couple of weeks now and I have to say I love it!

Had a few hiccups at the beginning but got them worked out with a few calls to support.  The real problem was I had downloaded the latest version of the sync software and it does not work with my phone in the USA.  So if you have sync problems check out the Aria site and download the program on that page which is revision or two back.

Beyond that it is a great phone.  The size is nice and small, the screen works well and looks good.  The camera has been great to use at work and with the wi fi option I can play games at home without chewing up my data time on the phone.

I have downloaded a few of the apps for it and they have worked well.  The GPS seems to be very accurate but I have had some issues with the compass but that may be my house interfearing with it.

I have to say I love the phone.  Now if they would just make the unlimited data plan more affordable I would be thrilled but even with the limited one it has worked out great for me.

TSA Agents are upset at public

Seems the TSA folks are posting on the net that they are upset with being called perverts, molesters, and worse by the public. . . .

Well, if the shoe fits folks. . . .

You want respect, treat us with respect, you work for US remember? 

The best one was the one that said " I shouldn't go home to cry after honorably serving my country" or something close to that. . . .


The TSA is not honorably serving our country folks,. they are living proof that the Fed is spitting on our Fourth Amendment!  They are failing in their oat to support and defend our Constitution.  There is no honor in groping a nun, or a six year old while you let all those boxes from the middle east get loaded onto the plane without checking them. . . .

The TSA is an embarrassment to us all and needs to go.

MASS - most dangerous state in the North East

Next time someone tells you Gun Control works remind them that Massachusetts is the most dangerous state in the Northeast.   . . .  Including New York and Pennsylvania.

You can read more on our latest shootings here

More proof that gun control only helps the criminals. . . ..

TSA Foolishness goes on - Pat Downs for everyone!

The people are upset, and we saw it during the last election and it is still going on, see HERE

This is insane!  The TSA is past it's time and we should de-fund, and abolish it to save money.  Folks the TSA has done nothing to keep us safe that we had not already been doing before 9/11.  They still don't stop the bombers from getting on board, they still don't check the packages loaded in cargo. . . ..

When will we wake up and do something?  This feel good crap is going to get someone killed.  We have been lucky so far that the plans ok and the terrorists were screw ups and didn't work.  One of these days the plan will be good and the terrorist will do it right . . . . .

Obama loves it, it keeps us in our place.  Another screw up by Obama, there is a surprise for ya.  He wouldn't know a good way to keep us safe if it hit him in the head. .  . he is a fool and way out of his league.

The government is supposed to be by the people and for the people, not to grope and molest the people. 

Congress it is up to you!  You have been told what we want, now act on it and show us all you learned something from the last election PLEASE!

If we want safety in the air then go to Israel and learn how they do it.  Stop trying to be politically correct and use profiling - IT WORKS!  Show us you are really trying to keep us safe and stop the foolishness that is the TSA.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


For those of you living in the free world who can mail order ammo check this out . . . . Wish I could order by mail to save a few bucks but I live in the Peoples Republic of MA, the most dangerous state in the NE and we can't do that. . . .

Here is the link. . . .

I personally like Sportsmans guide, just wish I could buy things like Mags and ammo from them. . . .

and ya in the interest of open info I did get paid for the link . . .

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ron Paul takes on the TSA

This is a great start. . . . I have also heard it suggested that we just cut all their funding, which also sounds like a good idea.  They have no oversite, this is a bad thing folks. . . .

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TSA Screening

I have to put in my two cents on the new TSA security game. . .  Folks, none of this stuff is doing a thing but making you FEEL safe.

As was mentioned on another blog, what do we do when they start using body cavities to store the explosives?  This search will not find it and we will lose a plane.  So what then?  Are we all going to get a free body cavity search with every flight?  Will we put up with it?

Folks, we are only marginally safer flying now than we were on 9/10/01.  The idea of arming pilots and reinforcing the cockpit door are great and work.  The rest is all for show.

We will not be safe until:

1 – We admit we are at war and act like it

2 – We learn from countries like Israel and use their procedures – and PROFILE

3 – Every able bodied person takes responsibility for their own safety

For number 3 I am not saying we let everyone on a plane have a gun.  But I do mean that if you are fit enough then you should know how to handle yourself in a fight.  Even if it is only the basics.  9/11 worked because most of the people had been trained to give in and no one gets hurt. . . . those days are over.  We need to know how to fight, and how to win.  A handful of attackers cannot win against a plane full of determined defenders.

And what comes next in the Security Theater?  I use myself as an example, sure, you have take away my "weapons" but I still have hands and feet and many years of martial arts training in multiple styles.  I am by no means disarmed.  When will I be deemed a threat by the powers that be and not allowed on a plane?  How will you know if you can let me on or not???

This whole thing is a no win game for us.  The Terrorists have won by making it impossible for us to travel, and costing us billions for no gain.  This is how we bankrupted the USSR folks with an arms race they could not win. . . . now the cave dwelling terrorists are bringing us down the same way.

It is time to wake up and admit that most of the money we throw at this is a waste and stop it.  Pay for better training in screening people and I mean PROFILING for trouble.  Also take some of the money you save on the BS and put more Air Marshals on the planes.  That will make us safer.  Then we can start looking at how to screen that luggage in the belly of the plane.  They tried to hit us there once and luck stopped them. . . they will try again

Most of all we need to admit life is only as safe as we can make it for ourselves.  We can't rely on others to keep us safe, and we are never 100% safe, it just won't ever be 100% - get over it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

What else can you say on a day like this but "THANK YOU"
If you like your country and way of life, thank a Vet
If you feel safe thank a Vet
If your family is safe, thank a Vet
For all I have I want to say Thank You to the Vets out there for keeping me and my family safe.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Day! II

Well once again MA proved that we are the stupid state.  I am ashamed to live here.  We actually had a good shot at getting a two party system here, lowering our taxes, and replacing a number of hacks. . . . .

And the sheep blew it.   Baa Baa Baa. . . .

We sent Barny Frank, one of the key players in our countries melt down back to DC. . . . never mind all the crap we did in our own state like keep the governor who raises taxes every six months. . .  yep, 8 tax increases in his first four years, can't wait to see what he has planned next.  And he is soft on crime and illegals too. . . .

I hate this state, but thanks to our governor our housing market sucks, taxes keep going up, and jobs are still hard to find no matter what they say about recovery.  I would love to move but can't.  I can't sell if I want to here. . . .  

Trapped like a rat on a sinking Democrat ship. . . .

But on the good side Obama is done with the Republicans control of the house.  Now they need to prove they learned to listen to the people by 2012. . . .

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Voting is HOT

Folks, the polls here in MA are PACKED!  even the poll workers say they have not seen this kind of turn out in years. . .  The official answer is we expect the biggest turn out since 1990 or so. . .
This is great!  Folks are waking up and getting involved which is always a good thing!

Election Day!

Go vote folks, vote out every socialist you can.  anyone incumbent must go!  Time to dump the Dems and the RINOs and start over.  Time to end tax and spend.  Time to close the borders.  Time to tell Obama we screwed up electing you and we will fix that now with real  hope and change. . . . . 

If you want America back for your kids then stand up now and vote them all out!  Obama and the gang hate us and our way of life.  He actually called us the enemy!!!  Time to tell him it is over, we want our country back!

Go show them you don't listen to their lies on the TV.  Keep your eyes out for the voter fraud that they will use to try to hold onto power and go VOTE!

And in Massachusetts, it is time to turn this state purple for a change. . . Vote out Barny and Deval and all their friends who have screwed us on every level.   TAX TAX TAX is all they do.  No more charge cards for the welfare set to buy TVs with, no more!  No more attacks on our rights!  Vote out Martha too and we can actually go after the corruption in the state house without her using the AG office to protect them. 

VOTE!  All our futures depend on it!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Media IS the Problem

Listening to Jim and Margery when I first got in the car this morning set me to screaming at the radio in 5 sec flat . . . They were discussing MA prop 3 that would cut the sales tax to 3% and how bad that would be.  They are supposed to be right and left, but really are like left and center left. . .  they totally buy into all the BS on how this is a bad thing to lower taxes.
But that is not what set me off.  What really got me going is Margery says "if it passes the legislature will not do it.  They will lower it to 5% and that would be OK". . . blink blink. . . ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS!!!!!
She is fine with the government ignoring the will of the people.  And she is the supposed Conservative on the show. . . . she buys into the Obama crap and the government knows best bull shit.
Folks like this need to go back to school or keep their mouth shut.  The government works for the people, not the other way around.  When the people vote on something, and it passes they are not supposed to ignore that.
When this prop passes they had better do it.  If they don't we need to note who ignored the will of the people and remove them.  Impeach them, vote them out I don't care but there has to be a legal means to remove the people in government who have forgotten their oaths and who is in charge. . . .
I still can't believe anyone would say it is OK for the legislature to ignore a vote by the people . . . . I think I will be pissed about this one all day. . . .

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Election day is coming - be ready for it!

Election day is coming quickly folks and for those of us in MA we have a chance to change things like I have never seen. . .  The Dems are on the ropes, we need to finish them off and make this a real two party state folks.  We can make some BIG changes if we do things right.

1 – Barney Frank – the guy that was a if not the major player in the housing crash.  He is fighting for his political life. . .  VOTE HIM OUT!  Remember all the back room deals and illegal activity he has been tied to . . . . prostitution ring run out of his house, telling us Fanny and Freddy were fine just before the collapse, Big ticket vacations paid for by the folks he is supposed to oversee for us. . . . ya, time to go Barney.

2 – Martha Coakly – our lovely Attorney General.  She lost to Scott Brown for Ted's old spot in the Senate.  Time to send her home.  This is the AG that told a dad who hit a guy groping his son in the men's room that we don't support self help here.  She is driving up the price of guns with her unconstitutional lists of guns that are OK to sell to us civilians in MA – Note the cops can buy anything they want cause they are better than us. . . . She is also the one that has repeatedly ignored calls for corruption investigations on Beacon Hill. . . So the FBI moved in and caught a few folks instead.  Sorry Martha you need a new job too. . .

3 – William Delahunt has seen the writing on the wall and is not running again. . . So the Dems have dug up all sorts of crap on Jeff Perry to try to keep the seat in Dem hands.  Lets look at the facts.  They accuse him of involvement in an illegal strip search of a 14 year old girl.  The fact is another officer was tried and convicted of the crime.  No action was taken against then officer Perry by the courts, or the police department where he worked.  He was found to not have been involved.  In fact there was not even a civil suit against him. . . Nothing at all because the facts showed he was not aware of the assault and did not take part in it in any way. . . . Nice try.  And this from the party that kept supporting Ted "drowned them in the back seat" Kennedy a known murderer.

4 – Deval Patrick our lovely governor who has overseen eight tax increases during his four years.  That is one every six months folks. . .  Don't know about you but I don't have the spare change to keep this up. . . His first acts on taking office?  He blew millions on redoing the governor office,  bought a new Cadillac Limo, and got his wife a secretary on state funds. . . . and let's not forget the friends he hired to fill positions at six figure pay that had been vacant for years. . .  .  then you can go on to look at the book deal he worked out instead of dealing with the casino issue, the support he has thrown behind former employers to keep them out of jail for fraud. . .  this guy is a mess. . . .One and Done Deval. . .

So lets go folks, time to vote out the socialists and remind them that they work for us the people, not the other way around.  I don't care about the party you represent – if you are not conservative, support the Constitution, and protect my rights I want you voted out of office.

Can't wait to vote next Tuesday!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bush on CNN

This is just sad

Seems the elections are just about a week away and all CNN and the Democrats have to do is ask about Bush and Cheney. . . . Sorry folks, they have been out of office for about two years now. . . what to they have to do with it?

This smells of total desperation to me.  The Dems have nothing to show for 4 years of running Congress and 2 years in the White House so all they can do is dig up the past and hope we don't notice. . . .

Well we have, and you are about to get dumped folks.  Can't wait to listen to all the excuses once the election is over and their god Obama has been rejected by the voters.  We are going to turn this country around, and that means we dump the old ways and the old parties. . . and put some real conservatives in office.  Dump the Dems and the RINOS that got us into this mess and get it fixed!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

the monster strikes again

Well I was wondering what to do for the afternoon.  My son who is 3 decided that the fish needed some clumping kitty litter added to their tank. . . . along with a few blocks, and some toilet paper. . . . .

I am still amazed at how fast he can get into things. 

Took my oldest daughter and I a good hour or tow to save the fish, empty and clean the tank, and refill it.  I also managed to break the heater after burning a basket with it. . . I had pulled it out of the tank and put it in the basket and forgot to unplug it. . . . man do those get hot. . . .

So an expensive trip to the pet store and we have a new heater, some water cleaner and stuff to get the tank going again.  The fish have been moved back in and now I have to watch to make sure the ammonia level does not get too high as the tank gets re-established. . . .

My son is making up for everything my daughters did not do growing up. . . I am too old for this crap. . . .

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deval Patrick

Only in MA. . .

Deval has some nice new ads out that do a great job of showing how Baker is a bad guy. . . . seems he turned around the health care company he worked for and saved and created jobs . . .

Only in MA is this a bad thing. . . .

Can't wait to see Patrick voted OUT!

Jeff Perry

Only in Massachusetts is this able to happen.  Jeff Perry who is well on the way to being the next 10 district rep from Massachusetts is being attacked by the left for old news.

They are trying to pin him with being guilty of strip searching a 14 year old girl. or being part of it anyway.  They have nothing else to use. . . . well here are the facts -

  • Then Officer Perry was never charged by the DA with anything
  • Officer Perry did not get any punishment from the department
  • Officer Perry was not sued in civil court either
  • A second officer was charged, and found guilty of the attack, by the name of Flanagan
Jeff Perry has already explained all this.

And to think we kept putting that murderer Ted Kennedy back in office but they will try to ruin Jeff for something he did not do. .. . Only in MA

Obama's health care

Well it has started, the rates are going up again. . . .

And my HR was nice enough to show us why.  Two words - Obama Care

All these neat new regs they passed mean that my HSA account won't cover as much
My rates are going up to pay for all those extra people they now have to cover
My company is passing the increase on to me like they all will by cutting what they pay into my HSA by half and raising the % I pay for the basic bill.

Thanks Obama.  Once again the Dems have screwed the average American.

Remember in November folks, a vote against a Democrat is a vote against Obama, Government spending and waste, and this foolish new Health Care Law that will bankrupt us. . ..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Obama on Mythbusters. . ..

Tam hits one out of the park with her post on this HERE

I look forward to seeing what they do with this one but I am a bit bummed out that Adam and Jamie would stoop to this crap.  They may lose a few points with me on this one. . . . .  Although the idea Obama is a God would be a great myth for them to crack. . . . .

Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Good News

Looks like Deval is blowing it in the debates. . . .

Read it HERE

Vote the Dems out in November!

Obama gets Heckled in MA!

Read it HERE

Looks like even the moonbats are turning on Obama.  This can't be good for the Dems when the looney left is even bailing on Obama and going after him. . .

I only hope he does as much for Patrick as he did for Martha. . .. we need Patrick to go - Maybe Obama can finish him off for us. . . . .

Throw out the bums in November

Republican Rally in MA????

Yes there was, at 8 AM on a Saturday. . .  I was there and so were a bunch of other folks.  At least a hundred or so waving signs and listing to the candidates. 

The best part?  This was early on a weekend morning when folks want to sleep in.  And I was not the only one that was a first timer there. . .  .  This all looks good for the Republicans and bad for the Dems.  The voters are all riled up, and they want new faces on Beacon Hill.  That means they are looking to toss the Dems. .  .

So looking at this I can see all sorts of trouble for the Dems in November.  I never thought I would see that size rally in old Blue State Massachusetts especially on a weekend morning at 8 AM. .. . Maybe we will take another big step toward having a second party here in MA

We can do this folks, we are doing this folks!  Remember to vote in November and we can bring Real Change to MA!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Obama out to get the vote

So CNN is running on it's news ticker that Obama is out trying to stir up the youth vote for Novembers election. . .  seems he is a bit afraid they won't show up - maybe he thinks he can't fool them twice?
I want to know what he is telling them. .  .
"show up and vote for us because we already spent your future"
"vote Dem because we already own you"
or maybe
"show up and vote because I will do something eventually"
or how about
"Vote Dem because Bush did it. . . I just work here. . . "
I can't wait for this election.  everything is pointing to the bums getting tossed in mass.  This is a great thing!  We need to keep the folks in DC on their toes, and remind them it is not a life time job!
We will see if we can pull this off.  If we do, Obama is DONE and he knows it.  And America will have taken her first steps back from the edge. . . .
The Dems have been saying there will be more done if the Republicans win seats because they will work together, they have to. . . I hope not!  I am not voting Republican to send them there to work with the Dems, I am sending them to DC to STOP OBAMA and his attack on our way of life.  That simple.  If the Republicans are listening to the voters they know that is their job when they get to DC.  If they go RINO on us we will just vote them out in 2 years. . . .

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Guns on TV

You know we are winning over hearts and minds when you see a Henry Arms commercial on TV when watching Airwolf on a local MA station.

I also have to say that watching Spike TV this morning and their Concealed Carry show has lots of good Ruger Arms ads too. . . .

This is good - Gun ads should be all over the TV just like any other Hobie or sports equipment or anything else that it is our RIGHT to own. . . .

Saturday, September 25, 2010

John Kerry is Clueless

Once again Kerry shows how he really feels about us. . . .

And it is not good - You can read it HERE

Good Old Fool Kerry thinks that voters don't get it - that is why we are upset with the Dems.  He is so out of touch with the working class he has no idea what is going on.

Senator let me clue you in.  WE GET IT.  We understand the following:
  • The Dems have been running Congress for FOUR years
  • The Dems are looking to raise our taxes and fees
  • The Dems are spending money we don't have on programs we don't want
  • The Dems are taking over things like the Auto Industry
  • The Dems and Barny Frank caused the housing bubble and burst
  • The Dems like Illegal immigration and support it
  • The Dems are weak on defense and protecting us
Sorry John, we get it, that is the problem for you . . . .

Katie Perry on Sesame Street

I must admit I am already sick of the Katie Perry with Elmo on Sesame Street. Folks want to blame her for the outfit and PBS has tossed her under the bus.

Sorry folks, I don’t see it. You are going to tell me that no one at PBS can say no to the outfit before they did the shoot? I don’t buy it. Someone at Sesame Street said OK lets film it.

So let it go folks. Get mad at the right folks, the one who OK’s the filming not Katie.

And no, I am not a fan of hers I am just sick of PBS and NPR getting away with this crap and tossing other folks under the bus for their decisions. . . . .

Friday, September 24, 2010

Comedy Central in DC - Steve Colbert in the house. . .

I hope the Dumocrats choke on this publicity stunt.

The fools in DC have once again shown that this is all a joke to them. They brought in a comedian to a Congressional hearing as an “expert witness”. . . . . .

Yes, you read that right. Steven Colbert from Comedy Central was in DC today to make a mockery of the meetings on immigration reform. Watch the news for a few clips of him making an ass out of himself.

I don’t know where to start. I hope folks remember the stunt in November and vote them all out. We need folks in DC that take the job seriously. . . ..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Disclose Act

OK folks, they are at it again. 
The Disclose act is being brought back because the Dems can't take NO for an answer when it comes to silencing free speech.
Write or call your Senator TODAY to tell them to vote against it!  They will stop at nothing this year to try to keep control.  And if they do we are all in trouble, and not just our Second Amendment.  This act will make it much harder to get the word out about an Incumbent and his/her voting record.
So lets make sure the incumbents don't get a free ride - CALL OR EMAIL TODAY!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Looks like we did it! early results show the write in worked and Jim McKenna will run against Coakly :-D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Remember folks, go vote!
Please support James McKenna as a write in to run as Republican against Martha Coakly. . . Ya, she is unopposed if we don't get someone on there.  The Republican party of MA goofed again on this one.
And if you are in the 10th district where Delahunt is stepping down please back Jeff Perry.
Both these guys have great ratings from GOAL and if they support gun rights then they support your rights. . . .
GO VOTE - put an incumbent out of work!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Remeber Tuesday to vote in MA!

Folks remember the primaires on Tuesday and get out and VOTE

Millbury lawyer to run against Coakley

Attorney General Martha Coakley may have a Republican opponent after all. Ms. Coakley, a Democrat, has been running unopposed because the state Republican Party did not nominate anyone to challenge her in November even though she was seen as vulnerable because of her dramatic loss to U.S. Sen. Scott Brown in the January special election.

But now Millbury lawyer James P. McKenna, 49, a longtime Central Massachusetts GOP activist, says he will mount a serious write-in campaign for the Sept. 14 primary to try to get on the Nov. 9 general election ballot.

Mr. McKenna will need 10,000 write-in votes to make the ballot. He said he plans to buy stickers with his name on them so voters can affix them to ballots in the primary.

So folks we need to get out the vote, pass this on to whomever you can so we can make this work. We need to get rid of Martha, then we can work on getting rid of the approved gun roster and all that BS.

GO McKenna!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Three Things About Islam

An interesting take on things but a bit simplified I think. . .

If you take this at face value than yes, we will never have peace with the Islamic world.  But we forget that the Christians went through a period of the same kind of turmoil and this leads to the crusades.

I think in time they will come to realize that the book may be the word of God but it was still written by a man and can have errors.  Eventually they will see that they need to follow God's word and live in peace with the rest of the world.

Many have already seen this but there is much more to do.  Their leaders must push to end the fighting and terrorism.  I am not sure they are ready to do that yet.  Shara law will never work and they need to learn that.  Based on strict interpretation of the Quran they can not be American and Muslim - Shara law is against much of what we hold dear.  I think they can make the change as the Christians did.  It will take time and until then we must be prepared to fight.

They need to know that the choice is to move into the modern world and live in peace or to die fighting us.  Many will chose to die as we have seen.  This does not mean we should give in!  It is their choice to fight and die, we need to be ready for them and to protect ourselves.  And pray that some day they will wake up to reason. . . . .

Have You Forgotten?

Remember what today is about. . . .

Friday, September 10, 2010

Progressive Quiz

All the cool kids are doing it:

my score 117/400

I am very conservitive. . . surprise. . . .

Take the quiz HERE

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Arguments I don't want to be in. . . .

The one my wife and daughters had today on which is worse,  being rather flat chested (wife and younger daughter) vs not being flat chested (older daughter) and having back problems when you get older. . . . I really don't want to hear any of this. . . .

Disney Day One

Made it to Disney almost intact.  They lost my younger daughters luggage.  Thank God we did get it back.  The tags got pulled off it.  They ID'd it by the blue stuffed fish she had brought . . . . we should have it in the morning. . ..

Got to see Illuminations this evening after the rain. . .

Got caught in the rain and we would have been drier if we fell in the pool. . . but hey, a bad day at Disney is still better than a good day at work. . . .

Also got into Disney Studios for a bit and did Rock'n Roller coaster and Star Tours so it was a great start to the vacation. . .

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Democrats, the party of Yesterday. . .

Looks like the Dems new ad is all Bush. . . .

Seems they have forgotten he is not in charge any more. . . . .

more from CNN here

I hope they keep this up, it will be hard for even the Republicans to screw up this election if the Dems keep rolling out Bush crap. . . .

Some folks want to be MORE equal than others

This story makes me sick.  Someone should tell her to shut the F up.

This woman has worked for Disney for a few years, and knew what the dress code was to work there.  Now she is suing them because she is Muslim and wants to wear her head scarf.  I have family that worked for them.  They make it very clear before you join what the rules are including dress code.  You don't like them don't take the job.  It is that simple.

Sorry, this should be tossed out of court and the judge should laugh at her when he does it.

Folks, Disney is a PRIVATE company and you work for them by CHOICE and you know the rules when you join.  You don't like them you can go work someplace else.  You have NO RIGHT to tell Disney or any other private company what they can have as a dress code for things like this. 

I really don't see how she can dare to suddenly want to sue them after two years of not wearing it.  She did fine for two years what happened?  I think she finally smelled money and figured she would try for some.

Lets get this straight folks.  The US Constitution is between the GOVERNMENT and the PEOPLE.  It does not say anything about what anyone else can or can not do.  Private business can legally do what it wants.  You don't like it then don't patronize them or work for them.  If enough folks agree with you then they will change or let them go out of business.

So all I can tell this person is congrats on your new citizenship.  Learn to deal with life.  Suck it up like the rest of us or work someplace else or go back to where you came from.  We don't need more whiners here.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Latest builds

Here are a few photos of the latest build.  The Cobra is not the best looking but was the only 1/48 one I could find. . ..

First we will start with the Mosquito - a plywood bomber/recon aircraft. . ..

Next we have the Komet - the first rocket fighter.  Had a good 10 minuets or so of powered flight. . . . but the fastest thing in the sky for that 10 minutes.

And the Cobra - early model.  Not the best for details but they don't make many of these kits so they are hard to find in 1/48 scale

Biden puts foot in mouth again

CNN it telling us not to worry, Biden says the Dems will keep the House and Senate. . . .  I wonder where he gets the drugs?

With all the damage they have done in Congress with Dem control for the last 4 years, and now with Obama spending like a drunken sailor (my apologies to drunken sailors) he actually thinks they will win?


Folks on both sides are pissed off at the growth of government.  They are out of work and see no end to this recession (and it is a depression folks face it).  They have no answer but to spend more of the money you don't have to "fix it" which means pay off their buddies.

I think November will be quite the wake up for them. . . . I hope they stay fat dumb and happy until then, it will make voting them out much easier. . .

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blogger issues

Got some of the folks I met at the latest blogger shoot added to the rolls but I can't get Mopar or Zercool on to the list.  Blogger is having issues I think and I will keep trying but it was good to meet you all!

Sales Tax Holiday

Woke up this morning to the news folks all patting the Governor on the back for our MA sales tax holiday weekend.  It is an election year, so we had the holiday this year that we could not afford last year they tell us.  Heck, we can't afford it this year according to the state budget but they need the votes don't they.

Anyway they are all out there telling us how we boosted sales in all these stores, and saved our 6.25% sales tax.

Well it is a good  thing they don't push the facts.  Things I want to see before I call this anything but smoke and mirrors -

1 - Show me how we increased sales and didn't just pull them in or put them off for a few weeks to buy on this weekend instead of last week or next week when we would have to pay a tax.

2 - Show me how much we increased sales along the NH border where they don't have a sales tax all year if they drive to NH.

This is all BS.  Sales will be great this weekend.  I bet sales sucked last week and will for the next few weeks.  This kind of game does not create sales, it just condenses when they are made.  Folks are not buying anything they would not have bought anyway folks, they are just all doing it on the same weekend so they get the break.

I know we didn't buy anything we would not have bought anyway over the next few weeks for the kids to go to school.

All smoke and mirrors to buy votes for the fools on Beacon Hill.  Just like the Fed auto and home sales programs, when it is over the market will slump and make up for it.  If you look at sales over the month or months around this event to smooth the numbers you won't see any changes.

So go out and shop, and if you buy into they hype all I can tell you is "baaa baaa"

For the rest of us, go, buy, and vote them out in November.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Obama DOES want your guns

Saw THIS over at Say Uncles. . ..

What it all boils down to is this.  South Korea wants to sell a bunch of their M1 Garands and Carbines to the US civilians.  US shooters want the guns.  Obama's administration has put up roadblocks to prevent the sales.

These guns are part of our history, given to the Koreans after the war to help them defend themselves.  They don't need them and could use the money from selling them to us.  Many collectors and shooters here would be glad to buy one or more of these historic guns, , ,   Big Brother Obama says no.

SO next time you hear the BS that Obama does not want to take your guns remember this story.  He won't move at them moment because he fears the gun lobby and thinks he has a chance to get re-elected.  He can prevent many of us from getting  a gun we would love to own, a piece of American history and he is doing it.

If God help us he does get re-elected you can bet he will do all he can to not only prevent you from getting a gun, he will take what you have too.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kid Fun

Well just got the youngest to bed.  I kept saying bed?  and he would say bed and move closer to the stairs.  Once I said OK, bed.  Well, that was not good enough. . . he wanted a ride to bed so he climbed up on the couch and gets on my back with his arms around my neck.  He then proudly announces "backpack on" and sits there waiting for me to move. 

And yes, he got his ride up to bed. . . .

What can I say, he is 3 and knows what he wants. . . .

Friday, August 6, 2010


65 years ago today man entered the age of atomic war. . . .
And Hiroshima became the first target in the quest to end the war in the Pacific.  It was something that had to be done to end a long and bloody war and I say we were right in doing it.  Compare one city (ok, two) to the millions on both sides along with the massive destruction of Japan if we had invaded. . . .
Here is to remembering all those on both sides that day. . . . May we never see another like it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kagan on the SCOTUS

Not much to say, it is a clean wash if you ask me.  We lost one socialist and gained a new one.  She will not support our Constitution and will help the Fed limit our rights.

I am disappointed that the Republicans did not work harder to stop this. . . . .

Glasses surprise

Went out glasses shopping last night as I am now officially old and need new glasses with bi-focals. . .

Got quite a shock up at BJ's.  I was pricing a new pair of glasses at the eye docs and WITH insurance the glasses were about $270 and the sunglasses were about $420. . .  Total about $690. . .  So I said OK, let me look around and get back to you. 

I should have known there was a problem the way the sales person kept telling me to make sure I compare apples to apples, and that they had the lowest cost. . . . that is not a good sign folks.  Anyway I go to BJ's which is where I got my current glasses and give him the script and tell him what I want.  In a few moments and the wife's help I have picked out frames and all and we are done. . .  Total cost for both pairs of glasses - $270.

Kinda makes you wonder how some people stay in business when their costs are that much off. . . .

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Connecticut Gunman

I am having a hard time with the shooting in Connecticut.  I am really getting sick of watching the news folks at CNN and the Boston Globe try to make the shooter out as a sympathetic character.
Lets play the race card shall we?  Had he been a white shooter all you would hear about is the gun and the tragedy and the families who lost folks, the things you should hear.  This is a tragedy, and the people you should feel for are the shooters victims and their family's.  But no, the news is pushing some form of racial harassment that pushed him over the edge, like he was a saint and all.
One problem here folks, the union has no record of any complaints from him on harassment.  The government has no record of him filing any harassment issues. . .  What we do have is a film of him stealing from the employer. . . .
Now around here that is grounds to fire you - end of story.  But no, they were nice to him and tried to help him.  They were going to let him resign so it would not look bad on his record.  How did he thank them?  He killed 8 people.
This is the problem we have in society right now.  Minorities are taught to look for racism and use that as an excuse for their actions.  Sorry, there is no excuse for this persons actions.  HE made the choice to steal, HE made the choice to shoot people that HE FELT had insulted/disrespected him.  HE did not report it or take proper action if there was harassment against him.  HE decided to deal with it with violence instead of legal action.  We are supposed to be civilized - HE did not act civilized.
No, he is not a sympathetic character and even if they do prove the raciest comments I will still say he is the bad guy.  He is the one that took multiple lives instead of addressing this as a civilized person through legal means.  He does not deserve the respect he is getting in the news, they should portray him for what he is, a killer.  This killer and people like him continue to prove that lawful citizens must have the right to carry arms to protect themselves from the thugs of the world who care nothing for our laws or lives if they don't FEEL like obeying them or FEEL you disrespected them.  I will also bet that this was supposed to be a gun free zone, so he went in there breaking the rules to start with and probably had this planned out.
I will give my sympathy to the families of those this animal killed.  They are the victims here and they need our support now.

Illegal Alien kills Nun

Yep,  you got it right. . .  CNN is even covering it HERE.

Now you bleeding harts tell me again why we are so nice to the Illegals who break into our country and break our laws?

Obama Clinton?

Lets hope CNN is right on this one and they won't do it because he could actually win with Hillary on the ticket. . . It would be the same mistake all over - folks backing Obama just to make history and to hell with if he can do the job. . . .

Stick with Biden please - either way we need to get folks moving to insure he is a one and done fool.

Obamacare goes DOWN

Finally some common sense. . .

As reported on CNN HERE the good folks in old Missouri have woken up from the kool aid and told Obama to take his health care law and stuff it.  You don't need to have health insurance in good old MO! 

I hope this is the start of a major wave to remove him and his socialist medical laws out of DC and our lives.  Heck even the UK is starting to go back to private medical insurance like we had now that they are rationing care over there. . . .

Folks need to wake up!  Socialism don't work, never did, never will.

I am now OLD

Well, I was going to post something last night but I had my yearly eye doc appointment and they did the test with the eye drops so I could not see anything close up the rest of the night. . . .

I am now officially old.  I was told that yes, you can read at 20 20 but we really suggest bi-focals for you.  And I had to admit that they did seem to make things up close a lot clearer.  And since I am getting back into building my models which as you can imagine is a lot of small up close work I am going to go for it. . . .

Whomever came up with the getting old idea sucked. . . . but on the other side the guy that came up with progressive lenses so your bi-focals don't show was a genius!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Obama vs Bush

Something to add to the list of things I never thought I would here on CNN. . . .
" Pres Obama was back on the campaign trail the way he talked today, and it seemed like he was campaigning against George Bush. . "
wow, when even CNN starts to admit you keep pushing Bush even though he has been out of office for over a year now you have got to wonder.  I am starting to have some hope that the media is losing it fascination with the big O and that would be great for the November elections. . . .
I just hope Obama and team don't wake up to the fact that Bush is not running this time. . . the rest of the country seems to be waking up to that fact and it makes them look a bit behind the times. . .

Monday, August 2, 2010

Blogger Shoot 2010

Well the blogger shoot is over and all that is left is to buy new ammo and clean the boom sticks. . .

Had a great time and met a number of new folks, some even bloggers = )

I will be updating the bloggers I met list and all that good stuff this week.  Lissa and JayG have some good photos and info on the shoot on their blogs, you really need to go and read them over.

As for me, I have to say that my oldest and I had a great time.  I did most of my shooting with the black powder I have.  I did get a chance to try a fully suppressed fully auto .22. . . and so did my daughter.  I have to say it was fun.  It sounded like an old electric typewriter with a key stuck and boy did it go through 25 rounds fast.   Lots of fun!

The shoot stated out with the normal cannon shot, here is a good shot of Jay lining it up. . . minutes of berm my ass. . . .

We had the normal paper targets, some water filled coke bottles and such but the star of the day was ol' hello kitty. . . it went down with a good fight but it did lose.  At the end there were so many through and through that it was stuck to the backstop and didn't need the hanger any more. . . .

I also got to spend a good amount of time talking to the folks, met another Mason there, and made a bunch of new friends.  You know it is funny but the folks are so good to talk to at times the shooting gets in the way. . . (just kidding)

We also got to see a couple of pieces of history, an old Japanese machine gun, and a nice recoil-less rifle. . . photos below. . ..

This was really cool to see in person.  It helps that I am a WWII history nut. . . .

When all was said and done another great blogger shoot.  Great to see all the folks again and can't wait to get to the next one. . . . all those folks, all those guns, and we all had a good time and no one got hurt. . . . so much for blood in the street like the anti's talk about. . .

The Beautiful People

It must be nice to be one of the beautiful people in California. . . Lindsay Lohan was given 90 days in jail in relation to her drunk driving. . .She is out in less than two weeks. . . That would be less than 14 days. . .
14 is MUCH less than 90. . .
I am sure you or I would get the same deal right?  Right?  Why are you looking at me funny?
And they wonder why we have such crime problems. . . .

Bloogershoot 2010

Blogger shoot update is coming!  I promise.   My daughter got a bunch of good photos of the shoot and I need to do a report on it but by the time I got home last night it was just too late.  Look for update tonight and an update on Bloggers I Met while there as we did have a few new faces.

 It was funny, I mainly shot my black powder and spent more time hanging around talking than shooting, but had a great time.  Once again it was proven that gunnys are good folks!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Self Deporting. . .

Proof on CNN that the AZ law works.

This is also a story of the damage we do to them by letting them live here and set up a life.  We need to get more laws like this passed and get them out of our country, the sooner the better.

We don't want to be cruel but we don't want them here either.  If you can't obey our laws and come here legally then we don't want you.  It really is that simple folks. . . .  If you hurt yourself and others in the process that is your fault, not ours.  Think of it as karmic justice for breaking into our country in the first place.

Arizona Debate

Watching the debate on CNN. . ..  the illegals are whining that the law is unjust and they should be allowed to stay after all the work they did to break into our country to start with. . .
Sorry folks, I still say the AZ law is a good one as it will drive them out of the country with no extra work or spending on our part.  The cops will do what they are supposed to by Federal Law, that being enforcement of the Federal Law on immigration.
I would like to see things go to the next level.  I want to see harsh punishment to anyone who can be shown to knowingly employ or house or rent to an illegal alien.  Make it so they can't live here.  And for all those sanctuary cities that want to help them break our laws how about this - sure, you can be a sanctuary city but we will cut all federal funding to you for anything and everything as long as you fail to enforce the law of the land.  May even go to saying companies in these cities can not get federal contracts.  Lets see how they do when all those nice big employers move out. . .
That should wake up a few hippies.

Arizona loss it a blow to our rights

Well folks they have put the teeth of the Arizona law on hold.  This is why it is important to keep the liberals out of the White House.  The judge who stopped things was a Clinton appointee. 

This judge has single handedly put all of Arizona and the US at risk by not stopping the illegal's.   AZ and TX have shown that they are being overrun with Illegal aliens through the southern border, because of the Feds failure to enforce the law.  AZ is dealing with crime, kidnappings and other issues that until now we have only heard about happening in Mexico.  We have put our fellow citizens at risk by allowing this to happen.

 And please note, there is no such thing as "undocumented worker" in the law, there is only legal and illegal aliens.  End of story folks.  If you didn't come here legally then I am all for anything we can do to make you go home.  If we can make it impossible for you to survive here - and by that I mean we make it so you can't get a job, food, housing, cloths, than all the better.  If the illegals can't get any of that here they will go home on their own, we won't have to lift a finger to find them or sent them home.  Heck, there were already sob stories in the press on the Illegals leaving AZ due to the law, so it was working. . . guess that is why Obama and friends hated it.

 This shows how Obama will not only be a disaster now, but for years to come as the judges he appoints have lifetime jobs. . . And lets not forget Obama has his own family members living in Boston MA as illegals. . . ya, he supports the Constitution he swore to uphold. . .

 Remember in November folks. . . .

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Gun a Month is failing in MA

Never thought I would see it but the tide must surly be turning when even MA can see that a one gun a month law will not stop or even dent crime. . .
According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the significant drop in crime that began in the mid-1990's coincided with more guns being in private possession and more restrictive gun laws being taken off the books.
And as folks wake up and tell the folks on Beacon Hill to vote no on this what does our lovely Governor do?  Blames the gun lobby.
Sorry Gov, it is the people waking up, not the gun lobby that is stopping this bill.  It is happening all over the USA, and it has come to MA.  Next will be voting you out. . .
See ya in November!

There is hope!

You are 6% hippie.
Ok, you conservative soul. Do you even believe in global warming? Loosen that necktie a little, and try some organic food. It actually does taste better. And go to a farmer's market--they're fun.

Are you a hippie?
Take More Quizzes

Not too bad I guess

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Northeast Blogger Shoot

OK almost all set for the NE Blogger shoot.  I got ammo, but I still need more .223 for the day.  My daughter is all set to go, and I am psyched to go and see the folks again.

All I need to do now is to go over the guns and make sure they are all clean and ready for the day.

Should be a good day.  I hope I remember to bring the skeet this time, they are still sitting in the back of my car from last  year. . .. I took the truck and forgot them in the car  = (

I need to get some time on a 1911 this year if I can talk someone into letting me borrow one. .  .  Also going to see if anyone has good holster ideas for my Makarov.  I have a soft IWB but would like to get something a bit better. . .

Should be fun!  Now if we just have a good weather report I will be all set.

North Korea threats and noise

Looks like North Korea is now threatening to use it's nukes over war games that the US and South Korea have planed.

This guy is a nut, plane and simple.  This is also exactly why we need to do all we can to keep nuts like Iran from getting nukes too.  They are children playing with live guns - not a good idea.  Why do we put up with this crap?

Someone please tell me why we have not "arranged" for an end to Kim's rule of North Korea a long time ago??  We need to let the CIA do what needs to be done and set up an accident for this loon.  He is a danger to not only his own people but world peace.  Time to end it folks.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hey Mexico!

Just saw a bit on CNN on how Mexico and 10 other countries don't like Arizona's new law.
Guess what?  WHO CARES!
Quick bit of trivia for you folks in Mexico - you don't make the laws in the USA!
And despite what Obama is telling you (which is BS by the way) the majority of the folks here back the law.  Hell, we want more states to pick up on it.
And for the CNN fluff piece on the poor undocumented folks leaving AZ because of the law?  GO HOME!  That is what the law is for! 
And for CNN, they are not "undocumented" they are ILLEGAL here!  If they were here legally there would be no issues.
And the left wonders why main stream America don't like them. . . .

You know it's going to be a bad day. . ..

When on your way out the door to work you find bits and pieces of your X-Wing fighter model on the floor. . .  that should be in the closed cabinet you display them in. . . .
Seems my son (who is 3) got into my model case and got the guns off the model.  I found a trail of parts from the room my models are in into the play room.  I managed to find all but one part before I had to leave for work. . . guess what I am looking for tonight??
To top it off while looking for model bits I noticed he had pushed out the screen on the window in the room too.  And no, it was not outside under the window.  I found it after a bit of searching in the back yard by the play set. . . . (for the record, it is a first floor window and no he does not try to get out)
I swear this kid will be the death of me. . . . and if you catch him doing any of this he gets the best cute and Innocent look you have ever seen, you just can't stay upset at him.
Well, we will see where the day goes from here. . .

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My letter to our State Reps. . .

Once again our great governor is going for the cheap and meaningless laws to attack lawful gun owners and get press coverage without doing anything about gun crime. . . if you live in MA you need to contact the House Ways and Means committee to ask them to vote no.  Here is what I sent in. . . . .
I am writing to ask that you vote against bill 4102 which has been miss-labeled "An Act to Reduce Firearm Violence".
If this bill becomes law it will do nothing to prevent any firearm violence, and will do a lot to further restrict the rights of legal, permit holding gun owners in our state.  Time and again this group of people have had their rights restricted by these gun laws, even though studies have shown they are some of the most law abiding folks in the state/country.
This law says it will restrict straw purchases. . . they are already illegal at the Federal level.  Lets enforce the laws we already have on the books instead of adding to them.
It also restricts gun purchases by LAWFUL GUN OWNERS to one a month.  Why?  Do we really have that many multiple sales?  I doubt it.  And if we did, how many are really multiple sales that are straw purchases?  if we know it is a straw purchase then arrest the person under existing laws and put them in jail.
Our state has some of the harshest gun laws in the country even though there is no proof that any of them do a thing to reduce gun crimes.  Criminals by definition do not follow the law.  They do not have gun permits, many are already prohibited persons as far as even handling a gun, and they sure as heck don't buy their guns legally.  Why do we think another law will make a difference?
Gun owners in this state are treated as second class citizens.  Another law to restrict them will do nothing to prevent gun crime, and will further open up our state to costly legal challenge in the courts.  The Supreme Court of the USA has said the Second Amendment is a personal right to self defense - please don't work against our rights.  We already have laws that will be challenged with the latest McDonald ruling costing us money to defend in court and will probably lose.  Money we don't have and should be spent on more important things like our roads and schools.
Please, this bill does nothing but further harm lawful gun owners in this state.  It does not add any laws to the books that will prevent gun crime, but it does duplicate some we already have.
There are plenty of issues that need to be addressed to help our state at this point - Jobs, Taxes, paying for Health Care, attracting businesses to our great state.  Please don't waste your time on an issue that is all about press coverage and nothing about a real problem that needs to be fixed.
Vote NO on H4102 and show the people you support our civil rights!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Coakly gets a Challenge from McKenna!

Folks, here is the latest news fresh from Marooned and JayG. . . Even though the Republicans dropped the ball here in MA we may still have a chance to dump Martha!
Millbury lawyer to run against Coakley
Attorney General Martha Coakley may have a Republican opponent after all. Ms. Coakley, a Democrat, has been running unopposed because the state Republican Party did not nominate anyone to challenge her in November even though she was seen as vulnerable because of her dramatic loss to U.S. Sen. Scott Brown in the January special election.
But now Millbury lawyer James P. McKenna, 49, a longtime Central Massachusetts GOP activist, says he will mount a serious write-in campaign for the Sept. 14 primary to try to get on the Nov. 9 general election ballot.
Mr. McKenna will need 10,000 write-in votes to make the ballot. He said he plans to buy stickers with his name on them so voters can affix them to ballots in the primary.
So folks we need to get out the vote, pass this on to whomever you can so we can make this work.  We need to get rid of Martha, then we can work on getting rid of the approved gun roster and all that BS.
GO McKenna!

Electoral College under fire

I have see this one on and over at JayG's Marooned.

Isn't it nice that our lovely state of MA is once again making your
vote not count?? You see they want to pass a law to bypass our
Constitutional process and the Electoral College. It would be
replaced with mob rule – that is whomever wins the popular vote in the
US would get all the Mass electoral votes even if they lost the state.

And yes, I am sure they will repeal the law if a Republican wins the
popular vote.

Now folks, our founding fathers put together a finely crafted system
for us to elect the President. They did this after much thought and
discussion on how it would work and be fair for not only the populous
states but the small states too. I think they did a good job at it –
Hell, I trust them more than the fools we have in office now looking
for the power grab of the day. We should not change this without
realizing that it will make MA a meaningless state.

You see if we go by the popular vote then the major population centers
will pick the POTUS and the rest of us can sit and spin if we don't
like it. You will be lucky to see if the candidates even bother to
stop by to say HI since we have already told them we don't care and
will vote with the herd. This is bad for the country and bad for MA.

The only folks this is good for is the Dems trying to stuff the ballot
box and fix the elections for the least cash the can spend. Since MA
and many other states won't count any more they won't have to waste
time and money to campaign here.

So once again I say way to go MA leaders. You really know how to screw us good!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mass Health Care is Failing

Well it has started, you can read about it HERE if you want.

What we have is what we were all warned about but they passed universal health care anyway, here and nationally.  Now the cost has not gone down, it went up.  Now companies can not afford to offer insurance to their workers so they are cutting out private insurance and telling them to go join the state program. . . .

Know what?  The state is starting to panic because it does not have the money for all the new people it will have to cover.  It will bust our budget in MA.

Guess what comes next . . . . . Rationing of the health care to keep the cost down.  Oh they won't call it that but that is what will happen.  So when they decide you are too old or too young to make it worth it you don't get health care.

Another Dem Socialist plan that failed.  The problem is they are going to take us all down with them.

In November not only do we need to get the Dems out of power in Congress, but take the warning from MA, and we need to undo the national health care failure they passed.  We are going down the road to our own destruction, don't let Obama get away with it!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Illegals in the US

Seems some folks in UT have released a government list of illegals and now they are in trouble for it.

Let me think here. . . I thought the government said they can't get rid of all the illegals in the country because we can't find them, we don't know who they are so it would cost too much.

This seems to say you not only know who they are you have lists of them and where to find them. . . so why is ICE not picking these folks up and sending them home?  Someone please explain that one to me will ya?

All I see is a Democrat Congress and POTUS that are unwilling to enforce our laws and kick these folks out.  So much for Support and Defend the Constitution like they promised eh?

Election Fines for Biden

As seen HERE the FEC has fined Joe Biden for spending violations in the last election. . . he says no problem this is normal. . .

So he admits that it is normally to violate the rules during the elections, it is all good as long as you win right Joe?

Now can we see the background on Obama, his birth certificate so we can end that foolishness, and I want to see the Black Panthers convicted for tampering with the election which we all know they did, we have the film.  Obama is protecting them so they can do it again.  This is not going anywhere good folks. . . .

Remember all this in November and throw the bums out - or in Obama's case, end his ability to screw us by taking away Congress.  A Republican Congress is not the best, but at least it will stop Obama. . . .

The Royal Family

Just saw a news report on the English Royal Family and how they have to cut back. . .

Seems they have laid off staff, cut back on the summer parties and buying computers and such. . . they still spend over  a million a year on the summer parties. . ..  Oh ya, and they are only patching the palace roof instead of replacing it and the decorating budget has been cut by 1/3. . .

Somehow I find it hard to feel sorry for the Queen and her millions when I have not seen a raise in almost three years, and my wife and I both have to work. . . .

Nope - no feelings of sorry for her at all. . .

Friday, July 16, 2010

NAACP vc. Tea Party

Caught the NAACP rant on CNN today. Seems they think that the Tea
Party is racist. As apposed to the Black Panthers I guess. . .
Anyway they are all up in arms over a few signs that got seen on TV.

I don't buy it for a few reasons:

1 – There are black folks and all other kinds too in the Tea Party –
it is not a white group, it is a American group.

2 – I have seen reports and photos of folks going to the Tea Party
events just to make them look bad. Most of them seem to be Obama
supporters for some reason but they are not members of the tea
parties. The left has actively tried to make the Tea Party movement
look bad because they know the damage it is doing to them and their
hopes for November

3 – I have met and know a number of folks in the Tea Party movement
and I know they are not racist.

So it seems that the NAACP wants to brand us all bad because of a few
folks that may not even be legitimate members of the movement that
showed up at a protest. For a group who claims to fight
discrimination it sounds like they have no problem with it when they
do it. How come when you ask them about black folks that they have in
their ranks who seem to preach hate of whites they say it is a few bad
apples, but they call the entire Tea Party racist? You can't have it
both ways folks. I think you are letting your feelings for Obama
cloud you judgment here a bit. . .