Saturday, November 19, 2016

Obama still pushing to divide us

After all of this you still can't get Obama to call on folks to stop the violence.  If anything his actions seem to encourage it.

And they don't care about anyone but themselves.  Seems the VP elect was jeered at the play Hamilton all through the play. . . . no regards for his rights to see a play in peace, and for sure no care for all the others that paid good money to see a play and had to deal with children.

Over and over we see that the liberal left are no better than children.  It is good they did not win, and I hope more and more folks are waking up to this fact and will help keep them out of power in the years to come.

I also hope Trump will do his job and stack the Supreme Court with conservative judges to protect our rights for generations to come.

This was a critical election to win and we did.  Now we need to stay on them and make them undo the damage done by 8 years of Obama and the socialists. . . We have not turned the tide yet. . . we have not won yet. . .  we have much work still to do.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sanctuary Schools?

So we already have sanctuary cities where criminal illegals can go and they won't be deported or even arrested. . .

Now the cry babies at colleges want their schools to follow the same path and declare their schools Sanctuaries. . .

Go for it.  I wish you well.

I also hope that our Government will finally wake up to the problems of Illegals and enforce the laws already on the books with heavy fines and prison time for those who help them.

I also hope they will cut all Federal money, grants or loans - ANY MONEY that would go to these cities and schools.

Lets see how these colleges do when their crazy students can't get Federal loans to pay for their brain washing . . .

Good luck folks.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The great national unfriending. . .

I knew a few folks on Facebook that lost friends over this election but I was until today happy to say I was not one of them. . .

But I had a couple of friends - brothers - who were as liberal as you get.  And otherwise intelligent folks who have lost their minds over this election.

To the point where one is openly saying the only hope is if someone takes Trump out before he can be sworn in so Obama stays in power a bit longer . . . .

Folks when you call for killing folks over an election you lost me.  You have given up on the American way of life and our sacred blood free power transfer every 4 years.   I cannot stay friends with anyone promoting violence over the election.

Protest, complain, bitch and moan please do, I did the last 8 years but when  you call for violence I am done. . .

And yes, I did click on that little report button on FB for whatever good it will do.  I don't think he personally has any ability to follow through, but we should not even be discussing such crap as Americans.

This election was clean unless you want to look at the massive fraud on the left.  Latest count up to 3 million illegals may have voted. . . NON CITIZENS!  yet Trump still won.

Now the Radicals are trashing the place because their power grab failed.  Ya, I feel safer for our nation and yet less safe personally than I did before the election.

Can't wait until I can move to a red state where I don't have to fear being beaten by my tolerant liberal left neighbors for my opinion. . .

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The sad liberal echo chamber we call MA. . .

It has been a sad few days listening to otherwise intelligent friends from the other side lose their minds and continue to push the disinformation the media put out on Trump. I blame a lot of it to being in MA which is little more than an echo chamber for the left, no one challenges their thinking and if you do all they do is knowingly shake their head and tell you you are wrong just ask anyone. . . and then push the hate they accuse the right of . . . a very sad time.

Go get some facts. Trump has already said that yes he will dump Obamacare but there are good points that will be kept like kids staying on to 26 and the bit on existing conditions. Trump has said nothing against the LGBT folks and many supported him. He even supported them in his acceptance speech for the nomination and was photographed holding a rainbow flag given by a support at a rally. No he is not going to attack LGBT rights.

He has also said nothing about doing anything to any legal immigrant to this country. He wants to stop Illegals and every other country out there has immigration control, why should we not? Especially when open borders are only making it easier for those who hate us to come here and stir up trouble and kill us.

I fear the Echo chamber of MA will eventually cost me a few friends as I cannot support folks who support violent protests and continue to push to divide the country.

You want to protest peacefully please do and for his entire term if you want, we did and it is your right, a right I will gladly fight to make sure you have. But if you want to continue to attack fellow citizens, call folks names and throw stones to divide us, and if you want to promote hate and violence then please unfriend me now.

The Radicals

At this point I think we need to call folks what they are.  We seem to have two groups going right now, folks on the left that are upset and peacefully protesting - annoying and acting like cry babies but perfectly in their rights to protest. . .

Then we have the folks that have now shot people, shot cops, burned cars and buildings, broken windows and beat folks they thought voted for Trump.  Some are even calling for killing Trump voters. I don't want to call them by any name that will confuse them with the lawful citizens in the first group.  So what do we call them?  The radical left?  Just Radicals?

When do they cross the line into terrorist?

And they seem to forget a few key things like the fact that the folks they want to attack and kill are the mostly the same folks who own the guns. . . and many more than one. . . . these are also the folks that probably have experience in the service or at least have had training on use of that gun they own.

This is not going where you folks want it to .  You may think so but I doubt you have really honestly thought this through.  Time to stop listening to the BS from the political folks and time to look at reality not the fantasy of the left.  You are talking about starting a civil war with a bunch of armed folks, who are trained for just that. . . . and as you are breaking the law you will quickly find the government is also going to fight against you.

You cannot win this one folks.  Time to grow up before anyone else gets hurt on either side.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Protest or Riot?

Folks it is time we start to call what is going on what it is. . . Riots.

We have two groups active after this election.  Citizens who are peacefully protesting and exercising their rights and Radicals who are attacking folks, burning things, breaking windows and as of last night shooting folks.

I call on the news to start to make a differentiation when they report on this.  This violence is not a protest it is a riot and should be call what it is and the folks taking part treated like criminals.

Can you imagine what would have happened if the right has done this after Obama won?  Really, be honest do you think the media would call it a protest?  Yes the right did protest but no one was hurt and nothing destroyed in the process. . . That is a big difference.

So now that we have all had a few days to digest this it is time to move forward.  Protesters have fun and protest.  Hell do it for his entire term if you want, the right did - but if you harm any one or any thing you are not protesting you are rioting and the cops need to deal with you accordingly.

And to the rest of us be honest we protested Obama from day one and every day in some way.  That is OK but at least admit they are doing what we would be as far as the peaceful protests.  It is the violence we did not have with Obama and it is the violence everyone should be speaking out against and loudly.  Our system lives and works best with protest, not violence.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Open letter to the Radical Left.

Folks now that we have had a few days to watch the Radicals lose their shit over a normal election in America lets look at some facts. So for you radicals out there lets look at a few things. . . .

Americans are basically good people. No matter what the news tells you there is not popular support to attack our fellow citizens who are gay or Muslim or black or yellow or green or anything else. There is not popular support to end the right to choose or to take away women's rights. There is no popular support for police brutality on anyone and there is no popular support for racism. There is no popular support for much of the crap the news is talking about. They like to stir things up and it gets attention. If this election has shown us anything it should be that our news is not unbiased and it is not as interested in the facts as much as it is interested in a good sound bit no matter where it came from. It is in the news medias interest to push fear and hate, it sells- stop playing their game.

The President of the USA (POTUS) can say a lot, but our founders whom you like to crap on were much smarter than you give them credit for. While the POTUS can talk all he/she wants and they do every election they seldom can do all they say they can. Why? It is called checks and balances and we have a bunch.

First and foremost is the Congress. And before you say the GOP got that too it is the House and the Senate that is needed to pass a law, and the Senate is only held by 1 seat at this point. Almost every bill that comes through folks from both sides cross the isle to do what is best for their state so they can get reelected. These folks are also people, not evil machines or demons and they will vote based on their morals and that prevents a lot of crap from passing.

Second we have the courts and they are rather neutral now (maybe a bit left of where they should be but. . .) and use our Constitution to make the calls. Our Constitution was well written and has served us well for over 200 years now. It is because of this very document we now have gay marriage and and may other things. The Constitution does not grant us rights folks, it is a very limited document that tell the government what it has the powers to do and no more. Our rights exist no matter what, every single one of them listed in the Bill of Rights exists no matter what DC says. DC did not grant them and DC does not have the power to take them. We can let them stop us from using our rights but they can't take them.

Lastly we have the people. Although many of us don't want socialism and that is what Obama was selling we also don't want the Government running our lives or yours. You will find that when the people speak Congress listens (so they can get reelected). There will not be enough support to overturn Roe v. Wade in the courts or Congress. There will be no support to deport Citizens (Illegals should not be here anyway), and you will not find support to discriminate in any laws that make it through Congress. Congress also controls the money folks and if enough of us convince our rep not to back something - even if it is a law or one of the regs from the numerous bureaucracies run by appointment in DC it can still be stopped by the House. If they don't pay for it to happen it will be very hard for them to do it. Cut off the money as they say. . . 

Then we have the fail safe, called the Second Amendment. And it is still strong in most of the country and growing. We the people will not let the Government move against fellow citizen that would bring on one hell of a civil war and the folks in power know that (good reason the radicals want gun control to take this away from us).

For my few nut case friends who do want that civil war over this please remember you are in the minority on that one. I doubt most of the Hillary supporters (or any other sane person) are ready to follow you into that one. Also please remember that most of us Evil Conservatives are the ones with the guns, and the training to stand up to you. Lets stop talking bullshit as we know this option would not end well for anyone, but I do firmly believe you would get the worst of it. You also need to understand that most of us are center right not far right and we support many of the same things you do – gay rights, equal rights, right to choose, etc and we will stand with you and fight for these things. DC knows that. We just want smaller government and for it to leave us in peace. As long as you are not hurting anyone and you are an adult you should pretty much be able to do what you want, love who you want and smoke what you want. . . .. Just be responsible about how you do it.

So as much as you hate it you need to trust those old white guys who set up our country. They were a lot smarter than you think. And they were a lot smarter than that radical Professor you had in college that played armchair quarterback on everything he would have done better than them. The world had not ended, and Trump will not get anything very radial through to law. Yes the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) will probably go back to center right and that is where it should be. Their job is to do a strict interpretation of the laws against the powers granted by the Constitution and see if it passes. They should be asking “what would our founders have said” and there is plenty out there for them to research on that. They are not there to make law or rewrite them – Is it Constitutional Yes or No.

So please, hug your kids, be happy or sad at the election results and go back to living. Protest if you want it is your right but do it peacefully and treat other with respect if you want to get respect yourself. If we all would actually treat each other as we want to be treated we would have made a big leap forward. Do what you can personally to make this country better but please stop the riots and attacks on other citizens. You are not helping anyone including your own cause by burning down a store and putting folks out of work who have done nothing to hurt you - and no that is not free speech.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Election Fear

It is a sad day when you realize you are more scared now for our country than you were before the election when you thought the other side was going to win. . . .

And no I am not scared for what Trump will do, I am terrified that some snot nosed college kid who has never lived in the real world is going to set off something – terror attack up to get a movement going to start a civil war – because it works in the movies. . . . The left needs to get it’s collective shit under control and in order before anyone does anything really stupid and starts something none of us can stop.

Calls for Civil War. . . Really?

You know what?  Listening to the news today is doing nothing to help heal our nation.  Folks that four years ago told us to grow up for saying Obama was not my President are now the ones chanting those same words. 

Funny how those same people that told us just 4 years ago that he won, it was a fare election and we need to deal with it are now the ones who are not “dealing with it”.  The real problem is they have taken it up a level from just protesting and complaining to blocking streets and burning things down.. . .  a bit sever don’t you think?

And to top it off now a few are calling for a civil war over this. .  . Really?  When folks said that 4 years ago you told us to shut up and sit down. . . funny how you can’t see that you are now doing exactly what you complained about us doing.  And have you really thought this through?
Folks there has been a lot of talk on both side over the past 8 years about a civil war here. . . and I am one that has said I think we are going that way. . .  That does NOT mean I want one or would not do anything I could to reverse things.  Only a crazy person would actually push for a civil war.  Let’s be adult here and face the fact that in the grand scheme of things neither side has done anything that cannot be undone through the system at this point.  And neither side has done anything to the level of pulling that switch.

Yes our Founders want us to be able to have that very war if the government gets out of control but do you really think we are there yet?  Honestly?  If so please show me the data because I don’t see anything that has been done we cannot revers with the current system. 

A civil war would drive the US into third world country status and destroy much of our infrastructure that would take generations  for us to fix and recover from.  Do you want that for your kids?
And for those that want a war please educate yourself on the cost of the last one:

About 620,000 died – that does not include wounded or missing. . . almost 2% of the nation’s population then. . . today that would be 6,484,540 dead.  You really think anything that has happened so far is worth that?

So it is time for us all to suck it up and move on folks.  We had bad choices once again and we have no one to blame but ourselves for letting them get that far.  Now do what you can to make your piece of our nation better and in 4 years we may just be amazed at what we have done. . . we are Americans it is time to start acting like it.

The Left goes Nuts on Trump

Folks even CNN can see why you lost this election.  Heck they are calling for burning down the Democratic party and starting over. . . much like what Trump forced onto the GOP.

Both parties need to be rebuilt to work for the people but that is a different story.


I voted against Hillary because of my fear of how she would run things.  I did not want another 4 years of the failed Obama ideas.  More importantly I did not want 4 more years of hate and name calling used against anyone who disagreed with her.

Did the Conservatives protests?  Sure they have the Tea Party and we saw plenty of protests.  What we did not see was violence in the streets as part of these protests.  What we did not see was the right calling folks names or Nazi's because you disagreed with them.  Did the far right have stand offs with the cops?  Yes, a few times but again nothing got torched, and the only dead person was a protester.  Property was not damaged and innocent folks were not put in harms way.

What I am seeing on the news now has shown me I made the right call voting against her.  If this is how her supporters act when she lost a lawful election can you imagine what they would have done over the upcoming fights for the courts and to pass laws?  Were there issues with the vote?  Sure and most favored Hillary. . . . . who assured us it was not rigged so now you need to live with the outcome for 4 years.

As I watch I see what Obama has done to us.  Further divided our country and incites hate because of a different opinion.  And to make it worse the supporters of the left refuse to even listen to a different opinion.  I have tried pointing out facts, they don't care and always have an excuse why the facts are wrong and they are right.  Sorry but facts are facts and don't change because you don't like them.  You can ignore them but they are still the facts.

Do you have the right to bitch about the loss?  Sure, as long as it is peaceful.  I am seeing the left do exactly what the demonized the right for.  Except the right never did it and I am watching the left do it now.  Time to step back folks and take a good hard look in the mirror.

It is the left who for years now has been torching their own neighborhoods when things go wrong instead of working in the courts, it is the left who was beating up supporters of the other side and burning their campaign offices.  It is now the left that is rioting in the streets like spoiled children over a fair and open election when there are legal means to protest the vote if you have proof it was rigged.  Why is it always the left that resorts to violence?

I think this is exactly why Trump won.  The average American is sick of this crap and wants real change.  Trump promised it and we gave him 4 years to do it or he is out.

Either way I don't want the left running things if their thugs are going to come and beat folks and burn out our homes and businesses because we disagree with them and say so.  You want to compare someone to the 1930's Nazi party you need to look at history and look how you are acting on the left. . . .

  It seems to me that they have shown us who they really are and we have rejected it.  They are far to quick to resort to violence and someone needs to take a good hard look at why. . . .

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dear Mass Speaker of the House

An Open Letter. . .

Dear Speaker DeLeo

I am writing you to ask what is being done to fix this mess?  Our Attorney General has again gone and written her own laws.  And just like the "Approved Gun Lists" this is another over reach that attacks our rights.  The AWB has been on the books for 18 or so years and works fine.  How can anyone justify a sudden back room rewrite of the law and what it says?  Did the Legislature update this law and I missed it?

The part of this that terrifies me the most is one person is usurping the power of the Legislature to pass a politically driven agenda.  It is this action ignoring the will of the people that has lead to the rise of Trump and those like him.  People are losing faith in our elected leaders to do the will of the people and to work openly and transparently.

Laws are supposed to be written and passed by the Legislature as the voice of the people.  The Courts interpret the law and the AG enforces and that is it.

With a stroke of her pen she has made thousands of lawful gun owners in this state possible felons, and denied access to the most popular guns in the country to gun owners in MA.

We do not have a problem with "Assault Weapons" in this state. Murders by ALL RIFLES over the last 10 years in the USA is in the single digits with the excption of terror attacks.  When the nation ban sunset data showed it had done NOTHING to make a difference in safety or anything else.  Terrorist will get what they need to attack us (they don't care about our laws) and disarming the lawful citizens of our state will not help.  It only makes it easier for those who would attack us. . . If you don't believe this then just ask yourself how well our drug laws have prevented drug use. . . .

This must be fixed and fixed NOW! Access to these guns by LAWFUL LICENCED GUN OWNERS needs to be restored and the AG needs to be brought back under control.

As a Mass Gun Instructor I can tell you I see full classes for permits at my gun club every month.  We have been forced to add on classes due to demand.  People would not be running out to get gun permits if they wanted more gun control.

I look forward to hearing how you will fix this.  I for one will be thinking about this over reach when I vote in November.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another Attack

Istanbul airport explosions: 28 dead, 60 injured, Turkish official says

And our news media?  Ya they are playing the game again and not telling you what is going on or distracting you.

I just watched the news do an in depth report on how tight our security is and how all these foreign airports that fly to the US need to have security that is just as good. . . . Sounds great right?

Ya, too bad the attack happened outside of security before anyone checked them. . .

Folks this security theater is part of the problem and does not make us safer. . .

All they do is get you to pile up in mass in front of the check point.  sure you are safe if you get through security.  You and you friends in the security pile awaiting screening make a great target you know. . .  and they hit them today.

Personally I think it is only time until they hit us like this in the USA.  Either at an airport or tourist attraction.  As hundreds sit and wait to get screened the attackers will join them and BOOM.

But no, don't start profiling, don't fix it, don't look at the real issue folks . . . . Be a good little sheep, turn in your guns and do what your betters in DC tell you to do.  And when they hit you please die quietly and in a way that will look good on their news report.

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Gun Control Lie

So lets get this straight. . .

The Gun Grabbers want our guns and a new assault weapons ban even though Congresses own investigation shows that the previous AWB did NOTHING to make us safer or prevent any crime.

They want more background checks even though every gun sale through a gun dealer already goes through a background check - so they are showing they don't even know what laws are on the books now.  They are also ignoring the fact that the last shooter (and many others) all passed background checks and all other legal hoops to get their guns.

They want to end due process - you will now be guilty until you can prove to them that you are not.  Not exactly American last I checked.  What about Innocent until proven guilty??

And to top it off they are censoring the release of the attackers calls to eliminate the parts they don't like and don't fit their story - you know like his pledging to ISIS. . . see they don't want to admit he was a Radical Muslim. . ..

The part I find the most terrifying is we now have Democrats in Congress saying that we need to end Due Process and ignore our Civil Rights because they get in the way of the laws they want to pass. . .

All I see out of this is a tragedy for those killed in the club, and a bunch of tyrant want to be dancing in their blood and using their deaths to help end our civil rights.  The totally ignore how gun control has failed and is in fact responsible for this event.  Yet again a gun free zone has attracted an attacker who didn't care about the law and brought in guns where he knew no one could fight back with predicable results.

If our dear leaders really wanted to make us safer we would be hearing them call for an end to gun control, gun free zones, and a complete review of immigration processes.  Not that even that would have stopped Orlando as he was born here and still radicalized.

We as a country need to wake up to what is going on.  Once we admit to the failure of gun control we need to address the failure of immigration as it stand now.  A hundred years ago immigrants learned to be American and they adapted to our culture.  Now they expect us to learn their language and adapt to theirs.  Time to end this madness.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Gun Control is the cause, not the fix

Folks I continue to be amazed at how folks will buy the lie of gun control hook, line and sinker that the news is selling. . .

Thanks God more and more folks seem to be waking up from the Bullshit and calling folks on it.

Gun control is the problem, not the fix.  Almost all (as in over 95%) of these shootings are in gun free zones. . .

Orlando - gun free
Batman Movie shooting - gun free ( he drove past other theaters to get to a gun free one)
All school shootings - gun free
Fort Hoot - gun free
and I can go on and on. . .

Just look at history.  Gun control took off starting at the end of the 1960's with the 68 gun laws. . .

Someone please tell me how many mass shootings in the schools or nightclubs we had before then?  that were not mob related?  How about terror attacks???

So with all the insanity of the civil right movement and everything else going on in the 60's we really did not see these kinds of shootings - at least not on the scale we see now. . . we also pretty much did not have any gun control.  The bad guys KNEW other folks would have guns and a way to fight back.
The more laws we have passed, the more folks we have disarmed the more shootings we have had.

Look at Chicago. . .  every week folks are shot and killed there in the land of gun control.  They have every law on the books that the gun grabbers could want yet they are one of the most violent cities in the country.

Look at Mexico.  Guns are all but outlawed yet the drug lords have no problem not only getting guns but military grade fully auto stuff and still kill hundreds per year and run parts of the country.  And for the record the civilian AR-15 is not a machine gun/full auto like the military has, it is a single shot per trigger pull semi automatic.  It is very hard for a civilian to legally get a machine gun and it takes special permits and additional background checks.  If anyone can prove a lawfully owned machine gun was used in a recent attack please sent me the link. . . . I doubt you will find one.

Folks history has shown the failure of giving up your ability to defend yourself.  I just thank God that more folks are seeing this.  And now we can welcome with open arms the LGBT folks who are realizing they need to defend themselves and are starting to see the legal road blocks that have been put in place to keep them down.

We all need to fight gun control and we all need to swamp DC with our calls, letter and emails telling them that we have had enough.  The experiment of gun control is over and has failed.  We want our rights back and we want our safety back.

Friday, June 17, 2016

An Open Letter to Congress on Gun Controle.....

Dear Congress. . .

I am writing you to say we must not pass laws in the heat of the moment because of Orlando.   High emotions do not make for good reasonable laws.

Gun control has failed.  More gun control will not fix this and will limit the Constitutional rights of lawful gun owners – including battered women, and members of the LGBT community who need them for self defense, something that is not supposed to happen.  The founders spell out “shall not be infringed”
To make this worse, the two ideas floated so far will do nothing:

Background Checks – Every gun purchased from a FFL (Federally Firearms License) gun dealer has to be run through a NICS or Background check now. . . so folks are calling for a law that is already on the books

Fly List – The FBI does not want the No Fly list used as it will tip their hand to the bad guys.  The ACLU is against it as we all should be due to the lack of due process .  Let us remember that there are kids, babies and even a sitting US Senator (Our Sen. Kennedy) was on the list.  And as it stand now you don’t know you are on it, and can’t get off.  If we do want to use this list then we must add due process and a way for people put on in error to get off the list quickly as to prevent abuse of their rights. 

Personally I think if you have the evidence to say the person should not be allowed to buy a gun then you have the evidence to go before a judge to get a ruling and follow the laws to strip them of their rights.  America is supposed to  respect our rights, not act like a two bit dictatorship stripping citizens of their rights without due process.  Hopefully if passed this will be thrown out in court.

No one wants another tragedy like Orlando but we need to step back and make our decision based on facts not emotions.  Gun laws will not stop anyone who is willing to die to kill others.  They will use a gun, or a bomb like Timothy McVeigh.  The Orlando shooter passed multiple background checks and even a psych check to get his permits.  He worked for a government contractor for security.  He has passed every roadblock I have heard suggested by the anti-gun rights crowd and he still got the guns and killed folks.

We also need to look at Gun Free Zones which are one of the things that tie all these shootings together.  We need to get rid of gun free zones.  They are nothing more than advertising where to attack for the terrorists.  95% or more of the recent attacks have been in gun free zones – The Batman Movie shooting, the church shooting, Ft. Hood shooting and now Orlando.  These zones just don’t work and we need to admit it and move on.

Until we are ready to admit it is not the gun but the attacker that is the problem we will get nowhere in fixing this issue.  Please stop playing politics with people’s lives and lets really try to fix this problem.  It is time to end the mistake of gun control and start to work on the real issues of terrorism in this country.

Thank You

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Time for some FACTS

Lets look at the facts before we let the gun grabbers BS us into giving up more of our rights. . .

They want background checks:
The shooter passed his - along with an FBI investigation.  Everyone who buys a gun from a dealer (FFL) has to get a background check no matter where you buy it - at the store or the gun show.  You do not need a federal check for person to person but some states do require it (like MA).

They want more restrictions:
We have gun free zones - too bad 95% or more of the mass shootings are in GUN FREE ZONES

They want an assault weapon ban again:
Congress had it's own investigation of the effectiveness of the last one.  And showed it DID NOTHING

They keep saying he had an assault rifle:
No he didn't.  Assault rifles are highly restricted as they can fire in full auto.  He did not have one and the civilian AR is NOT AN ASSAULT RIFLE

They want a filibuster for more gun control:
Gun control has created the places these folks have been killed.  It is literally killing us.  This filibuster should be called The Terrorist Protection Filibuster.

They want two things -
to ban people on the government's terrorist watch list from obtaining gun licenses and whether to expand background checks to gun shows and internet sales.

Folks as mentioned every purchase from an FFL already goes through a background check by federal law.  They want a law that already exists showing how little they know about gun laws.

They want to use the watch list to strip folks of a Constitutional right with no due process, no way to find out if you are on the list, and no way to get off the list - This should never be passed as it stand.  Everyone from sitting Senators to babys have been put on that list . . .  it is a joke.

We need to fight this BS and make sure nothing is passed in the heat of the moment.  We have more than enough laws on the books, too many when you realize that these laws are used by terrorists to insure they can attack when no one else can fight back. . . and have done so over and over and over. . . see above. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando Shooting

So yet again a RADICAL Muslim has shot up folks he disagrees with. . . .

And like clockwork the "news" media is calling for gun control and ignoring the real issue of Radical Islam because that does not fit their PC narrative to disarm us.

Folks the shooter had a permit, he purchased the guns legally and passed multiple background checks for his job. . . so all the crap they are calling for could have been in place and he still would have passed it and attacked.  The club was a gun free zone so legally he was not permitted to have guns there even with his permits. . . .

And I see folks calling for more security. . .  I am at Disney and folks here want more . . . x-ray and bag  checks. . . all sounds good until you live it.  The morning of the shooting right after the news broke I went to the Magic Kingdom.  You should have seen the crowd waiting to get into security. . . sure the park may have been safer. . . but all they needed to do was have one bomber willing to get to the center of the crowd waiting to get in and they would have killed and wounded probably another 100 or so possible more.

Folks we need to cut out the PC crap and admit we are at war with an IDEA! You can't pass a law to fix this you need to be ready to fight it both with our own ideas and physically.  We need more armed trained folks out there, not less.  We need to push our own propaganda to counter their BS. . . We need to have the liberals and gun grabbers shut the fuck up and let the grown ups deal with this in a very non PC way.

Do I have the answer?  No.

Do I know more gun control and BS is not the answer?  Yes.

We need to start with getting rid of gun free zones.  Law abiding citizens are our best defense against the Radicals and we need them armed.  We need to take a good hard look at our gun laws and repeal most of them.  With the exception of felons and those found by a doctor to be mentally unfit anyone else that wants to protect themselves should be allowed to.  It is their RIGHT as a human.

Then we need to look at halting immigration from countries with terrorism ties until we can come up with a good way to screen folks that works.  And maybe they have limited gun rights and green cards for a few years so we can vet them before letting them stay and become citizens with all the rights that come with it.

There is no easy fix for this issue.  There is no one fix for this issue.

The more I listen to the talking heads and their simple fixes the more I know they are clueless and pushing an agenda not a fix.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

You do not have the RIGHT to Healthcare

What is it with folks thinking they have a right to everything?  That is a major part of what is wrong with our country today.

Folks a right exists by itself without anyone else.  Look at the Bill of Rights. . .. You have the right to speak, defend yourself, not incriminate yourself, etc. . . not one of these says you have the right to make someone else do something for you.

Here is a quick way to think of it.  If it requires someone else to do something it is not your right.

A right to healthcare would mean you have the right to force someone to care for you - doctors, nurses, a hospital. . .. nope sorry.  That is slavery and we outlawed that a long time ago. . . .

You have the right to SEEK healthcare, and to ask them to care for you.  If you can agree on a trade or otherwise talk them into it you get care for some form of payment for their work.  You do not have the right to take their labor without pay so it is NOT A RIGHT!

Why is this so hard for folks to understand????

And no, the world is not fair, GET OVER IT!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Hillarys Brown Shirts.

Anyone with a brain should be scared to death of the way the left has adopted the intimidation model to win this election. . .

Anyone who knows history is beyond scared to death over this bull.

The attacks on free speech by the left on Trump should be all anyone needs to know that we cannot let Hillary or Sanders win this. We have see them use race and PC to shut down any dissent for the last 8 years and now they are stepping up their game.

Folks the damage they will do to our country will go far past their term when you think about what will happen to SCOTUS.

So please, think.  Look at History and make sure we don't kill America putting a Dem in the white house.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

FoamActon Sport Gun Rests

These are a set of gun rests I was given to review by a friend at FoamAction Sport.  He wanted to know what I thought of them . . . .

Well let me tell you - I like them, I like them a lot!

As you can see you can easily use them in two orientations to get the height that is right for you.  While shooting with them I found I like them lower while my friend who is a lot taller than I liked them tall.  It was that ease to switch as we took turns shooting, just turn the rest and off you go. . .

They are made up of a foam material and so they are very light and easy to carry around.  I keep them in my range bag.  Compared to the old sand bags or shot bag . . . well you can't they are so much lighter you will actually bring them with you to the range.  And as you can see in the photos they are not that big so they fit in a range bag easily.  Nothing like the big plastic rests you can get for short money. . . I got one of them. . . it hardly ever makes the range trip due to it's size.  I think its days are numbered now. . . .

The foam is good and soft so you don't have to worry about it marking up your gun, wood or polymer.

My daughter was nice enough to pose for a few pics with the rests. . .

I plan on continuing to use them and will post updates after a few more range trips.  They look like they will work well with a pistol too if you are so inclined to try it.

I want to take them down to the kids rifle team and see how they work with them.  I also plan on talking them up to the yearly Northeast Blogger shoot so I can let the gang give them a run for the money and get their feedback too.

So far so good, I like them and you will too!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pot in Massachusetts. . .

You know it is funny watching the fight to get Pot legal in Massachusetts. . .

As folks push to get pot legal in various states it is funny to listen to the anti pot folks push the same BS they do when we talk about getting rid of gun laws. . .

OMG THE WORLD WILL END!  Folks will get hooked on harder stuff!  Crime will go up!  Society will be DOOMED!  Folks will DIE!

Yet I can look at other states like Colorado where it is legal and just like gun control call about there will be blood in the streets I can see that nothing they are saying has come true.

When will these control freaks learn that your screaming does not work well when I can look and see places that have already passed the law you are losing your shit over?  Especially when over and oer again you have been proven wrong. . .  and I can see you are full of it. . .

Folks the drug war is all about control and it is not about stopping drugs.  Just look at any high school in the country and you can see the kids can get any drugs they want (probably guns too).

Time to end the crap and start treating addiction as an illness that needs treatment and let adults be adults.  Use what you want just like booze and if you hurt anyone then we can let the courts deal with you for being irresponsible.  Just like we do alcohol. . .

What is it with control freaks anyway????

Monday, March 14, 2016

Trump is getting set up

I for one am getting sick of listening to the news folks blame Trump for the act of outside demonstrators at Chicago.

In a page right out of the Brown Shirts manual the folks from the left decided that since they can't win the argument with him they would silence him.  And how best to do that but show up and protest, provoke a confrontations and then blame Trump.  And the news media is only to happy to play along and jump on Trump.  What about the responsibility of those who are starting the problems?  Known criminal and terrorist Bill Ayres was part of the protest and some reports say he planned it. . . . This is a man known for violence and attacking cops.

This should sicken every American to see free speech stomped on like this.  They are showing their true colors in trying to stop Trump not with logic and thought out arguments but with yelling and preventing him from being heard.

Folks if you think you can only win by making it so folks can't hear the opponent then you have already lost the argument.  This is not the America I grew up in or that our founders wanted.

Monday, February 8, 2016

More BS from Bernie

So Bernie has a few more issues he needs to rethink. . .  Facts just don't seem to matter to this doddering old fool.

Equal pay for Women - just like wanting more gun laws this is a BS call for more laws while ignoring the fact that there are already laws on the books to do this. . . it is called the Equal Pay Act of 1963

Second he wants to have everyone go to college . . . Who will pay for this?  All of us with more taxes that is who.  And this totally ignores the fact that if everyone has a college degree then you will need a Masters to make any real money or a trade.  Just like everyone has a high school diploma now and you need a trade or college degree to make real money. . . folks if it is that common then it will not demand high pay.  That is just basic supply and demand.

How can we really support folks like Bernie and Hillary when they obviously have no clue on how the real world works?  What is it with the Democratic party?  They use to have intelligent folks running for office, now it is just more of the same old DC BS running.  Same crap different face selling it to you.

And once again you can see the failure of our education system in full display as the young and the uneducated fall for this crap thinking they will get stuff for free. . .. NOTHING IS FREE folks, someone will have to pay the bill.  And it will be the middle class and tax payers of the country.

Bernie is Inventing rights for us

I am sorry folk but as I sit and watch the Bernie Sanders ads I have to call Bull Shit on his claim we have a right to health care.

You have a right to access to healthcare, you do not have a right to healthcare itself.  If you can afford it you can have it, it is NOT a right.

Rights are very special things that are recognized by our Constitution, but you have them no matter what just by being alive. . .

You have a great example of these in our Bill of Rights.

The most important thing to remember about rights is you have them, they cannot be taken from you legally, and they are personal, they do not require anyone else to have them.

For example you can vote by yourself, you don't require anyone else to do anything for you to cast a vote
You have the right to free speech, you can speak your mind without anyone else doing anything. . .

You do NOT have the right to take the labors of someone else as a right.  That makes them no more than your slave.

Since you cannot take someones labor from them and call it your right to take it then you cannot have a right to health care.  If you did that would mean you have the right to take the labors of all the medical personnel - Doctors, Nurses, orderlies etc and they have to give it to you for free.

Medical folks are not slaves, so you cannot take their labor without paying them for it.  You may not like the cost, and you are free to seek others to help you if you don't, but it is NOT A RIGHT.

It is time we stop calling everything a right.  Not everything you want is a right and folks need to deal with that fact.  You don't have to like it but you do have to live with it.