Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Boomstick Pistol 101 class

Spent last night at the gun club with the guys from Boomstick Firearms Training for their Pistol 101 course - which was an intro to action or combat type shooting. . . . If you want the quick review then this is it - If you can take their classes!  They have a web page you can go look at HERE

There were 12 students and three instructors from Boomstick there.  They started with going over the safety rules then went into the basics.   They worked with us very closely as we stepped through the following drills:

  • Stance
  • Drawing from a holster safely
  • Re-holstering safely
  • Standard slow reload with press check
After going over this with empty guns and doing corrections they broke us up into two groups of six so that each instructor worked with two students at a time and we worked on the drills with live fire in the range.

Once we had that down good they moved on to dealing with a few more complex issues such as:
  • Trigger Reset
  • Scanning the area after you shoot
  • Quick or combat reloads
  • Switching from center of mass to head shots
we did most of the drills at about 3 yards, with some back at 5 and then 7.

This was a great class - I know I picked up a lot from this class and would love to take more classes from these folks.

If you get the chance you need to take these classes.  These guys are great teachers, work well with the students as a group and as individuals and you can tell right away they know their stuff.  They were very good at keeping things firmly under control so you felt safe every moment of the class.  They were also good at pushing you to push yourself but safely. . . I know I was shooting much faster than I thought I could at the end and still getting good hits and completely safe.  they helped me with my grip, stance, and holster work and I came out of this feeling much better about my ability to hit my target if I need to.

By the end of the class everyone had had a great night, I think we all picked up a few pointers (some of us more than others) and we were all asking about other classes they offered.

If you are in the Eastern Massachusetts area you need to check theses guys out.