Monday, April 1, 2019

Space 1999 Laser

So I wish I had this model as a kid. .  . got it in a resin kit from Century Casting through this LINK.

Great kit and not much cleanup.  This was the first resin kit I ever did (and only) so not much to base that on but I think it went together nice and easy.  Parts fit well and only needed a bit of fill and clean up.

The Stun/Kill decal was a bit oversized, and I did build up the switch a bit so I could make it slide.  Used some green PVC bits to do that.  Was very easy to do.

Got photos through the whole process . . .

They have a com-loc too which I think I may get at some point so I have the set. . . .

Anyway here you go

Quick One

OK, had to do a quick post.  Just found my photos of my WWII fighter collection. . . I will have to do photos of each but here they are in mass as I was cleaning their shelving. . .