Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Massachusetts is at it again - New Gun Laws they want

So yesterday our great state came out and told us what they want to do next to keep us safe. . . .

Make it harder on lawful gun owners and do NOTHING about criminals.

Someone please tell me how any of this makes any sense?
They want you to list every gun you own at every renewal.  (gun registration that is possibly illegal)
They want to make all permits at the will of the Police Chief even though there is proof that is abused and folks denied permits who have spotless records
After waiting a year and then some to publish the bill they want it passed in a week or so. . .

I am sure there is more to come too.

So far NOTHING has been said about how we are going to deal with criminals.

We may make more criminals out of legal gun owners but we won't go after the real criminals.  Remember every time you renew a permit in MA you have a background check run.  And historically gun owners are the most law abiding folks around. .  . but somehow we are the problem and not the criminals. . . I don't get it. . .

So you know that gun you inherited from Gramps?  I hope you properly registered it or you will be a criminal when you list it at renewal time. . .
That gun Dad gave you as a kid to hunt?  Same problem if it was not transferred properly.
Did you mail in your transfer papers on that gun years ago?  Hope they actually got the letter. . . .
You do know they lost a ton of records back in 1988 in a flood right?  Ya they don't talk about it or admit it either. . .

How about the Chiefs choice?  Some towns respect our rights some don't.  I am lucky mine does and we can get a permit.  The next town over just got a new chief and folks that have had unrestricted permits for 20 years are now getting restrictions because he can.  I was told one wife got told she could not have a licence to carry because her husband had one so she didn't need it. . . . and that is all it takes in MA to have your rights stripped away.

I don't care how small the town the Chief does not know everyone and if your record is clean he/she should not have a say in issuing a permit to you for a CONSTITUTIONAL right!

I hope we can get the word out and stop the madness.  More attacks on our freedom do not stop crime.  Sadly MA is one of the few states bucking the trend and crime is still going up since our last great gun law went through in 98 even though overall the county is showing less crime. . . .

Gun Control does not work. . . the big question is how to prove it to the gun grabbers.  To them it is not about common sense it is a religion.  Don't bother them with facts, they know it works no matter what the FBI crime data shows. . .  .

Wish me luck, I am going to need it . .  . I can't wait until I can more out of this state but for now family ties me here. . . .

Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Shooting in CA

So it looks like the parents called the cops weeks ago over the videos their little darling had posted threatening people and suicide.  But when the cops show up they don't show them or tell them about the videos so the kid plays nice and the cops let it go. . . .  Shouldn't that make the parents responsible for this mess in some way shape or form?  Had they not withheld evidence from the cops six people might be alive today. . . . yet they have the balls to call for MORE gun control even though they could have stopped this and didn't?
Story on this HERE

This makes me sick folks.  I would love to see them get sued by one of the families their kid ripped apart for letting this happen.

So here we go again.  The left will dance in the blood and call for more gun control even though this very shooting shows it does not work. . . .

Facts so far:
The shooter is another liberal who came from money and a gun free home
He legally purchased the guns in very gun unfriendly CA
He was known to have mental issues
He had been reported as having issues recently to the copy by HIS PARENTS and was investigated and let go
He posted crap on YouTube that should have been a tip off and his parents saw it
He STABBED three people to death to start this off
Then drove around hitting folks with his car as he shot at people
He killed three more shooting then killed himself

And what is the first thing I hear on the news. . . some parent blaming the NRA. . .


This kid did this in GUN FREE CALIFORNIA folks.  They have every gun law the liberals want on the books and it did nothing.  Heck he didn't even use a gun to kill the first three people.

This is a mental health issue and a parenting issue.  He should have been locked up a while ago.

This is the problem with this generation of kids.  They are taught they should always win, no one should lose and you should never have to feel bad.  So when he couldn't get a date his first thought is not how do I fix me it is how do I get payback for them not giving me what I want.


We are bringing up an entire generation that thinks they should always get what they want. . . and if they don't they have the right to strike out any way they want and make you pay for them not getting their way.

Gun laws or knife laws or any other laws will not stop this crap.  What will stop this crap is if we wake up and teach our kids you don't always get what you want.  Your team may lose, you may not make the team, you may not get the date. . .DEAL WITH IT!

We are raising a generation of entitled shits and now we are paying the bill.

Time to wake up America!  Time to go back to teaching our kids basic values, the value of human life, and how to not be a self centered piece of crap.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Who is Buying DC?

Started to dig into this today after reading that the Dems will be pushing the evil of the Koch brothers again and how they are buying our government .  .  . . . so I commented that the Dems are worse and got the eventual PROVE IT response to my post. . . so I did.

And I figured I would share it here too.

I got this from Open so you can go there to look at the data yourself and see how they can spin things.

First how does it look when you take the Top 100 spenders?

Lets start with saying that the Koch folks are number 51. . .

If you look at how things break up just by what % each entry spends on each party and take an average you get the following:

Dems get 53%
GOP gets 47%

Not looking too bad but the Dems still get more if you look just at percentage donated. . .

Where this jumps out is if you look at how that adds up in real hard cash:

Dems get $49.7 million
GOP gets $47.9 million. . .

So now tell me who is being bought in DC???  I don't think it is the GOP - it may be close but either way you look at it the Dems take in more donations.  Even if you call it even that still says the Dems should not be throwing stones, they are bought and paid for just as bad as the GOP at BEST.

On the Road to Becoming a Gun Instructor

I spent last night at the gun club teaching again. . . .

Although this was a bit different than the standard MA class I have been doing once a month with a team of instructors.  Last night we put on a class for folks that already had a permit and wanted to get better at shooting.  It started out with an email to the members that basically said "Hey you new to shooting?  Have a new gun you want to learn?  Want a free night with an instructor to go over the basics and help you with your own gun?  How to clean  your gun?  Come on down!"

It got a good response overall but once a date was set we only had a few folks actually show.  I think we will have to do it every so often so folks can take advantage of the class as everyone is so booked up these days.  (That and it is getting nice out after a nasty winter here)

So . . . when time came to do the class we had four folks show up and we had one on one instruction with them.  This worked out very well.  I spent an hour or more with a gentlemen who has had a permit for a year or so and just got his first pistol back in December, a nice new M&P 9mm. . . . which worked out great as that is my standard carry gun = )  He was new to shooting overall and just soaked it all in.  I remember asking him if I was dumping too much info on him. . . "feel free to tell me to slow down" I said . . . He quick answer was keep it coming!  The enthusiasm was great to see and he commented that even if he couldn't fix it all now he still wanted to hear about it so he could work on it later.  A great student to have!

This was an informal class in that we did a real quick review of the safety rules then hit the range.  The lest us go over proper shooting stance and grip then get to some shooting.  With the ability to work one on one I could stay with this guy and make corrections as we went along.   It also let him ask questions not only on his shooting but a bit on carry issues since he is looking to eventually carry.  We did stick mainly to the basics, grip, stance, sight picture and such so we could keep enforcing a few changes he needs to make in his grip.  He was shooting a great group by the end, with most shots in a 4" area and a few out to maybe 6". . .  it got a bit worse later on but I chalk that up to muscle fatigue after an hour of shooting, not his skills

I have to say I found it very rewarding to see the improvement in his shooting.

I am also  pleased with my own progress as a teacher.  I will always have things to work on but still, a year ago I had taught a few friends and family to shoot - the basics, but that was about it. . . . Now I am an NRA Certified Instructor, I have taught 8 group classes at the club with other instructors, and a few personal classes to help folks get certification and a Mass licence.  I have taken a few classes - reloading for pistols, carry concealed, action shooting and I have a NRA coaching class coming up.

I know I am just starting down this road but I like where it is going.  So much more to learn, but the great thing about the shooting community is so many folks willing to teach you and answer questions!  I have yet to meet someone I can't learn something from either watching them, talking to them, or by teaching them and answering questions.  What a great ride.