Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obama Care take 2

The more I hear from people smarter than I on this mess the more I think Robert's may have done us a great favor in ruling for Obama the way he did. . . Obama won the battle, but Robert's has set up the GOP to win the war.

By killing the mandate and saying it is Constitutional if it is a TAX he took the Commerce Clause off the table.  This means the government has not really gained any more power on us like they could have.  They could already tax us over anything, so this is just another tax.

By making this a tax he has made Obama responsible for one of the greatest if not the greatest tax increase on the middle and lower class in our history - while taking the fact it has anything to do with Healthcare off the table. . . not good in an election year.  Now lets hope Romney will use this against them.

This new tax also hits older folks who have Medicade, and they vote. . . .

But probably best is this spells out how we can rid ourselves of this mess:

1 - As a tax Romney can exempt all states from it on his own if elected POTUS. . . game over.  Just like Obama is ignoring immigration Romney can end this.
2 - as a tax Congress can attache it to a budget and only needs 50% +1 vote to end all funding for the law, again ending it.

It would still be on the books but who will want to fund it since they will be seen as raising taxes again on folks and that never goes over well. . . .

And to end it this has got the TEA Party all riled up.  They are now hot to end this and to do it they have to get out the vote.  50%  of folks don't want the law and only about 20% do, so 30% don't care and now that it is a tax may be able to be pulled into the Anti Obamacare camp. . . either way this is a great way to get TEA and Romney supporters excited and out to vote or talk others into voting with them.  The Dems are excited now but probably won't be in a week or two once the see how this is going to be used against them. . . They may have been much better off if they lost on this one. . . .

So I am starting to recover. . . I thought this was a bad ruling but now I think it may actually help us take back our country.  Bring on November and lets toss out the Liberals!

End of the Republic

Well folks, it is done

Now that Obamacare is the law of the land there is nothing the government can't controls in your life.  You see now they can claim a vested interest in anything that effects your health and therefore control it.  We and or freedom have been sold out for what the progressives feel is fair, with no regard to how this will strip us of freedom and our rights.  Our country is broke now, and this will push us over the edge.

Mark my words - this won't work.  And next they will tell us we all have to have insurance ands pay for it to save ourselves. . . Then they will tell us the only way to save it is to have government insurance. . . We will have fully socialized medicine in our lives, along with all the failures it brings. 

Congratulations are in order for Obama - he is well on his way to his goal of making us a third world country.

This is a very sad day folks. . . . I fear the world we are leaving for our kids. 

Obama Care Ruling

Borepatch has it well in hand here if you care to read it.

I think he is right. . . it boils down to no matter what happens today we are screwed.  Obama will probably get to keep some if not all of it and it will bankrupt us.  Have no fear of that.  Even with the "penalty fine" for not having healthcare we lose.

Here in MA we are already seeing this.  Healthy young folks find it cheaper to pay the fine than have healthcare, then they sign up for it if they get sick. . . end result we don't have near the money going into the insurance that is going out. . . and we are going broke over it.

It is a nice idea that the liberals push, but like everything else in their world, it does not work in reality.  I wish we all had healthcare, jobs, free food and housing . . . but sorry, in the real world you have to work and earn all of this.  And the more free stuff you give away the fewer folks that will work to pay the bills.

Europe is having this problem now. . . look at Greece - they are so dependent on handouts that the country is failing and they can't let go.  A drowning man who can swim but won't drop the fake gold brick that is pulling him under. . . .

And we are going right after them. . . . . .

Monday, June 25, 2012

Direct TV - NOT

Can someone please tell me how Direct TV can claim to have a viable product when every time it rains we lose the signal?  What do they think folks don't watch TV if it is raining?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obama the gun runner

So now Obama is saying Congress can't have the Fast and Furious papers due to executive privilege. . . . And as others have said for him to do this he had to know about it or where is the privilege.

So either he is lying to cover illegal activity by his appointee or he is covering running guns into another country to destabilize it. . .  And right on our border too.

Either way someone should be warming up the impeachment paperwork. . .

Why is the media still covering for this nut?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama hurts the job market

Thank you President Obama for your actions today.  By going around Congress and  letting young illegals stay in the USA you are taking jobs away from American kids in this already tight job market.  Thank you for again proving you are against the middle class and working Americans.  INS should be at the demonstrations supporting this arresting every illegal there and deporting them.  Yet another reason to vote you out in Nov 

update - the only part of this mess I can agree with is that military service should be a valid path to citizenship.  If you show that level of dedication to our country you should have a way to become legal here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fortelling the Future

Folks, you want to see why we need to get Obama out of office in Nov just take a look at Calf.  That is what Obama and the Dems want the country to become. . .

Take a look at some thoughts on that HERE

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is CNN Bailing on Obama?

Take a look at this editorial on CNN. . .

Never thought I would live to see CNN print something like this.  It is a write up about how the liberals wanted Obama to be King and get all his crazy ideas made law . . .  And their disappointment with reality and our government that won't let it happen.

They finally admit that they hate our government because it stops their progressive ideas. . .

Sorry folks, you are not the majority in this country, and you sure as hell don't know how to run it so this is a good thing.  It is also good to see your true self, acting like the children you are cry and having fits because you don't get your way.

Thank God the vote in Wisconsin when our way.  There is hope that sanity will come back and folks will not only vote Obama out of a job, but that they are starting to wake up to the idea that socialism in any form is a failure.

Of course this could also have been caused by the fact that CNN is falling like a brick in the rating while Fox News is doing well. . . CNN use to be the king of news, now no one is watching. . .  they know that CNN is more on entertainment than news.  To see them actually report something that is telling.  Maybe they are starting to get the message that folks want news, not propaganda out of a news network. . .

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 6- 1944 and 1942. . .

Rememeber those who gave all this day in two critical battle of WWII.

Most think of D-Day today, but don't forget a few years earlier as we were desperate and it looked like all was lost the battle of Midway took place from June 4-7 1942. . . . . a battle that turned the tide in the Pacific and put us on the road to victory there.

This is a critical day in world history folks, please take a moment to reflect on those who paid the price for us all.