Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Armed Robbery

Interesting how there are two very different outcomes to these two armed robbery's in Tenn. that have been reported on the web. I am sure the media won't look into it. It about says all there is to say about why the Second Amendment is a recognition of a personal right. I got this from the Blog War on Guns:

A 19-year-old clerk was killed Monday night after two men robbed the gas station where he worked, shot him and left him for dead in the middle of the street outside, Metro police said.
A would-be robber at an Inglewood liquor store was shot and killed Saturday night after a customer opened fire, Metro police said.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

two shot in DC School

How can that be? Handguns are illegal in DC, must be some kind of misprint since we all know gun control works right? Then he carjacked a few folks with this handgun he didn't have. . .. way to go DC. Can't wait to hear the excuse on this one

Lessons I still need to learn

Had an interesting class last night at Karate. It was just me and one other student (who is ratehr new) with the teacher. I managed to get mad at myself when I kept catching myself thinking critical things about this kid who is trying to learn Karate and has obvious balance issues.

Now I am sure he will get past them with the Karate if he sticks to it. You will may no end up with perfect balance from it but I have to think it will improve like any other ability with practice. . . Now if I can just keep reminding myself that I need to relax and just deal with my own issues ( I know I have plenty to work on) in class and stop thinking about what others are doing. . .

The other learning moment was that I am still doing everything like a Shotokan person not a Shohei person should. . . by that I mean that the new style is hard/soft and Shotokan is a very hard style. When going through drills with my teachers she pointed out how I don’t have the soft side of the style down and need to work on it (a lot. . .). Instead of the nice circular blocks I was doing a hard block/strike which is very Shotokan. Unlike the hard Shotokan style the Shohei style has soft almost Kung Fu like blocks then a hard strike follows up. . . Another day another lesson hopefully learned. . . now for a few years of practices so I can actually do it without thinking about it. . . .

Gotta Love Non Sequitur

Had to post this one, I found it rather funny. . . . Here is the original

Monday, April 28, 2008


Finally getting some rain here. We need it, I hear we have had a lot of brush fires around. But more important on a personal note I have new grass seeds over the new septic system that need the water and I would rather it rained than I have to move the sprinklers around = )

Something to think about

Here is an interesting new thought on a gun law we can all get behind. . .

I have to say I would back it. I still remember being at a party in my house in college that a friend brought a friend to (I didn't know him and most others there didn't either). This long haired hippy type waits to the middle of the party, then tells all of us with short hair cuts that you have to be an idiot to have short hair. . . . he then goes off on his liberal BS speech against the man and how the liberal hippies had it right. . . . I should have smacked him but it was my house and he was invited by a friend so I had to put up with him. My friend who brought him (who knew we all had long hair and such at one point) apologized for him and we never did see the moron again. It just blew me away - no thought at all about where he was, who was around or anything. would have been interesting to see him do that in a bar near a Marine base. . . although they are gentlemen and also may have resisted giving him the beating of some sense that he needed. . . What is it with the hippie mind that all wisdom goes away. . .


Monday morning update. . . well we made it through the weekend. The youngest one ended up not having her sleepover since she did not get any one to answer her short notice email about the party. We will put it off for a few weeks and see what happens.

As for the oldest one, she did manage to get all the ink off herself on Saturday. She came out looking like she was sun burnt from all the scrubbing but she did get it off. I guess you can do it if you want to bad enough – that and the fact you have the boy you like’s name written on your forehead. . . amazing what you can do to save face as they say. . .

So it is a new week, and all is well again.

I got some photos for the Monday Model and a few pics of my adjustable workbench as promised. I should have them up after lunch or so.

Monday Model

OK, a few quick shots of another Sci Fi model. This is the Star Fury from Babylon 5. A great concept and one of the only ships I ever saw that actually was drawn to work the way a spaceship would in the real world.

You never saw them bank or do any other fancy maneuvers that you need air and wings to do. they also did neat things like spin around 180 without changing direction to shoot at things behind them. all cool stuff most folks probably missed but I am a geek so. . .

A great show and model. . . .

Shop Bench

OK, here are a few quick photos of the movable shop bench top that I put in to make working in the new shop easier. The idea is you can set the height depending on the tool you put on it so the work surface lines up with the benches that way you can work on a long piece and it is supported by the rest of the bench.

I have not used it much yet so we will see how it works. . .

Here you can see how I got it to work, I made a frame for the top, and set in pegs that you set to the height you want. Then just put the top back on and away you go

It is set up for my miter saw, router table(shown on the wrong setting), small drill press and the original setting of empty that will put the frame level with the bench top . . .

I liked the idea, we will see how it works out. . . and yes, I have too much time on my hands, that is what happens when you don't have money to go out = )

Saturday, April 26, 2008

More MA Gun News

Emergency Powers Bill Heads to Senate Floor! S.1401, "An Act Prohibiting the Confiscation of Lawfully Owned Firearms During a State of Emergency," has been passed by the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security and will now head to the Senate floor for consideration. S.1401 would protect our Second Amendment rights by prohibiting any government agency from confiscating or regulating the lawful sale, possession, transfer, transport and carry of firearms during a state of emergency. Please continue to contact your State Senator today at (617) 722-1455 and respectfully urge him or her to support S.1401. You can find your State Senator and his or her contact information by clicking here.

Mass Gun News

From the NRA

Amendment Filed to House Budget to Reduce Firearm License Fees! State Representative George Peterson (R-9th Worcester) has filed an amendment to the House FY2009 Budget regarding Firearms License Fees. This amendment reduces the current license fees for a License to Carry Firearms/Firearm Identification Card from $100 to $40. The current fee structure is excessive and amounts to a tax on the Second Amendment rights of the citizens to own firearms---and those who cannot afford the fees are forced to give up their rights in the Commonwealth. Please contact your State Legislators and ask them to support State Representative Peterson's FY2009 House Budget amendment. To contact your State Legislators please click here.

Lets get going folkes, I already sent in my email. . .

Weekend Update

Well I thought I had survived the first night of the girls sleepovers without a hitch but I am told otherwise. . . It seems my 12 year old has pen all over her face and it is writing about boys and such so my wife says. . . . this should be interesting. I have no idea what got into their heads last night but she will be going to school Monday no matter what. Maybe that will be enough to get the lesson into her head. . . .

On the Jack side of things he managed to walk about 5 feet to mom this morning then went back to crawling. . . . .

That is all for now

Friday, April 25, 2008


Wish me luck folks. . .

Tonight my oldest is having three of her friends over for an overnight party, and tomorrow night my other daughter gets her turn with friends over for the night. This will be the first overnights since Nana moved in so I hope they don’t keep her up all night. For us it is easy as our bedroom is on the other side of the house so as long as it is kept to a dull roar we are set. . . It should be interesting and if things follow the normal course they will get little to no sleep wake me up early tomorrow and want me to make pancakes. . . Going to be a long weekend. . . .

But on another note it looks like they have not seeded the new grass yet so I can dig in the cable I need to before they do it. . . . Yaa hoo. . .

Say Thank You

Here is a really cool idea that is supposed to be spreading on how to say THANKS to all the troops. Give it a look.


I had posted some new photos of Jack over here and even put the one of him by the fence as my new Desktop wallpaper. The more I look at this photo the more I wish I knew what he was thinking. He is just under a year old and this was one of his first trips outside into the yard. I love the look on his face as he surveys his yard and I just want to know what is going through his mind on the grand adventure outside. . . He was just starting to stand up when this was taken, and that was only a few weeks back and he is already getting ready to walk. This I think must be the ultimate adventure as it is all new to him. . .
He has started to do his Mogly walk, from the Jungle Book. I have not been able to get him to do it when I have a camera around, but it is funny. I am betting he will be walking within a week or so.
It's funny how different he is from his sisters. I think he is a bit ahead of both of them at this point, more teeth and more mobile than they were at this age. The oldest was walking before her first birthday but the younger daughter did not as she had her sister doing everything for her so she had no reason to try to walk or talk, she just would point and go UG and that was that. . . .
Should be an interesting next few weeks. . .

House update

The finishing touches are being done to the house today. The house addition itself is done but they had not fixed the yard.

Well that is over. The diggers are back and they spent the last day or so doing the last bit of landscaping of the yard that got dug up for the addition and new septic system. Now I will have to start to water it but we are DONE!! YA!!

The work shop is about finished, Nana has only a few little things to get cleaned up and it is all over.

Now it is time for me to start working on the yard. We fell way behind in that department last year since the house was being worked on. With all the construction I didn’t do a thing in the yard last year. . . . Payback sucks. . . .

So soon it will be off to clean out the woods and see what fallen trees I can cut up for next winter. And I have to get all the junk moved out of the old shed into the new one. . . may be throwing out a bunch too if I do it right. . . Lots of work but it feels good to be moving on to the yard finally and not be worrying about the house any more. . . I hope we have a decent weekend weather wise to get started.

Heard in the house last night

My oldest has once again proven she is my child. . . .

Last night while watching Weaponology on TV they were covering the development of the Sniper Rifle and Snipers. . . . During the show the following exchange was heard –

TV – “ the longest sniper kill was 2600+ yards, over 1.5 miles”

Daugher – “ over a mile and a half, COOL”

Later that night on Future Weapons, the show had on it a new gun from Israel that let you look and shoot around corners. Daughter again stopped in the TV room, saw the new gun and I quote “ that’s neat!”

Yep, she is definitely my kid. . . .

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And so it starts. . . .

All I can ask is GOD HELP ME!

My mother (Nana) wanted to take the girls out to a movie this afternoons since they are on break. . . they said no. I fear the older one (Now 12, 13 in August) is hitting the teen years attitude and I fear what that will bring.

Now I have been warned by many parents that have girls that this was coming but I still lived in blissful ignorance thinking that she would be different. We get along OK for the most part but I still figured that I would magically avoid the teen years problems and all would be well ( I can dream right?) . . . . .

OK, 4/23/08 I have noted the date that it hit. . . now the fun really begins I guess. . . She tells us that Nana treats her like a little kid and she can’t deal with it. . . . this upsets Nana and she can’t deal with that either. . . seems like a no win to me. . .

I guess I will just have to hide in my one last happy place, there are no boyfriends yet for me to worry about. . . but I am sure time is running out on that one too. . . stay tuned. . .

Back to my happy place, I am in my happy place, all is well. . . .

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Disney Magic

The story is here but in a nutshell a family in Disney was getting ready to go home and the Dad threw out what he thought was trash but it had his wifes rings in it. Disney folks told them that they probably would not find them in the trash from the hotel, but VOLUNTEERED to dig through the trash to try to find them and did! That is why I love going there. . . the folks at Disney always go the extra mile for you. (and no, I am not the poor bugger in the story. . . )

News in the news. . . .

Sounds like someone forgot to tell the GM at channel 7 in Boston to keep her mouth shut about how the media runs things. . . The Boston Globe is reporting that she had a bit of a problem on the plane into Boston and when she was arrested at Boston’s Logan Airport here is what happened:

Randi Goldklank flailed her arms and screamed at State Police when they took her into custody after her Delta flight landed Sunday night, according to the report. She had to be helped off the plane by two crew members, according to the report, and struck a trooper in the chest, breaking the prescription glasses in his pocket.

"I'm a big shot in Boston and I'll have your [expletive] jobs," Goldklank told the troopers, according to the report. "You think you're a [expletive] tough guy, just you watch and see what the [expletive] happens to you when I get out of here."

But it gets better. . . after a bit she calmed down, claimed that she was inappropriately touched by a male passenger and that is what upset her. She then proceeded to do this per the police report: "The defendants demeanor changed and she became quiet," the report says. "After a few minutes she leaned toward Sergeant Luce and stated, 'You think I’m cute and I think you're cute, just drive me home.' "

I am so glad that the media does not think they are better than the rest of us. . . .well, I guess some of them do. . . and they wonder why we don’t believe them any more. . . . One or two bad apples like this one will spoil the image of the whole bunch.

The report in the Globe can be found here.

Again I say it. . . some day they will go back to just reporting the facts instead of making the news themselves. And they sure as hell need to learn they are no better than the rest of us and have to follow all the same rules we do. . . .

Weekend work

Other than the quick trip to the range with the wife and older daughter most of my weekend was spent working on my “new” workshop. The addition to the house is done, Mom/Nana is moved in and unpacking so I have a cellar filled with my Dad’s tools and mine all mixed up and piled in boxes. . . well, not any more.

I got my adjustable bench built first. This thing is a take off of something I saw in a Home Handyman write up years ago. I put together my work bench so that there was a space in the middle of it. I then built in a way to put an adjustable height platform there. . . you move the dowels to the right spot and put the counter top back on then put your tool on it and the work surface of the tool (say router table or miter saw) lines up with the rest of the work bench so you don’t have to balance your project as you run it through the tool. Kinda cool no? I will try to remember to get a few pics tonight to add here. . .

The second part was the back breaking part. . . I had a crawl space that the builder put cement in but it was not level.. . . I spend the time bent over in the (tiny height wise) space to build up a platform so it would be level and I could use it for storage. Dad had one heck of a shop and lots of stuff that is cool to have but you don’t use that often like plumbing and drywall stuff. You don’t use it often but when you need it boy is it great to have around. . .

Now I just have a shelf I want to build in then I should have most of the shop done and put away. . . when it is all done I want the middle to be empty so I can do my Karate forms and maybe hang my heavy bag in the middle for a good work out. I have not been to the gym in years and need to get back to more of a workout than just a few karate classes a week. The kids will also get some training in hand to hand once I am done with it. I got the younger daughter into Karate but the older one is not interested. That is cool, but she will lean how to take care of herself or I don’t deserve the name DAD ya know? Next week will be the big test, my brother in law wants to build something for his prospecting trip to CA so I will be helping to build a dry washer in my shop. . . we will see how it goes. . .

Thoughts for today. . .

Interesting discussion on the radio today. . . Triggered by the young folks backing Obama. . . Should all these young folks be able to vote?

It is an interesting question – yes they can vote, but do they have the background to actually make a good informed decision? Think about it. What were you doing in your early 20’s. . . I know many of these college kids and young folks seem to have a distorted view of the world. I don’t even speak about politics with my niece and nephew who are both college age or the younger kids in my Karate class. They are completely liberal yet they have worked very little, and don’t have any idea what it means to pay taxes, support a family, and pay a mortgage but they are ok with the Bush bad, guns bad, need more taxes to pay for X,Y or Z. And these folks are the ones backing Obama. . . I hope they do what they do every election and fail to turn out in any reasonable numbers.

I don’t know how one can do it and not run afoul of the Constitution but it seems to me that we let folks vote who just don’t have the life experience to really choose our President or understand the long term effect the liberal agenda will have on our country and our families if it is allowed to become law.

Folks may hate me for saying it but I think the Founding Fathers had it right in the old days when you had to be a land owner to vote. At least it insured that you were old enough to have land you were responsible for and hopefully understood what that meant. I think if you polled folks you would find folks that owned land, and had families are probably more on the conservative side than the rest of us are since they know how hard they work to support these responsibilities and how much BIG government (ie – Taxes) spending hurts them.

Who knows, but something to thing about next time you see some college kid living off Mom and Dad tells you that we need more government programs and taxes. . . .

Patriot's Day

Busy weekend around the house – more on that later. . . Start with Spring has sprung and my wife and oldest daughter went down the range on Monday (had the day off for Patriots day). What other way to celebrate Patriots day than getting a trip to the range for some practice punching holes in paper with little pieces of lead?

Overall we had a great time but it did get a bit cool down there toward the end of the afternoon. All in all a great day. . . was the first time I actually had it off so that was nice too. . . .

Friday, April 18, 2008


Got this off the Concealed Carry newsletter and had to pass it on. . . .

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Universal Health Care

Well if you want Universal Health Care and you don't want to see the facts from the UK and Canada that it don't work look at this. . . . We have had state sponsored insurance in lovely MA since January and already our lovely Governor Deval "Together We Can" Patrick is asking for another $153.1 million for unexpected costs incurred by "high enrollment" in the state’s subsidized health care program.

MA already taxes us to death now, and it is only going to get worse. On a national level this will be a HUGE disaster. . .

Another reason to avoid voting for Obama come this fall. . .

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sci FI

I think I am dating my self on this one but this is from one of my favorite shows as a kid = Space 1999. .. . If only. . . . .

I love this model. This was one of the first Sci Fi vehicles that actually looked like it may be real or we could actually make one. That and it was a workhorse, not some fancy starship with warp engines that we can't make. This was cool and when the show was first on TV 1999 was far enough away that you thought it may happen. . . .


New Jack Photos -

Jacks first day out in the yard. As I write this he is walking behind the trash can from the kitchen that he is using to hold himself up. At 11 months I think I am in trouble. . . .

Jack seems to like his cheese bones. . . . he spent the better part of the day crawling around like this. I guess he likes cheese. . . .

Virginia Tech One Year Later

More on this later but here is a nice article in the NYT on it.


Ok it is now evening and I have been thinking about this on and off all day. I think the obvious stuff has mostly been said about this whole sad event. The one thing that still gets to me is I don't thing we are one step closer to preventing another one, or identifying anyone who may do this. All we have now is more sharply divided liberal vs gun owner on how to fix this.

The choices seem to be stick our heads in the sand and pretend it won't happen again or do something to fix it, and most seem to have taken the stick you head in the sand option. Gun free zones don't work. And can someone please tell me what magic there is on college campuses that make everyone fear a lawful, licensed gun owner? Why do they seem to think that someone who has been found fit to carry a gun almost anywhere else in public will suddenly go nuts when they cross that magic line onto school property. I will believe in the gun free zones when someone can explain the magic to me. . . . . Until then, someone please get us back to sanity and allow us to defend ourselves and our loved ones. . . .

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter is visiting Hamas and has reportedly warmly hugged a Hamas Politician. What has this country come to? This guy was our President – not a good one, probably on of the worst in my lifetime but still our President and he is meeting on good terms with Hamas. . . . . I never thought I would see the day. . . . someone tell me the reports are wrong. . ..

Let me put it another way . . . our former President Carter is meeting with Hamas on good terms, a terrorist organization – thereby giving aid and comfort to a known enemy of the USA. . . They will have a propaganda field day with the recognition they will get having a former US President recognizing them and their fight. What the hell is he doing? These folks would not go to the bargaining table to work for peace before, they sure as hell won’t go now.

I guess this is how Liberal Democrats work for world peace? They back the terrorist organizations and get them news time and propaganda and this somehow makes us safer? I wonder if they will give him another Nobel Peace Prize for this?

I am so disgusted by this I don’t know what else to say. To have a past President do this is to show weakness to our enemies and give them aid not to mention let them think they can work to divide us against ourselves even more than we are. . . I think this boarders on treason. Maybe we should start calling him Jane Fonda Carter. . . .

Jack Photos

I hope to get some time tonight to put up some new Jack photos here and on the family web page for those of you interested in seeing the little monster. . . He is getting big at 11 mo old now. He is doing the furniture walk about the house and crawls all over. He has been real excited now that the warm weather is here and he can go outside. He loves it. I got a swing set up for him last weekend and you should have seen the look on his face - His first time on a real swing and he loved it!

Gotta run, lots going on today. . . . check for pics tomorrow. . . .

Blogs Link List Updates

I realized I have not updated my link list in a while and I have been reading a few more blogs so I thought I should add them, take a look.

Welcome aboard :

MadOgre - Great gun info and other stuff too
Where Sometimes Things go Bang
Xavier Thoughts
The Right to Bear Arms
One the Clock - this is a cool blog by a college student who is becoming an EMT
Star of Life - Fictional story by Ambulance Driver - hell of a read

Go take a look when you have some time


This is an example of Oleg Volk's photos. He does great stuff that makes you think. . . Go stop by his page and take a look. Lots of GREAT stuff. Link is on the sidebar

Quote for Today

“You do not define the First Amendment. It defines you. And it is bigger than you. That’s how freedom works. It also demands you do your homework. Again and again, I hear gun owners say, how can we believe anything the anti-gun media says when they can’t even get the facts right? For too long, you have swallowed manufactured statistics and fabricated technical support from anti-gun organizations that wouldn’t know a semi-auto from a sharp stick. And it shows. You fall for it every time.”
— Charlton Heston in a speech to the National Press Club,

Monday, April 14, 2008

Interesting fact. .. .

The Aftermath of Gun-Free School Zones
created by the 1990 Crime Control Act

Years Incidents
1776-1990 214 7
1990-2007 17 78

Ya, I guess that works well. . . .

(From the View from North Central Idaho)

Trunk Monkey hits the big time

From ride fast and shoot straight -

Taser used to rescue a child

A small child locked in a car. Frantic mom calls the cavalry.

A police officer used a Taser to help a toddler unlock his mother's car after she left her keys inside, according to the Port Angeles Police Department.
The responding officer couldn't find a way to get in (without breaking a window, I assume) so he got creative.
"I have four kids and I know that a 2-year-old loose in the car is as good as a trunk monkey if you can just figure out how to motivate him to do what you want," said Wood.
He used the laser on the taser and told the toddler to "get the dot", then guided the kid over to the door lock button. Eventually the little one pushed the button. That's pretty damn clever.

The trunk monkey has hit the big time - google it

Obama thinks we are bitter. . . .

Obama's latest put down on average folk er, I mean quote about average folk. . .

“There are a whole bunch of folks in small towns in Pennsylvania, in towns right here in Indiana, in my home town in Illinois, who are bitter. They are angry… So I said, well ya know, when you’re bitter, you turn to what you can count on. So people, ya know they vote about guns or they take comfort from their faith, and their family, and their community, and they get mad about illegal immigrants who are coming over to this country, or they get frustrated about how things are changing. That’s a natural response.”

from Alphecca:

Here’s a news flash: I’m bitter because the elitists like Obama and Clinton believe that they know what’s best for me and would like to enact a nanny-state to do my thinking for me. I cling to my guns because I cling to all of my rights that the left would like to take away from me.

Guess that about says it all. . . . . Dems don't get it and guns have nothing to do with our current major issues in this country well, except for the major attack they continue to mount on the Constitution from the left. . .

Morning Drive

I would like to take a moment and thank the construction folks that thought it would be a good idea to move a mobile home during rush hour this morning. Guys it was a great idea to add a slow moving wide load to the morning rush, it really made my day, it was nice to see something new holding up traffic for a change. . . .

Maybe next Monday you can go for a double wide and tie up two lanes of the highway. . . . .

Friday, April 11, 2008

Clinton and Obama starting to show their true colors

Well both Hillary and Obama are now pushing gun control in their bid to get elected. I hope it derails them like it has so many others. When will these folks get it through their heads that criminals don't obey the law and love disarmed victims. . . . In places where they have strict gun control violent crime is up or goes up, where lawful folks can carry a gun it goes down. . . big surprise there folks - muggers and rapist don't want to get shot. . . who would have thunk it?

Add to that the fact that the MAJORITY of people asked will tell you the Second Amendment is an individual right and that we have enough gun laws on the book now if not too many.

With a bit of luck they will make enough noise to get the gun folks out to vote and that is another step in the Democrat road to steal defeat from the jaws of victory. . . .

Michellle Obama

Latest quote from Michelle Obama - “If we don’t wake up as a nation with a new kind of leadership…for how we want this country to work, then we won’t get universal health care,” she said.

“The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”

Well Michell let me tell you something, I get just enough pie to take care of my own family. . . And I bust my ass to get it, you can go get your own. Maybe these folks should start to actually work for a living and earn what they have instead of expecting the state to care for them. The state gives too much away to too many people now. You want to make it then suck it up, get an education, and get a job that pays enough to support the lifestyle you want. What, can’t do that? Then learn to live within your means. Anyone can get anywhere in this country if they get off their ass and work for it!

Too bad this is a totally new idea to Democrats. . . She is probably one of the best things going for John McCain

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Something to think about

Here is a post on CNN well worth the read. . . . Something we all need to think about

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Teacher Assaulted

I guess good old Mass is not the only messed up state. As you can read in the story, this art teacher was attacked by a student because she told them to sit down and behave. As if this is not bad enough, the animals kids friends cheered her on. . .

Now to top this all off the fool liberal Principals remarks should shock you "On one hand, she told me that she is sorry that his happened to me," Berry (the teacher) said. "But then she turned right around and told me that telling a student that I was going to defend myself was a trigger word. I triggered them."

This woman was attacked, needed the help of other teachers to end the attack, and it is her fault for telling this “kid” that she would defend herself? You have got to be kidding me. What have we come to when our teachers don’t think you or they have the right to defend ourselves from a physical attack. I hope they throw the book at this snot nosed kid for this but I am sure they won’t. They will come up with some BS on how hard her life is and how it is not her fault she started the attack, it is the teachers fault for asking for respect in the classroom.

All I can say is good luck Baltimore, you are well on your way to total chaos. And to the Principal – Yo Dude, way to support your people man. . . .

Subaru continues to blow chunks

Update on the car problems. . .

The Subaru has had problems starting in wet weather for a while now and I finally got around to getting new spark plug wires for it. I went to change them and what a pain in the ass that was. . . .

The front one on each side could be done with difficulty as is. To get to the back one on the drivers side I had to take out the washer fluid reservoir. To do the back one on the passengers side I had to take out part of the air intake system. Again I say this is a sign of a bad design. God help me when it comes time for new plugs I have no idea how you would get to them where they are – I will have to pay a shop to fix that one.

Subaru you still suck. I can’t wait till I can afford another car payment – that piece of crap is so gone when I can. . . .

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My letter to Disney on VMK

Dear Ms. Philips and Ms. Vidal

I am writing to let you know the effect your closing of Disney’s VMK is having on my daughter. She is in tears.

My family and I have been Disney fans since childhood. My wife and I had our honeymoon at Disney and even became DVC members so we could take our kids there every year or two as we can afford it. I had an image of Disney that was caring of it’s guests, and especially the children. The effect your closing of DVMK is having on my child without even thinking about ways to save it has damaged my view to say the least.

My kids pay you monthly for Club Penguin, why can’t you do this with DVMK?

I will be watching closely what is done with DVMK and it’s effect on my kids. What do you need to hear to keep it going? Would I pay for it like Club Penguin? YES!

Perhaps you want to hear the down side instead? If this becomes too much of an issue I will have to discuss options with my kids such as dropping Club Penguin since supporting it would support the folks that closed DVMK. I may also have to look at how I feel about supporting a company that can hurt my child this way. I am sure I can find other places to go on vacation and cut back on our trips to the parks, assuming that the kids want to go after this. I don’t thing you understand the impact this is having on my 10 year old child. You have done a great job crushing her today, she is in tears and writing you to save her game.

If you think you are loosing money on DVMK, think about how much more you will loose with the damage this will do to the Disney image held by the kids that play on DVMK and their families. Think of the lost revenue if we start looking for other places to spend our vacation money.

Please think this through all the way before you close DVMK.

I look forward to seeing what you choose.

Disney VMK or Virtual Magic Kingdom

Disney has lost it’s way it seems. For the first time I have seen Disney do something that hurts itself and the kids it celebrates so much

They are closing the Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK). I know this has hit home in my house. My younger daughter is in tears over this closing. She loves this game like no other. We are a family of Disney nuts so we were happy with her playing on it knowing it was Disney so child friendly. In May all that will be gone and I have to say I am not sure how to deal with it. Part of me say she will get over it and move on, but part of me also says Disney should not be closing this and it has started to change my opinion of Disney and not in a good way. I love that Disney that lets us all be kids in the parks, and we go there every few years to enjoy a vacation that can only be Disney. Heck we are even DVC members (own their time share) and love it. . . . Now I don’t know what to do. I am going to attach contact info at the bottom of the post on efforts to save Disney VMK. If you have kids, or still in contact with your inner kid drop them a note . . . ..

What if we don’t save it?? I don’t know. I do know that my image of Disney has taken a big hit for the pain it is causing my daughter. I was hooked, and I got them hooked on Disney. They seemed to be different, but now they are starting to look like any other company that is out for my money. . . This will take a few days to sink in then I will see where I stand with them. I guess I will start with writing them and go from there. . .

You can contact the Disney Internet Group via:

866 993-6263


Walt Disney Internet Group
5161 Lankershim Blvd., 4th Fl.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

FAX: 818-623-3577

Also check out

Charlton Heston Part Two

What is it with the media on this? On one side they will praise Mr. Heston on his great acting abilities and some of the all time classic movies that he has been a part of. Then they get to his later years as a conservative and NRA leader and they treat it like he suddenly changed into a bad guy (yes, this was to be expected)

May I suggest that the media needs to look at it’s history better? Charlton Heston did not change from the great man and actor that worked for civil rights and did great movies as he aged, the county changed on him. He stood for equal rights, and all the rights RECOGNIZED by the bill of rights all along, it just became un-hip when the hippy liberals took over the media to support them. So, all I can say to you media folks is that Mr. Hesaton did not change, he was a great man and patriot from the start. He fought for civil rights and the rights of us all. It is you folks in the media that changed and not for the better. . . . Try something new for a change – go back to reporting the facts as they are, not as you would like them to be. . . . .

Monday, April 7, 2008

Obama one more time

And the Obama house of cards continues to fall down. . . First his wife made her nice comments on how she had never before been proud of her country – and the blogs and some media had a field day with that.

Then Obama’s preacher came out and showed us how much of a racist he is and again the blogs and some media had another field day. To finish off this error Obama did not even come out against the guy. . . claims he never heard the speeches even though he has been going to the church for 20 years and still respects the guy. . . what a bunch of bull

Now he let slip that he really is for that gun control that he said he was not for. . . He wants a national ban on concealed carry. . . All I can say is it is legal in 48 states for a reason and after the Supreme Court rules on the Second Amendment (expected to go with the individual right reading of it) and those two states will probably have CCW permits soon.

This guy is a mess, three strikes and your out dude. . . I don’t think he can get elected period at this point. Add in the damage he and Hillary are doing to the Dems and I think they have once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. . .

The morning from HELL. . . . .

OK, here is the day so far. . .

1 - Guys came early to build the new shed

2 - My Subaru would not start AGAIN. . . Subaru sucks. . .

3 - On the way to work my truck got a flat on the drivers side, shredded the tire getting off the road. . . .

4 - Called AAA then my cell phone battery died. . .

5 - Got to work late, and could not find my badge. . . was in the car – fell off when I had to pull it apart to get to tire jack stuff. . . .

I guess it can only go up from here. . .

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Charlton Heston

He was a great man, a great actor and a great patriot.

He played so many historical figures, I wonder how he is dealing with their critique in person now. . .

Rest in Peace, you earned it.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Daughters view of shooting. . . . .

I took my daughter shooting a few weeks back and posted some photos here. . .

Today she wanted to post a few pictures from the trip on her MySpace page. . . I figure no harm, may even scare off a boyfriend or two = )

I asked her why she went with the AK photo and was told it was a prettier gun than the AR so she posted that photo. . . . I guess she just likes wood stocks over plastic. In her defense I did sand and refinish the stock, so it is not the unfinished laminate that it came with. It did clean up nice. . . .

Anyway I guess it is just further proof she is my daughter. . . .

Kaizen Done!!

I finished the Kaizen today at work. . . . Should be back to normal blogging next week. . . . for now - NEED SLEEP. . . . It was a very long week

Day by Day

Had to share this one from Day by Day: