Sunday, March 29, 2015

The End of Federal Gun Control?

You can read about it HERE

Looks like a Senator is pushing a amendment to a bill that will end current gun control and make it much harder to pass future stuff. . .

Will it go anywhere?   Probably not because we have to many traitors in DC now that ignore our Constitution and Laws otherwise gun control would have been gone long ago.

But who would have thought a few years ago that this would even be discussed in DC?  This is still a big step forward.

We need to keep up the pressure and if you look at it that way this is a small win.

Gun Control is dying folks, slowly and painfully but it is dying.  We need to keep up the pressure and make sure we finish this.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hillary needs some jail time

So she knows there is an investigation going on focused on her

So she knows she broke the law as our Sec. of State

So she has her illegal email server wiped clean knowing it will be called evidence against her


She should be facing charges on this one folks.  Destruction of evidence, or interference in an ongoing investigation. . . something

Dear Toyota (or how to screw your customer)

I have to say I use to like the new Prius we got.  Rides nice and gets great mileage. . .

All that ended today. . .

You see we managed to lose the keys to the damn car.  Now I admit losing them is my fault and I am willing to pay a reasonable amount to replace them. . . . the problem is it is a very unreasonable amount that I will have to pay to replace them.

This is a sign of bad engineering or bad customer service, not sure which but both speak very poorly about Toyota.

Now as an Engineer who is involved in new product launches we do an in depth evaluation of what can go wrong as I am sure you do. . . . somewhere in that list MUST have been the customer looses the keys to the car.

Now is where I begin to see the flaw in Toyota.

Knowing that folks would lose the keys you can take steps to make replacement easy on your customer giving them good support.  In a customer focused world I would take ID, my registration and the VIN to the dealer, prove I own it and you would PROGRAM a new key for me . . . for say $100 or so.  Face it circuit boards are cheap and so are these keys. . . I know I make PCBs. . . .

But no, you took the other road.  Instead you make it extremely hard to get a new key.  I will have to have the car towed to the dealer where they need to pull and replace some of the electronics in the car then program two new keys. . . . for about $1000.

What a rip off.  I now see how little you care about the customer in a most painful way.  To think I stretched my ability to get a car so I could buy yours makes me feel like a fool.

Guess that won't happen again.  So congrats to you, you got my money, and soon you will get more for the new keys.  But for this one sale you have given up future sales.  I won't buy another Toyota after this.  I will give someone else a try to see if they support their customers instead.  And I will advise my friends to do the same.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Why I hate Cars

What a racket. . .

Lost the key to my wife's new Toyota. . . one of the fancy ones you don't put the key in to start. . . just push the button kind. . .

And now we can't find the spare so the dealer tells us to get us new keys they need to tow the car there and reprogram it and the keys . . . $650 or so to do.

You have got to be FUCKING KIDDING ME!

Give me back the days of a simple key you cut at the hardware store to make the car work.

What a F'ing joke this is. .  ..

Update. still can't find the keys at home. . . and it looks like the overall cost to get this fixed on Monday will be just short of $1K. . . . yes, $1000 for new keys.

This is a major screw up on my part but also on the part of every engineer that looked at this and said "No problem, folks won't lose the keys so we don't need an easy way to make new ones. . . ."

A sad day for engineering.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

More Illegals showing why we need to deport DREAMERs NOW

Story is HERE

The start of it tells you all you need to know:

The illegal immigrant charged with killing an “America’s Next Top Model” contestant was only in the U.S. because the administration had granted him amnesty under President Obama’s 2012 policy for so-called Dreamers, two senators revealed Friday afternoon.

Thank You Obama for continuing to show us that your LAST priority is the safety of America and her legal citizens.  

I pray that all the data we collected on these "Dreamers" is used to quickly round up and deport every last one of them.

What is wrong with the liberal mind letting these criminals stay in our country.  The first thing they did here was break our laws. . . why are we even giving them a chance to talk?  Round them up and send them home, no questions asked, no shot at staying for any reason and we should add on a lifetime ban of ever coming here legally. . . 

There is now a push on in Congress to make it so those kids born to illegals here will not get citizenship and I pray that passes.  As long as one parent is a US citizen the child should be able to be a citizen, if both parents are not citizens then the child is not a citizen folks. . . . 

We need to start putting America first folks, all of us. . . including our businesses.  Only then can we get back to our roots, our Constitution, and once again be a great country.

Is Hillary Unstoppable?

Seems the news media thinks so and wants us to buy it. . . .

Love how the "unbiased" news folks who are ignoring Hillary's illegal activity as Secretary of State are pushing polls that show she is way out in front of everyone. . . .

I would love to see who they are talking to.  I don't see how she can win with all the baggage and the fact the voters seem to want someone new. . . No more Bush and no more Clinton.

Folks we have been there and done that and it didn't work.  Time to get new blood in DC, someone who will do the job and follow the Constitution and protect our rights. . .  Not Christie from NJ or most of the others running.

We need to fix things and protect our rights.  Hillary who is hiding emails, screwed up Bengazi in Libya and so many other things sure is not the right person.

We have a country to rebuild, and a reputation along with our military strength against enemies like ISIS and the like.  Again no Dem is going to do that.

Time for some TEA I think. . . .

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Love those Unions

Story is HERE

And you wonder why we have issues with education in this country.

Boston which has enough issues with it's schools has 72 teachers they can't fire. . . and no principal wants them in their school so they are paying $6 Mil to keep them on and have them "co teach" with a good teacher to train them.

Then they admit some will be on the list again next year. . .

Folks it is far past time we dumped unions and made folks accountable for their work.  If you suck at your job you get fired.  Works in the private sector, will work in the public too. . .  and improve service at the same time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Race in America

The news last night hit two things that got me thinking of race in this country. . .

1 - They are handing out awards to folks of color supporting their effort to end race-ism in the country. . . Isn't handing out awards based on skin color racist???

2 - Then we get to the cries of "if you don't support Obama you are racist"  but they ignore the fact that if you support or voted for him because of skin color you are racist. . .

Folks as long as we are doing ANYTHING based on skin color there will be racism.  Making decisions based on race or skin color is RACIST.

When will we stop this crap?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shootings in MA. . .

Good to see in the news today we had shootings in two parts of Boston and Worcester. . . .

Please note that these areas are some of the most dangerous in MA. . . .

And have the most restrictions on guns in the hands of LAWFUL citizens.

But remember we need more gun laws because lawful gun owners are the problem, not the gang banging criminals who got the gun illegally. . . . if that makes sense to you you may be a liberal. . .

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Constitutional Carry spreading

The more I watch the news the more I can see gun control is really dead.  It is in it's death throws and we will need to make sure they don't get anything passed on the way down, but it is dead - they just won't admit it yet.

Look at what is happening around our country.  Most states are lessening the gun control they have.

Now EVERY state has concealed carry.

But what gives me the most hope is Constitutional Carry and School Carry.  Just like Concealed Carry both of these have started with one or two states but are slowly spreading.  Folks see it, they see the lies that gun control freaks have pushed are lies.  .  .  crime is not going up, but goes down.  No gun fights in the streets and no problems from more freedom now that is a win.

I think we are seeing the same thing all over.  We need to stay active and keep pushing but eventually I can see this sweeping our country.  Eventually most states will have this freedom I think some day all will be forced to admit it and give back the rights they have taken from us.

But to get there we will need to keep fighting for all states, not just our own.  We need to keep DC from passing any new anti-gun laws, and we need to keep pushing on our own states to prevent more bull shit laws from passing.  CA, NY, NJ, CT will be the longest fights I think, with my home of MA right behind them but we won big last year stopping a big anti gun law from passing "for the kids" I think we can do it again.

Keep it up folks, we are winning this but if we get complacent and think it is over they will be back.  Don't let up until gun control is where it should be  - the distant dust bin of history. . . .

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary and Email

So it looks like Obama is done with Hillary and has tossed her under the bus now too. . .

You can read it HERE

Obama won't get in on here email scandal or help her out of it.  Not sure what she did to piss him off but he cut her lose on this one.

I hope the media rips her apart on it.  She is as crooked as they come and has been hiding things about the Benghazi attack.  Now we find out she had all her emails on a non- .gov server so we have to believe her when she says "I gave you everything". .. ya right.  I am sure you would have turned over emails that put you in jail or end your career plans right?

This is insane.

Time we make DC live up to the law just like we have to.