Sunday, October 4, 2015

What comes next?

My Mom passes away yesterday.

While I sit here thinking about Mom I realize that my grief is selfish at best.  I am grieving over my loss when I should be focused on her. 

What I am upset over is a temporary thing. . .  we will meet again wherever we go next, Heaven, the Summer Lands, or Valhalla – whatever you want to call it. 

She is now better.  The pain of the last year and her battle will illness is over.  She has shed the broken body that has let her down and has moved on.  She is now with the loved ones who have gone before, her parents, her brothers, and my Dad.  I am sure there were many happy faces waiting to see her again when she arrived.

Yes I will continue to cry for me but I know it is for me, she is probably rejoicing at being whole again and with those she loves watching over those of us still here and looking after us.  I bet she is busy catching up with all those who went before.

This sharp pain will turn dull, and one day we will meet again.

I love you Mom  . . . say HI to Dad for me.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Another School Shooting

So here we go again. . . another school shooting and Obama is pushing up gun sales.
Despite the BS on line this was again a gun free zone. . . .

The school has a policy of no guns on campus and did not feel the need for an armed security presence, Umpqua Community College interim President Rita Cavin said.

So sorry liberals you blew it again and set up another bunch of folks for the bad guy.  It is past time that the folks that put these gun free zones in place be held accountable for the damage they have done.  I would love to see someone sue them for damages because they could not defend themselves legally due to this BS.

I look forward to more background on the shooter coming out although I am sure they will whitewash it.  Already it looks like his friends were pro jihad based on their on line presents but nothing about the shooter yet.  I also find it strange he singled out Christians to kill. . .

When will we wake up and realize that gun free zones are killing us?  Every mass shooting over the last almost 50 years (except 1) has been a gun free zone.  NO ONE CAN FIGHT BACK and they know it.

The movie theater shooter from the Batman movie?  Ya he drove by other theaters to get to the one he attacked. . . Which was a gun free zone unlike the others.

Mall shooters - again gun free zones. . .

Schools and colleges – yep gun free. . .

And the think I really want to know is why CNN is covering this with the same old disproven gun control BS yet ignoring the 50+ folks shot in Chicago last weekend for the second weekend in a row. . . Oh Ya, they don’t want you to see the failure of all those gun laws in Chicago.

Well we can now add another shooting, and we can also add in that they just increased the background checks out there and it did nothing to stop this.  Folks a law is not going to stop them.  Murder is already illegal and that doesn’t stop them why would another gun law?  Criminals, gangs and felons already illegally get guns, the laws preventing a felon from having a gun has yet to stop any of them that want a gun – just look at the gang shootings.  Bringing the gun on campus was against school rules, ya that worked. . . .

Time to wake up folks, and I think we are slowly waking up.  CNN is screaming but here in Boston the  Boston Herald paper has nothing about this on the front page of its web site and the Boston Globe has a short story in small print.  Even in liberal MA they know this is not news and folks won’t buy more gun control as the answer.

But now we will have to watch for another push to strip us of our rights because prohibition works so well.  Just look at history to see:

Alcohol prohibition – lead to the rise of the mob to new unprecedented levels and folks still got their booze
The war on drugs we are still fighting – please show me one high school where the kids can’t get any drug they want and again it has led to a rise in gangs and violence

Taking guns from law abiding folks will do nothing to stop criminals.  But it will make it easier and safer for them. . . . Get ready to push back again.  We must keep our rights if we want to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.  We need to force the politicians to move past the failure of gun control and start to look for the real cause and prevention of these attacks, because guns are not it.