Friday, February 16, 2007

Winter Is Here

Well, we got snow finally, and lots of Ice. . . leave it to my car to break down in the bad weather. Anyway at least I got home with it. . . It should warm up into the 30s this weekend so maybe I can look at it and see what is going on. My bet is a trip to the shop and more $$ for me. . .

anyway, figured it was time to post something. I have added a bunch to my karate web page but still need to get photos of my models for my family page. Also need new photos of the family to add in too. I will roll it out to the family when John III gets here in may.

The kids are looking forward to spring, my oldest can't wait to get down to the range again and do some shooting. She likes it even though she tells me she is the only one who does it out of all her friends. Guess that is what I get trying to raise kids in the peoples republic of MA. . . .

More later


Thursday, February 8, 2007

Been a year

Well, it’s been a year since my dad passed. Going to be a long day I guess. . . all I can say is “still miss ya dad”. . . .

On a happier note I sent in a request to my favorite radio station for a song in memory of dad and they were good enough to play it! All I can say is that meant a lot to me I can tell ya.

Still going on the web pages. Got a lot done on the Karate side, but still have much to do on the family personal page. Hope to get more photos this weekend so I can do more posts and maybe work on my model section a bit. We will see.