Friday, March 22, 2019

Space 1999 Hawk

Loved this kit as a kid, I thought it was a great design. . . Wish Alpha had had a few in their hangers for use on the show but no luck. . . only in the one episode. . .

But the latest kit release is great.  Lots of details and lots and LOTS of decals to put on her.  MPC put the kit out again and there are still some on Amazon if you are looking for them. . .

While I weathered the two Eagles I have, I did nothing as far as weathering on the Hawk. .  . May at some point but not for now. . .

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Famous Droids

So as I continued to build up the Sci-Fi collection and my Star Wars Bandi kids I had to depart from ships for just a bit. . .  I mean how could I have a Star Wars model collection without these guys?

This is actually two kits.  C3PO came as his own kit, and R2 and BB8 were one kit.  They are a bit on the smaller side compared to other kids of these droids (R2 and C3P0) but the detail is GREAT!. 

I continue to be thrilled with the Bandi kits and the detail they have.  They also go together rather easy so they are great kits to get started in the hobby with.  But if you have the experience you can do so much with them with a bit of added paint and weathering.  I did not weather the droids, but I have been weathering the ships.

R2 and BB8 also came with various arms and things you could use and opening doors that you could use to show them doing things if you wanted to.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Trying to get blogging again

OK, been a while and I am going to try to get this going again. . . maybe spread out a bit as life has gotten busy. . .

Just did a post on my models, there will be more of those to come.

I will also start doing some blogging on Safety and my experience as I learn new stuff as a member of my towns CERT  (Citizens Emergency Response Team).  This was a spillover as I became the safety guy at my office.  From there I moved into learning to be an instructor for First Aid, CPR and AED through the Mass Masons. 

The goal for the Masons is to make training affordable to everyone so we can get more folks trained in First Aid, AED, and CPR. 

Well, that just got things going and when the town sent out a notice that they were looking for folks to join the CERT . . . . well, the rest is history.

Anyway learning some cool stuff and it should be shared so we can all be safer and ready for whatever comes our way. . . .

More later

Hobbies - A-Wing

Need to get this thing going again so figured time to post some pics of the latest builds.

I love building models.  Mostly military aircraft in 1/48 if I can get them but also Sci-Fi stuff.  I recently discovered Bandi Star Wars kits and that was not good for my wallet. . .. these are snap-together kits, but very well done and LOTS of detail.  I was amazed at the level of detail they put in these and the accuracy.  So here is the first one I did, an A-Wing with a bit of weathering - a very fun kit.  Was heavy when it was done. ..

This just got me going again. . . I am working my way through their ships (all 1/72 scale) and will post the rest as I have time.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Still here

Just a quick note.  Still here but busy.  Lost a bunch of weight, put some back on but not bad at all.  Still down about 20-25 lbs from my max and going down.  Getting back into my models too.  I should start posting photos of the new additions. . .

More later

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Lost Wedding and Engagement Rings

Not a good weekend.  Went to visit my Daughter at school for family weekend. . .

Halfway through the day my wife noticed her rings were gone. . .  .

Hope they are in the house someplace and we will find them but my fear is it fell off outside on campus at Roger Williams someplace. .  ..

Nothing I can do now but hope. . .

Update - We did find them a week later in the laundry. .  . thank God someone was watching over us.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

When will we wake up?

Was disappointed today to read a post from a friend in fear of what is going on in our nation and blaming Trump.  Her fear was they would go back to outlawing interracial marriage. . .

Folks, Stop falling for the fake news.  Look at the data and turn off the TV.  Obama did a ton of damage to race relations, but we can and are fixing that.  Thanks to Trump black unemployment is at a low we have not seen in years.  The hate groups that you see in the news are from the left, not the right – Antif and Black lives are leftist group’s folks.  No one is going to go back to separate but equal or any other outdated racial laws.  No one is going to overturn Roe V. Wade either so get over it.

Then I had a friend say the parties switched after the civil war so she could blame the right for the KKK and such.  Sorry, no they didn’t.  The KKK was started by the Dems, and some of their favorite Senators were high ranking members. . .You want proof you need look no further than any Dem controlled city – Chicago, Boston, Detroit, etc. . . and you can see the Dems still have their slaves, but now they keep they keep them in place with forced dependence on the state to live.  You want your welfare check do what we say.  You want a good education and to break out of poverty you better get out of those cities.

You want to fix this stop letting the pols divide us and stop playing the race card.  We had 8 years under Obama when all we heard about was race.  Anything against Obama was race-based and if you did not like him you were racist.  No, I am not racist (I have friends of all races and religions) but I am getting sick of being called one because I don’t agree with socialists.

Now folks complain about the government power.  Again thank Obama.  He spent the last 8 years ruling by executive order and building up the power of the office of President way beyond what it should be.  Sure Bush II started it, but Obama cranked things up to 11.  Both were wrong to do it.
And now we have folks openly calling to turn our nation socialist.  Even as we watch it fail AGAIN in Venezuela.  Socialism has never worked ANYWHERE.  Stop thinking it will work if we just try it one more time. . . . get an education, learn some history, and admit that too good to be true is what it is and move on.

Then we move on to open borders.  We have illegals killing folks, taking our tax money in welfare they are not owed, and even getting tax returns. . . WTF?  Add to that these nice open borders are only making it harder to deal with the drug issues facing our nation.  You will never stop drugs with the drug war, but Open Borders is just insane.  There are terrorists who will use our open borders against us folks.  They already do. . . this can be seen by the training camp found recently where they were teaching kids to attack schools.  . . . ya, news media dropped that one quick.

Now look at gun deaths . . . actually down by almost a full percent, but the news folks ignore that.  Overall they have been going down for over 20 years now but the media wants you to think they are going up. . . Why?

Then I look around, the folks I see full of hate are not the gun owners.

You should be afraid of those who would disarm you.  Ask why they want you to be helpless?

Gun owners are not the danger or the racists the news media portrays to push a political agenda.  After each of these mass shootings (in gun free zones) it has been gun owners who come forward to fix things.  It is gun owners who offered to train folks after the Pulse attack so LGBT folks would not have to live in fear.  It is gun owners who have offered to train folks at churches to keep them safe.  It is gun folks who continue to offer solutions that are ignored.

Look at the data.  We did not have this problem before the gun grabbers and the politically correct BS got so popular.  The more gun control we have passed the more shootings we have had. . . .

Wake up folks.  The left is not helping anyone.  They are the problem, not the solution.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Rest in Peace Gunny. . . .

Damn it we lost a good one over the weekend. . .

I know a few folks that met R. Lee and every one of them said he was one of the nicest folks you could meet.  I never had the chance myself. . .  but I loved his shows and movies.  He did a lot to promote our rights and was an all-around good guy. . .  we need more like him.

Thanks for all you did Gunny!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

You Tube Shooting

Since all this attack does is prove the failure of gun control you can expect it will be out of the news very quickly. . . it does not support the right agenda for it to be "news".

What it does though shows that even in Calf with all the insane gun laws they have it did NOTHING to stop a shooter.

Time to wake up, tell the kids to shut up adults are talking, and end gun control and the BS that does nothing but make it more dangerous for law-abiding folks.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Florida School Shooting

OK, it has been a few weeks and let's look at the facts:
·         Shooter used an AR-15
·         Cops/Sheriffs deputy’s waited outside knowing there was shooting and let it happen
·         School refused to report him so they would get grant money
·         Sheriff worked with the school to cover up crime/threats so they got money
·         Multiple complaints about him but no restraining order
·         Previous attempts to commit him turned down
·         FBI was warned and did not act

So please tell me how another gun law will make ANY difference in a case like this??? The laws in place would have stopped him if ANYONE DID THEIR F’ING JOB.

Yesterday there was another school attack and the school cop did his job.  Gunman (with a pistol) dead and only two wounded. . .  yet they want more gun free zones and gun bans.

To top it off now someone is paying to send a bunch of these kids around the nation so they can stand in front of the cameras and read their script calling for gun control and disarming law-abiding citizens.  To make it worse they are pushing these kids as experts.

How does any of this make these kids experts?  Think about it.  So they were in the school and were lucky and go out.  Calling them an expert is insane.  I have walked by construction sites, am I a building expert?  I have had a check-up, am I a doctor?  Was in the office when my kids had fillings done, am I a dentist????  Same DAMN THING.

So let's stop giving in to the bullshit and saying these kids know one damn thing about the law, guns, or our Constitutional rights.  They totally ignore the failures of the very people who are supposed to keep them safe and call for more attacks on our rights.  ENOUGH.  

Someone needs to explain to them we are sorry for what happened, but they are not experts on shit and please sit down and shut up.  Enough is enough.

Time for the adults who actually know something about mental illness and the drugs these kids have ALL been on to have a long discussion on what to do.  And time to end the BS of gun control that has cost so many lives.