Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obama back voter fraud

Read it here

Obama is being nice to his backers now that they threw the election for him by getting charges against a number of Black Panthers thrown out. They had been arrested for blocking or intimidating folks going to vote. . .

We won so we make the rules right?" not how it is supposed to work here folks. The law is the law. Think I am wrong then tell me this - what would the media do if Bush had done this?

Ya, I can see the media letting that slide if Bush had done it right? If the KKK had been doing this and got off the media would not say a thing right?

This administration is a joke. They should be being held to the same standards Bush was by all of us, including the media which keeps looking the other way. . .

Some day I want a government that is held to the law. Not one that rules based on your race.

Bush Protesters

Watching the news today they had a piece on all the protesters at a Pres. Bush speech. They were all lined up outside protesting and throwing shoes at a picture of him. . . .

Talk about clueless. . . . folks, it is over, he is out of office. . .. Get over it will you. Let it go and move on already. Your side even won. . .

And at least Bush had the dignity not to comment on Obama like Clinton did to him. . . I guess we know who is the real man in this one.

What is it with liberals - they just can't get past Bush. They are so focused on him they put a Communist in as President. They don't seem to care about anything else but BUSH BUSH BUSH. You folks need to wake up and realize there is more going on than Bush. . . Heck he is not even in charge any more. . . How about using some of that free time to deal with what is going on like Iran or N. Korea, or the war? Or maybe you could just go get a job and actually do something with your life other than sit and protest a has been President. . . .

Boston Cops to get Semi Auto M-16

And not for the SWAT team, but the regular cops. I guess they will follow all the rules we have to right? 10 round max mag, no folding stock or flash hider. . . we want to make sure we are all equal right?

Just another double standard in Boston. . . all for the rulers, none for the serfs


Well looks like CNN is on the job trying to help Obama get his pick on the court. You can see that they know the cat is out of the bag but they want to push her anyway, she is the right skin color.

This is another example of someone getting the job based on race not qualifications. This woman has not had a single case that was groundbreaking. She has had numerous cases overturned on appeal. She has done nothing LEGALLY that stands out as a judge or lawyer. Yes she has beaten the odds but that is not a reason to make her a Supreme Court Judge.

If a white had made the comment she did they would be ripped apart as a racist but she gets a pass. She also is one of the judges that told two white and one Hispanic fireman that the advancement test scores will be tossed because the black men did not do well on the tests. Merritt means nothing I guess if you are not the right color.

She has also come out saying the Second Amendment does not apply to individuals. I wonder how many of the other parts of the Bill of Rights she feels this way about? She going to go after Free Speech next if it is against Obama? The People in the Bill of Rights is you and me folks, so they are all individual rights that are only RECOGNIZED by the Constitution, not grated by it. She does not belong anywhere near SCOTUS

A Supreme Court Justice should only be concerned with one thing. . . . How does the case in front of them line up with our Constitution. They should not be thinking of anyone's Race, Color or Creed as they say. They law is supposed to be color blind. . . too bad our process to pick the best judge for the job is not.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Whale Wars

Well, I had to watch it. I got in to 15 min of the show and all I can say is what a bunch of pansy hippiy types that do things that are illegal and then think it is OK because they "FEEL" it is right.

They have boarded other ships without permission, they attack whaling ships. . . . They should all be tried for piracy. That is the law.

Stupid hippies. They need to get a real job.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Obama's first big screw up

If this is true, then Obama may have avoided wasting all our time and gone straight to his Watergate. . . . Good thing he has the media and Congress to cover for him.

Read about it HERE

More proof that we have amature hour in DC and the government should be kept out of businesses dealings.

Thanks to No Looking Backwards for the tip!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Obama the gutless

Well things are going as feared. N. Korea has done a second nuke test and all we get from Obama are stern words. . . Don't do it again or I will say more stern words!

Now Iran is sending boats out into international waters to see the reaction. . .

Our enemies are ready to test Obama and see what kind of tin he is made of. I fear they will find he is just what they want . . . . gutless and indecisive and doesn't want to do anything to look bad to his liberal friends.

We are in trouble. Once they realize he really is spineless and this is not an act to set them up we will be in for lots of problems. I expect they will hit us again soon.

And what will he do when N Korea has their bomb on a missile and hits Japan or the West Coast? We have the worst possible person in the White House for these troubled times.

On this day of remembrance I pray that our Forefathers watch over us and put in a good word with the powers above, America has become weak and we will need all the help we can get to get through this.

Memorial Day 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

For the Vets

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. For us it means going to the town parade and then to visit the graves of my dad and dad in law. My dad was Navy, in 59-61 and my dad in law served in WWII.

Thanks to all the vets out there that have take the risks and paid the price to protect my family.

This one is for you:

Friday, May 22, 2009

Media Management

Obama calls it Media Management. . . the real world calls it Censorship. . .

the White House is now playing games with doing there own stuff and not letting the press core in on it.

Wow. Has the press turned on him alread and he won't talk to them???

Can't wait to see how this plays out

Funny stuff

OK, this cruise is just funny. . .

Wrong but funny

have to thank Say Uncle for it if memory serves

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not a good day

OK, I think it is time for bed before something else goes wrong. . .

Got home, my son Jack who is two had put my younger daughters Ipod in water, soaked good, could even see water in the screen. . . . DOA IPOD yep. . .

Went to karate and on the way home my trucks master break cylinder blew. . . break fluid all over engine. . . more $$$

Don't know when I will fix/replace either since cash is a bit tight right now.

I hate Thursdays, it is official!!!!

Just when things started to look up and we booked a vacation too. . . .



Looks like Obama and Congress are having a bit of a disagreement over Gitmo and where to put the detainees.

Before you say bring them to the US think of this. . . Europe is finding that the pirate in Somalia are looking to get brought there and asking to stay even in prison since it is better than living in Somalia. Also, what if they do get in the US and stay or escape? You now have some of the most dangerous folks around that hate us loose in the country.

No wonder no one in Congress wants them here. I know I would vote against anyone that put them in my back yard and I am sure others would too. Congress does not want to loose it's cushy job so they are all for keeping them out of the US. Obama likes them and wants them in the US to show he is a good guy. . . .

Looks like we are heading to the same stale mate we have in MA. Same party in charge of the Legislature and Governors office but they won't work together. Lets hope Obama will face the same grid lock soon and derail his socialist agenda. It is the best we can hope for until the mid term elections folks. . ..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

MA sales tax goes up

And more money goes out of state. . . .

Once again out state has shown that the folks in charge feel the rest of us serfs are here to serve them and fill their pockets. They ignore the damage they are doing to us in a bad economy and we will vote them back into office anyway next time around.

They even got away with passing the increase to 6.5% sales tax by a voice vote so there is no record of how they voted. . another way to avoid the voters getting upset over it.

This state is in trouble. Jobs are leaving, pay is stagnant or going down and they raise taxes. How much more of a disconnect between the average WORKING person and the government can there be? Is any state other than CA this insane?

Again and again they do this. You want to fix things how about this - if the budget is short 5% then ALL programs across the board take a 5% hit. Deal with it. Times are hard all over and there is no room for pet projects. Everything needs to be on the table to get cut so that we can get this state back on track without taxing the people out of their homes and this state.

MA is broken, I hope people remember this the next election and start making government pay for it's action at the voting booth!


We are truly lost in this state. I posted against the tax on facebook and got feedback that we don't pay enough and if it saves a job we should pay it. . . . What ever happened to small government and taking care of yourself? When did we give up our freedoms to feed at the state trough and become slaves to Beacon Hill?

This makes me sick. Sure, cuts will hurt at first but like any addiction you have to pay the price to get clean. Once we get back to a small government and less government programs things will be better for all and our economy and state will be stronger. We have drifted so far from our roots it will take a lot of work and pain to get back to the real American

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Banks bail out on Fed?

You have to wonder what is going on when the banks want to pay back the Fed ASAP to avoid all the strings that were attached to the bail out money. . .

Was this a plan to control them or to get the money back?

Is Obama actually smart enough to pull this off? It could be seen as a win win for his side. One one hand they get control of the banks, he wins. . .. on the other he gets the money back and quickly so they can claim a win there too.

I am not suere I like that idea. If he really is that smart we may have problems getting this country back to the Constitution and away from the socialist. . . .

Biden strikes again and other stuff

So now the fool is giving away the location of secret bunkers. . . has anyone told this idiot about the idea of a security clearance and what it is for?

I hate to think what the four years of Obama and Friends are going to cost this country. We have a bad vaudeville act running things and screwing up at every turn even worse than Bush did (and he was good at it). Bush was an idiot but at least he knew when to keep his mouth shut.

Oh, and I am still waiting for the hope and change out of all this. All I see now is hope that it will change and I don't think that is what he had in mind for his election speeches.

May I suggest that if they have to build a new secure place for the VP we give Biden the tab since he spilled it?

And don't even get me started on Nancy and all her dancing around the truth. If she had an R after her name they would be tearing her apart now.

Where are the news people digging to get to the truth on all of this? Where are they running all the past reports that back up what she knew when? Oh ya, they are on her side so won't say a thing as she lies to the people. Can't we kick her out for lying? The folks in CA must be so proud of her. . . .

Friday, May 15, 2009

Jack is 2 today

OK, I am going to have to update the family web page. Jack is two today. Damn how time flies. Seems like we just brought him home yesterday. That, and I already forget what it was like not having the little monster running around getting into everything. . . .

Happy Birthday Jack!

Due to work and travle, party tomorrow. . .

Home Sweet Home

Well I made it. Survived my week in NJ on business. Now that I am home I can relax a bit. We were going non stop all week. Did a full day of work then my boss knew the area and where the good food was so we were off to dinner . . . usualy did not get back to the hotel til about 8 and stufffed to the gills with food. . . .

I got to see the important shows like NCIS and LOST but I have to admit I was going through History/Military channel withdrawal. . .

But now I am home and happily watching a show on the battle of Fredricksburg in the Civil War.

Yes, my name is JD and I am a geek. . . .

Nancy Pelosi

Things are getting interesting now. . . . Nancy seems to be picking fights with anyone and everyone she can in DC.

Obama is backing away from her and now she is taking on the CIA trying to cover her ass on the waterboarding thing. I have to admit I am enjoying watching her scramble around on this one. She got caught in a nice big lie and seems to have forgotten that when you are in a hole it is a good idea to stop digging. . . .

Now we get to hopefully watch her self destruct on national TV. Hell, even the morning national news is starting to question her and what she knew when. When the Main Stream Media turns on you you know you are in trouble. . . .

To keep things really interesting Obama is not helping her and is actually keeping a lot of the Bush era rules for Gitmo which is still open. . . they are going to keep the tribunals going and a number of other rules in place. Doubt this is going to make him popular with the Obots that thought they were getting someone else in the White House.

I guess that is why they keep pushing all the talk about the Republicans going belly up. They need to distract the masses from their own problems. I guess they are finding that being in charge is not as easy as they thought when you don't have anyone else to blame for the problems of the country and it is yours to fix. . . . .

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mind Games

It's funny how random things can remind you of folks. I am going to blame this rant on AD and his last post on a person he lost on the job.

Anyway I was working and went to take a break and get a drink. Well anyway I pulled out some change to get a drink from the machine and noticed that I had a few state quarters in my hand. For some reason this triggered memories of my Father in Law who passed last summer. He was collecting them for a while for my kids. . . and we were too for a while. I don’t think my wife still is, I know I don’t but anyway. It is funny how the mind works.

Yesterday as we headed back to the hotel (I am off in NJ on business) we passed this huge discount store. Big signs all over it talking about all the different close outs they are selling and all the different kinds of stuff they have. My first thoughts were how my Dad would have loved to hit a store like that. He loved the ones near us called Building 19. All sorts of close outs and insurance deals there. My dad has been gone for over 3 years now. . .

Anyway, enough emotional stuff, back to work. . . Looking forward to tomorrow, I get to go home!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Jersy

Well I made it through day one in NJ. Got a lot done but it is a bit of a downer to know I am here to help shut down the plant and move the product to MA. Lots of good folks here that will be out of work. . . = (

But it is job security for me, lots to do and lots to keep me moving for months to come.

Went out to a great steak house for dinner, and had a great time but there was one down side. . .

They had a bunch of old rifles hanging on the ceiling. The downer was they were real. . . I recognized at least two Nylon 66 up there, a black and chrome and a brown one. Those are nice guns, good and accurate as I have one. . . hate to see them gathering dust in a NJ bar.

= (

I don't even want to know if the two six shooters behind the bar were real. . . or the dozen or so of other rifles on the ceiling, I am sure they were.

The ride down was ok, and I am here for the rest of the week. I wish I had a car to catch up with a few folks I know down here but the boss drove so I am on my own. . .. I am sure I will be down here again as we have much to do before we shut down the plant in October. . .

Thursday, May 7, 2009

College Shooting

Info here

In a nutshell. Two guys break into an off campus apartment and rob 10 people there. then discuss if they have enough bullets to deal with them. . . .

At this point one of the college kids grabs a gun from his backpack and kills one robber and runs the other off saving them.

Ya, I don't think you will hear about this on the news either since the bad guy lost this one. . . .

Who says our media is biased. . ..

More Mass gun laws in the works

Since none of the other laws on the books have worked we will go after the law abiding gun owners again to stop crime. . . ..

This from the NRA:

Yesterday, Governor Deval Patrick (D) filed legislation that would severely curtail the rights of gun owners in the Commonwealth. The bill entitled, “An Act to Reduce Firearm Violence,” is in essence a repeat performance of Chapter 180 of the Acts of 1998.

Among other things, this bill would:

  • Limit firearm purchases to one per 30-day period;
  • Require the private transfer of all firearms to be conducted through a federally licensed firearms dealer, and;
  • Allow the Colonel of the Department of State Police to destroy surrendered firearms instead of auctioning them for sale.

If you don't remember, Chapter 180 of the Acts of 1998 created some of the most confusing and ill-advised set of gun laws in the country. The vast majority of those new laws attacked lawful gun owners and did little, if anything, to address violent crime. Since enactment, the only result has been an 85% decrease in the number of lawfully licensed gun owners in Massachusetts and a dramatic increase in crime.

Please contact your State Legislators TODAY and respectfully urge them to oppose this ill-conceived attack on our Second Amendment freedoms. Governor Patrick can be reached by phone at (
617) 725-4005 or (888) 870-7770 (in-state), by fax at (617) 727-9725, or visit to send email. To identify your State Representative and State Senator and to find contact information, please click here.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ted Kennedy

Well the news today says there is some infighting in the Kennedy family. . ..

Seems both his wife and his nephew both think they should inherit his seat in the Senate. . . .

Anyone else see a problem here?

Only in MA can they think they can inherit a Senate seat and probably be right. . . . if we actually ran this state the way the founders wanted us to you would have to run for the office against non-family members and win to get it. . . .

naaa, why bother, they are Kennedy's, they get the seat based on name, not ability. . .

Remember, before Ted was a Senator the only real job he ever held was a Private in the Army for a few years. . . . .

This state is a joke.


At lunch the TV had this headline up "Bernanke sees Bottom"

Why is it that all I could think was " is that anything like Horton hears a Who?". . ..

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Have you ever gotten the feeling you are just supposed to do something?

I have been thinking about trying to join the Masons for a while now. I almost joined last year but bailed due to work and not being able to get to the meetings without killing myself trying to get home. . . .

Well now I have a new job and I can get home in time for the meetings. One of my friends who is a member gave me an application and I filled it out and sent it in. I didn't hear anything for a few weeks. Even my friend was surprised I had not heard from them.

Well, yesterday I not only got contacted about the interview to join, but my Mom also found my Grandfathers Mason's ring that I thought was lost along with a bunch of his Mason stuff like tie tacks and cuff links.

Sometimes you just have to think things happen for a reason. . .

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shotgun Help Request


Anyone know a good place to get parts for a Mossberg 500A?

I need a new magazine spring but the manual does not have a part number and I am not seeing one for the 500A on the usual web sites. I have sent an emial to Mossberg but this is my first dealing with them so I don't know how good they are at responding. . .

The spring I have still has the wooden dowel in it and got bent by the previous owner best I can tell. I want to pull the dowel but when I did the spring got bound up in the mag tube and I had fun pulling it out. So I put the dowel back and it seems ok for now. .